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2019 Día de Los Muertos Festival in Puerto Vallarta

October 17, 2019

Set to take place Oct 25-Nov 3, this year's Dia de Los Muertos Festival in Puerto Vallarta promise to be frightfully fun with many 'spooktacular' events being held throughout the city. Click HERE for more info.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - In Puerto Vallarta, the dead will soon walk the Earth - so let the parties begin! Starting on October 25th and continuing through November 3rd, the dearly departed will rise from their graves and join the living in celebrating one of Mexico's most beloved traditions, El Día de Los Muertos.

The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. Despite the dreary name, El Día de Los Muertos is marked by vibrant bouquets of marigolds, heaping plates of favorite foods and lively parties that all celebrate lost loved ones in the ancient Mexican tradition.

Intent on preserving Mexico's traditions, every year, the Puerto Vallarta municipal government, together with various neighborhood associations and businesses, organize a series of frightfully fun activities that take place on the Malecón, in the downtown area, and in parks, plazas and public spaces throughout the municipality.

Some of the highlights of Puerto Vallarta's 2019 Day of the Dead Festival are: the colorful Day of the Dead altars and Catrina displays in various public places; free tours of a local cemetery with a guide who explains Día de Los Muertos and its traditions; and all kinds of music and dance performances, street parties, costume contests and family fun - everywhere you turn!

One of the most popular events on November 2 is the traditional ¡La Muerte está Viva! parade that departs from the cemetery on San Salvador street (a.k.a. Panteon de la 5 de Diciembre) at 5:00 pm; winds through downtown in a colorful procession of Catrines and Catrinas, floats and musicians; and ends at Lázaro Cárdenas Park, where La Catrina Mexicana, a Mexican Kermes, features live music and dancing, booths selling traditional Mexican food and more from 6:00-10:30 pm.

Permanent exhibitions of Altares de Muertos (altars) and Tapete de Día Muertos (flower 'carpets') will be on display from Thursday, October 31 through Sunday, November 3, in the exterior corridors of the Municipal Presidency, the Plaza de Armas (Main Plaza), Los Arcos del Malecón, Iturbide Plaza and Hidalgo Park, to name just a few locations.

Unlike Halloween, when death is something to be feared, on El Día de Los Muertos death - or at least the memories of those who have died - is something to be celebrated. Come join in the family-friendly fun!

Click HERE to download the full schedule of events.