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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkEntertainment | Restaurants & Dining | June 2009 

A Cool Way to Quench Your Tropical Thirst
email this pageprint this pageemail usGary R. Beck - PVNN

To make an Arnold Palmer, place ice cubes in a highball glass, add lemonade to one half and then drizzle iced tea slowly on top, garnished with a lemon wedge and sprig of mint.
While videotaping the first shots of the Restaurant Week promo at Daiquiri Dick's last month, I noticed that Laura Gelezunas, the VideoDiva, had ordered an "Arnold Palmer" from the waiter while she was adjusting the camera lens (as those people are known to do.) I thought, Oh boy, there goes the shoot, all blurry after she downs that drink!

When it arrived, I sought down deep for the courage to ask her what was in that drink, since even after serving cocktails for over 20 years, that was a new one on me. She said it was half lemonade and half iced tea.

I was both relieved and excited since that mixture of liquids would be pleasing to my palate and soothe my tropical thirst. The tea cuts the sourness and sweetness of the lemonade (here limeade,) and the caffeine is reduced.

For each following night, I ordered an "Arnold Palmer" since I loved this refreshing drink immediately, but also employed it as a test to see how many servers in Puerto Vallarta would know what I desired.

So, at every Restaurant Week participant we visited, that was my drink of record. The surprising tabulation was about half the employees knew the drink and half did not... sort of like the drink composition. Now, my mission is to spread its knowledge ad lore to every dining establishment.

The drink's lore is that the famed golfer Arnold Palmer asked the bartender to add some lemonade to his iced tea while at Cherry Hills Country Club in Colorado, no doubt for a round or two of golf. The drink was appropriately named in his honor. It is quite popular at outdoor events and naturally, golf course club houses.

To make the drink match a party atmosphere, place ice cubes in a highball glass, add lemonade to one half and then drizzle iced tea slowly on top, garnished with a lemon wedge and sprig of mint. Attention is drawn to the two colored layers.

Recently, a national beverage company released "Arnold Palmer" tea drink in bottles, from single serving up to large take home party jug size, available at golf courses, country clubs and supermarkets throughout the United States. What's a summertime picnic without Arnold Palmer?
After 20 years in the San Francisco restaurant business, Gary R. Beck turned his attentions to cooking, dining out, creating recipes and exploring Puerto Vallarta's rich array of eateries. Famous for his restaurant guide, available online at or, Gary also writes restaurant reviews for Puerto Vallarta newspapers, Bay Area magazines, and now, a feature column for Contact Gary at garyrbeck1(at)

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