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PuRR Project Puerto Vallarta February News and Events

February 07, 2020

Donations and fund raising events are the only source of funding to provide food, shelter, and veterinary care for the 200 + cats and kittens in residence at PuRR Project, a no-kill feline shelter located just north of Puerto Vallarta.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Here's the latest news from PuRR Project, a non-profit, no-kill feline shelter located just north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that provides homeless cats and kittens a recuperative stay with the ultimate goal of adopting them out to loving homes sterilized, vaccinated and disease free.


Wow! In 2019 the PuRR Shelter took in a record 200 felines! There were a few mamas and some older cats but the majority were kittens. In that same period, we had 106 adoptions: 85 at PetCo and the rest through other means like Facebook or shelter visitors. Dra. Eva had a busy year getting all those animals tested, dewormed, vaccinated and SPAYED or NEUTERED.

PEACE ANIMALS reported that they did a whopping 5,892 FREE sterilizations of cats and dogs. The monthly FREE Cuale Clinic reported 1,280. There is also a weekly clinic at Colina Clinic and the city of Vallarta offers the occasional clinic. Spay/Neuter is the only real long-term solution in preventing so many unwanted animals born to suffer in our Bahia de Banderas.


Donations and fundraising events are the only source of financing to provide food, shelter and veterinary care for the 200+ cats and kittens at PuRR Project, so make plans now to come out and enjoy these PuRR-fectly wonderful events.

KITTY BINGO: February 12 and 26, and every other Wednesday through March at Nacho Daddy. Its still only $100 pesos to play and we've got lots of great prizes waiting for anyone who shouts "MEOW!" Plus the 50/50 Raffle for cold cash! Cards go on sale at 3:30 and BINGO starts at 4:00 pm.

SHELTER TOURS: Space is still available for the February 19, March 4 and March 18 tours. We pick you up in an air-conditioned van at one of three convenient spots. You'll enjoy seeing some of rural Nayarit on the drive out to the shelter and the chance to enjoy great tacos afterwards in the charming town square in San Jose. But the HIGHLIGHT, of course, is the chance to get up close and personal with the PuRR cats and kittens! The "greeters" will meet you at the front gate and hope for treats and the kittens in the nursery love the attention. There are only four tours left this season, so go to our website, choose your date and make your reservation TODAY!


If you've ever wondered how we spend all the pesos we receive through fundraising efforts like Kitty BINGO and the sale of PuRR Project logo items, here's the answer:

Our average monthly cost to care for over 200 felines is around $60,000 pesos, not including any emergency repairs that need to be made at the ranch. It DOES cover the cost of the food we buy at COSTCO for the garden cats and special kitten food for the little ones. It also pays for a LOT of litter for the five casitas and the clinic, medicines & vaccines, salaries for Jose, Carlos, Hilda & Dra. Eva, cleaning supplies, electricity, and general repairs and upkeep of the facilities.

Our fundraising events usually cover around half of these expenses, and the rest comes from individual donations through PayPal or direct deposits to our bank in Delaware. If YOU would like to donate this year, check our website for ideas such as Virtually Adopting one of our fabulous felines.


Many times we're asked to accept cats whose owners are very ill or who, for whatever reason, are no longer able to care for them. This is always a heart-breaker for us because we understand that these owners love their animals and want to know that they'll be safe and cared for.

In the past, we have accepted a few of these cats and since older cats are rarely adopted, we have relocated them to the ranch. Unfortunately, the outcome is rarely positive. Many become very depressed and withdrawn, very frightened, and some simply disappear. Even though life at the ranch provides them a safe environment, food, water and shelter, it's a far cry from what they're used to, premium food in their very own bowl, sleeping with mom and dad in a warm, comfy bed, and no need to share their litter box with a crowd of strangers!

When one of our volunteers discovered that she needed emergency surgery and the outcome was questionable, one of the first things she did was contact close friends to ask if they would each take one of her cats, if the need arose. She went into the operating room knowing that, whatever the outcome, her babies would be well-taken care of and well-loved.

When you're making a will or a "When I Die" manifesto for your loved ones, please think about adding a section that covers your desires for the care of your little ones. Contact friends or relatives whom you trust and who will willingly accept your baby into their hearts and homes, provide these 'guardians' with written information about caring for your little one (food preferences, vet and medical information, favorite toys, etc.) and make sure to keep it updated if circumstances change.

In the same way that a last will and testament provides for your human family when you're gone, such a document will ensure that your furry family is cared for as well.

For more Kitty News, please visit

PuRR Project is a Non-Profit shelter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that provides homeless cats and kittens a recuperative stay with the ultimate goal to adopt them out to loving homes. All of our residents have been sterilized, vaccinated and are disease free. We accomplish this through our own efforts as well as collaboratively with other animal welfare organizations. Both monetary donations as well as donations of dry cat food are most welcome and much appreciated. For more information, visit or send an email to info(at)