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Puerto Vallarta Ready to Open More Economic Activities

July 20, 2020

The Municipal Government has prepared for the reopening of more Puerto Vallarta businesses & activities on July 20, but the State Government will determine when these enterprises can resume operations.
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - The municipal government of Puerto Vallarta, headed by Arturo Dávalos Peña, is preparing for the July 20 reopening of more 'non-essential' businesses and activities that have remained inactive since the beginning of the Covid-19 health contingency.

However, the State Government will determine when these enterprises can resume operations under the new guidelines and criteria that will be applied in these cases.

According to the Director of Inspection and Regulations (Reglamentos) in Puerto Vallarta, José Juan Velázquez Hernández, the new guidelines and protocols were conveyed to those responsible for regulating economic activities in municipalities throughout the state via a video conference led by the Secretariat General of Jalisco last Thursday.

After participating in the video conference, Velázquez Hernández prepared a 'risk table' that sets the criteria for the reopening of each type of business or activity, based on such factors as venue ventilation, capacity and concentration; exposure time and interaction between people; the mandatory use of face masks, and impact on public transportation.

Under these guidelines and subject to the government officially announcing it, Velázquez Hernández indicated that, starting Monday, July 20, the reopening of theaters and other cultural activities; outdoor areas for carnivals, fairs and open-air cinemas will be allowed, as well as social events in this same modality; recreational parks and outdoor spas; and un- or well- ventilated academies and training centers and school laboratories for universities' quarterly practices, among others.

He pointed out that before reopening, the aforementioned must obtain the 'Opening Badge' that guarantees that it has complied with all health protocols, guidelines, and criteria established by municipal authorities, who will be closely monitoring businesses' compliance with these provisions.

Since the conditions for the reopening of casinos, movie theaters, bars, nightclubs, pool halls, event salons, and other businesses, do not yet exist, they will continue to be closed.