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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkEditorials | Opinions | June 2009 

The War On Drugs: A War On Personal Privacy?
email this pageprint this pageemail usA Letter to the Editor from David Christie

I'd like to see the business community, particularly in the tourism sector, organize to confront the Mexican Government and demand the end of its feckless cooperation with the United States in the ill conceived and counter-productive trampling of freedom and privacy called The War On Drugs.

If this is not undertaken and the Mexican Government continues its blind and myopic pandering to the petty political opportunists who created this ludicrous War On Personal Privacy, Mexico will become a failed state and eventually sacrifice its own sovereignty to the drug cartels.

The markets of supply and demand are bigger and stronger than any government, bigger than any army and stronger than any pseudo-democratic crusade to legislate and govern every facet of the personal behavior of human beings.

The Mexican Government needs to wake up and realize that cooperation with The DEA and other US Drug-Nazis is only going to destroy the Mexican Economy, topple its democratic institutions and leave The Mexican People in a mass graveyard as the sacrificial victims of it all. And the oligarchs in the USA couldn't care less.

On the other hand, if The Mexican Government were to decriminalize drug use and institute sensible methods to regulate it like the most popular drug - alcohol, the violent drug cartels would be out of business within days.

Furthermore, there's no doubt that the Mexican Economy would enjoy a historic boom in revenues from those seeking temporary and permanent refuge from drug war dictators in The United States.
- David Christie, New York, NY

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