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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkEntertainment | Restaurants & Dining | September 2006 

Savor the Flavors of Mexico
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Food is always a very important part of Mexican festivities, so during the month of September, some of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta will be serving up traditional Mexican dishes, events and special menus to commemorate Las Fiestas Patrias. Here are just a few of the places where you can celebrate with an authentic Mexican dinner.

On September 15th, Cafe des Artistes' Chef Thierry Blouet invites you to enjoy a special Fiestas Patrias celebration that perfectly reflects Mexico's sophisticated tastes and charms. During his annual Independence Day party he will unveil his special Fiestas Patrias menu [see PDF menu], which will be available through September 17th.

Then, at 11 pm, the Fiestas Patrias celebration gets underway with Thierry giving a commemorative speech before leading diners in the "El Grito de Independencia." The ceremony comes to a rousing conclusion as everyone enjoys a tequila toast while singing the Mexico national anthem.

And, to keep the party going, throughout the month of September both Café des Artistes and Costantini Wine Bar will be offering Puerto Vallarta residents a 15% discount on food and beverages every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, in addition to the complimentary bilingual wine tasting seminars at Costantini every Thursday from 6 to 7 pm.

Andreas Rupprechter of Cafe Maximilian will also be celebrating El Mes de la Patria. During September, in addition to the Austrian delights featured on his regular menu, he'll be offering Traditional Mexican Dishes [see PDF menu]. Don't miss his special Chiles en Nogada, the Mexican dish that is most emblematic of the holiday.

A specialty of Puebla, Chiles en Nogada are not your everyday chiles rellenos. Made from red, white and green ingredients to symbolize the colors of the Mexican flag, they are roasted chiles poblanos stuffed with a sweet-savory pork and fruit picadillo filling and served at room temperature with a delicate fresh walnut cream sauce topped with pomegranate seeds.

Chiles en Nogada originated in the state of Puebla, the cradle of some of Mexico's best traditional cuisine. According to historical accounts, the recipe was created by the Agustine nuns of the Santa Monica convent in 1821, [the year of the declaration of Mexican Independence,] who decided to prepare a dish with the three colors of the newborn flag, green, white, and red, to commemorate the entrance of Agustín de Iturbide into the city of Puebla.

Iturbide eventually became the First Constitutional Emperor of Mexico in 1822 - just as Chiles en Nogada eventually became one of Mexico's most famous dishes. Today this culinary creation is found all over the country, including many restaurants throughout Puerto Vallarta, during the patriotic month of September.

September's Fiestas Patrias celebrations stand out among the social activities celebrated in Mexico each year - so don't miss your chance to savor the flavors of Mexico at the some of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta during El Mes de la Patria.

Click HERE for Las Fiestas Patrias information - Click HERE for list of local events

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