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Jalisco Churches, Malls & Gyms Gradually Reopening

June 15, 2020

Jalisco hotels, beaches, malls, gyms and churches have been given the green light for gradual reopening.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - With Jalisco's economic reactivation progressing into Governor Enrique Alfaro's new 'Individual Responsibility' Phase, around 80% of the state's workforce will soon return to their jobs. However, the governor is urging people to go out only for essential reasons and to stay at home as much as possible.

Despite the fact that the transmission rate of Covid-19 in Jalisco hasn't declined, in fact, it keeps increasing - with 232 new cases and 8 deaths reported in the state yesterday, (June 14) - hotels, beaches, malls and churches have been given the green light for gradual reopening starting today.

Municipal authorities will be charged with ensuring that the commercial activities that have been authorized to reopen (by fulfilling the protocols and sanitary measures established by the Secretariat de Salud Jalisco) adhere to the following restrictions:

• Shopping malls can open, but parking lots will be only allowed to operate to 25 percent of their capacity. Common areas (hallways, islands, fast food center, playgrounds, etc.) must be cordoned off and only one family member at a time will be allowed in shops. Each commercial plaza must present its own opening protocol with a pedestrian circulation plan.

• Commercial corridors after the installation of sanitation arches, surveillance and one-way circulation. Note: The Puerto Vallarta Malecσn has not yet fully reopened, but the two sections of "sidewalk" that allow access to restaurants and businesses remain open.

• Hotels are reduced to 25% with protocols for common areas and without group activities.

• Gyms and sports clubs at 25% without activities or group sports, only individual activity.

• Phase 0 businesses, with the exception of hotels, remain at 50% capacity and with densities of 1 person for every 7 m2 of commerce and services.

It is important to remember that all businesses must apply sanitary filters that include temperature checks, disinfectant gel, and sanitizing 'Welcome' mats at entrances, as well as the supervision and enforcement of social distancing measures at all times.

Non-commercial activities authorized to reopen include:

• Churches may once again hold services, but only at 25% of their capacity (a maximum of 50 worshippers), and no one allowed in atriums or external areas. Services should be as brief as possible.

• Beaches in Jalisco are being monitored by government employees to ensure everyone respects sanitary and social distancing regulations.

Given that public health and economic recovery are the #1 priority during the Individual Responsibility Phase, protocols for the reactivation of tourism activities (golf, fishing trips etc.) will be discussed next week, while the following businesses and activities will remain closed until further notice:

• Bars, cantinas, nightclubs, clubs, dance halls and casinos
• Cinemas, theaters and museums
• Aquariums and zoos
• Artistic and language teaching academies
• Rooms and terraces for social events (graduations, weddings, baptisms)
• Fairs & Festivities
• Spas
• Recreational areas
• Soccer fields and sport stadiums
• Schools and colleges
• Job training centers

Source: • Puerto Vallarta Mayor Arturo Dαvalos via Facebook