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Puerto Vallarta Medical Mask Project Continues to Grow

June 11, 2020
What started as a mask-making project has morphed into an amazing program of making both disposable and washable doctor/nurses gowns, patient gowns, and sheets for the Regional Hospital, among other items.
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - As the number of COVID cases continue to increase in Puerto Vallarta, the Medical Mask Project continues to grow. Volunteers are working tirelessly to ensure there are enough face masks and shields, disposable and washable gowns, bed sheets and other supplies in our public hospitals.

Pam Thompson-Webb gives us an update:

"I thought it was time to post an update on our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) program that was started a couple of months ago. What started as a mask-making project with Caroline Caliz (who is still heading up the mask-making program - thank you Caroline!) morphed into an amazing program of making disposable doctor/nurses gowns, washable doctor/nurses gowns, patient gowns, face shields and sheets for the Regional Hospital, among other items.

One can only imagine how many people have become involved! Sewing and cutting people, delivery people, organizing people (Jeremy Satterfield has headed this up and we could not be where we are without his amazing organizing skills!), and money handlers (Robina Oliver is who I 100% depend on!). Stacy Lobaugh Rios took on many duties, finding donors, people to sew, and loads of other things, and Raul Duran and Casey Adams Binstadt have really stepped up and are working tirelessly.

A shout out to our ear band makers! A seemingly small thing, but oh-so-important for those wearing masks for hours on end. Jaime Baldridge has headed up this program.

We are now into another phase as we begin making more disposable gowns and masks as the Covid numbers are increasing daily. The priority of all of this is to protect our healthcare workers as much as possible. Nearly every day I receive calls and/or messages asking for PPE items, mainly from our public health institutions. They are always in need of more goggles (thank you everyone who has assisted with this! The nurses have been THRILLED!).

If you are able to donate, please send me a PM via Facebook (@Pam Thompson.Webb) for Paypal info.

In this program, I have included the assistance I am providing by purchasing medications for those who cannot afford them at this time, working with the Vallarta Food Bank. For information on this, how you can assist, PM me please.

Last weekend, we put together a new program with some local vendors which benefit both the vendors at this time of 'no sales' and our healthcare teams. Christel Reimink's super idea, this uplifting program is a great way to show our appreciation for our healthcare workers, while supporting our local vendors. All participants offer a product at a discounted price, and with EVERY sale the vendor DONATES an item of their choice as a GIFT for healthcare workers. For more information, visit Christel's Facebook page.

Food, in whatever form, is always a big hit with our nurses, who thank all of those who have donated. Taking care of patients is hard work, so food donations are always welcome!

Sorry about the length of this update, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows where we are, what we need, the transparency of our program and, as well, put a huge Thank You! out there for everyone who has participated/is participating.

We will get through this, together, as we join forces in our love for Puerto Vallarta and our healthcare workers. A heartfelt thank you to everyone!"

BN Editor's Note: Everyone here at Banderas News applauds Pam and all of the volunteers who are working to protect those who are putting their lives on the line every single day to care for Covid patients in Puerto Vallarta. We are immensely proud to be part of this community that has come together in these difficult times, and encourage everyone to support this effort to help keep our town safe.