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Puerto Vallarta on CNN's List of 21 Places To Go in 2021

January 08, 2021

Since the desire to travel to incredible places persists, CNN has launched its list of 21 Places To Go in 2021, among which Mexico and its beach destinations stand out, with mention, of course, of Puerto Vallarta.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - After almost a year of sequestering due to the pandemic, the new year raises hopes of breaking out of confinement and traveling for pleasure. In this context, CNN has launched its list of 21 Places To Go in 2021, among which Mexico and its beach destinations stand out, with mention, of course, of Puerto Vallarta.

CNN emphasizes that the situation will not last forever, for some, an escape can be in a matter of weeks, for others, it is something expected for the middle of the year or at least for the following winter, but the desire to travel to incredible places persists.

In an era where tourism is part of the global parlance, CNN claims it continues to monitor the horizon, expectations for the gradual reopening of world destinations, and steps to fulfill travel dreams.

The list includes destinations around the world that arouse travel intentions on the five continents, due to their great natural attractions, culture, activities and of course, the bio security they offer. The editors clarify that they are not "hidden gems," but destinations to "play it safe" and spend a fun vacation for the whole family.

Last year, even with the pandemic, Puerto Vallarta was included in several lists as one of the most desired destinations by travelers from North America and Mexico. The reopening of the world's destinations, once the strictest confinement had passed, was highly anticipated, and this port city remained present in the minds of travelers for its recognized qualities.

"Puerto Vallarta preserves in optimal condition all its appreciated qualities, its natural attractions, the beautiful Malecón promenade, its historic center, its clean beaches, the gastronomy and the multiple activities that can be carried out outdoors, to which is added the responsibility of hoteliers and tourism sector, which are respecting all bio safety protocols, so that when visitors - national and international - decide to travel, we are ready to receive them," commented the interim director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Promotion and Advertising Trust, Luis Villaseñor.

THE 21 OF 2021

The 21 destinations to visit this year according to the CNN list in strict alphabetical order are: Antarctica, Canada, Disney Parks, Dubai, Egypt, Spain, France, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Hawaii, Italy, Japan, Maldives, Mexico, New Zealand, New York, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand and Uruguay.

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