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Condé Nast Traveler Spotlights the Riviera Nayarit
Norma Hernández

Though many of the travel constraints around COVID-19 remain, destinations are slowly adapting to new safety protocols and welcoming back visitors. Condé Nast Traveler has listed the 'Best Places to Travel in November,' and the Riviera Nayarit made the list!

2020 Puerto Vallarta - San Sebastián Cycling Challenge
Luis Antonio

If you are looking for a unique outdoor activity that's sure to cure the quarantine blues, look no further than the Puerto Vallarta-San Sebastian Challenge, a 70 kilometer bike ride from the coast to a mountain village perched 1,500 meters above sea level.

A Thanksgiving Feast at Vallarta Botanical Garden
Marie Callan

Visiting the Vallarta Botanical Garden is a great way for families to spend quality time together, something that's especially important on holidays. On Thursday, November 26, the Garden will be serving a Traditional Thanksgiving Feast, complemented by live music, from 12:00 until 5:00 pm.

Your Cultural Insider: Imperial Bee Organic Honey
Sandra Cesca

The honey bee is so small it hardly seems important. However, without the pollination work of these tiny creatures, our food supply would be hugely affected. I recently visited MJ and Gabriella, who run a small organic honey business from their farm just outside of Puerto Vallarta.

New Condo Development in Vallarta Opens Sales Center

The first step on your new journey begins now, as Tropicasa Realty announces the October 12 opening of the sales center for Nomada, a boutique collection of sustainable residences for the global adventurer, located at Púlpito 183 in the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone.

U.S. Voters in Vallarta: It is Down to The Wire Now!
Adam Garcia

The days can fly by when it's spent lazing around the pool or the beach here in Puerto Vallarta. For those who have not yet taken the time to register to vote in the 2020 presidential elections, there is little time to waste. Take a minute to register online at

Try this Healthy Chocolate-Coconut Candy Recipe
Dr. Leslie Korn

Junk food is tempting but it's bad for our mental health. If we focus on a nutrient-dense, personalized diet, our mind and body will thank us. As an alternative to junk food, Dr. Leslie Korn shares one of her favorite healthy chocolate-coconut recipes.

Puerto Vallarta Invests 5 Million Pesos in Sports Stadium
Diego Sancho

Puerto Vallarta Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña continues to bet heavily on sports by making the largest investment in history, more than 5 million pesos, to improve the Agustín Flores Contreras Municipal Sports Stadium for the enjoyment of residents and tourists.

Mexico Expected to Legalize Marijuana by Year's End
Mexico News Daily

Mexico's Supreme Court (SCJN), which in 2018 ruled that laws forbidding the use of marijuana are unconstitutional, has given lawmakers until December 15, 2020 to draft new legislation for the recreational use and commercialization of cannabis.

Puerto Vallarta Will Welcome 1000+ Flights in October
Ricardo Acerco

Puerto Vallarta has seen an increase in national and international flights since the June 15 reopening of hotels and beaches. In fact, over the last four months, the number of arrivals has tripled, from 322 in June, to more than a thousand during the month of October.

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