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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkHealth & Beauty | October 2009 

Don't Break the Bank: A Mom's Trick to Whiter Teeth
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October 04, 2009

Emily, an ordinary mom from Boston, MA discovered a clever trick to get a celebrity smile for less than $4.

Thanks to the trick she discovered, thousands of consumers have been able to whiten their teeth from home.

Step 1: First get Dazzle White (use promo code: dazzle4me)

Step 2: Then get Purely Whites (use promo code: PurelyWhiteP1)

(This is key. Use both for results like Emily's)
Amidst the second worst recession in United States history, thrifty consumers are turning to the internet to take advantage of special offers.

Emily, a Boston school teacher and full time mother, is one such consumer. It all started about three months ago when she bought an authentic Coach pocketbook on sale for only $55 (75% off the retail price). She was determined to seek out other great offers and recently made her best find. Emily discovered a clever way of combining two different teeth whitening offers from two different companies – Dazzle White and Purely Whites – to get results similar to that of a professional whitening done by a dentist. Rather then spending $500 at her local dentist to attain a sexy smile, she was able to do so for less than $4 by using free trial offers she found online.

Emily: “I like to consider myself a smart shopper, always finding the best bang for my buck. My online teeth whitening discovery was without a doubt one of the best finds I made this year.”

How did Emily wind up with yellow teeth?

While my mom always told me be to be proud of who I am and what I look like, I have always been self conscious about my yellow teeth. Truthfully, I have no one to blame for this problem but myself. I smoked for 8 years, drink 2 cups of coffee a day (only way to stay awake at work), and love a glass of red wine to help me sleep at night. Furthermore, I would be lying if I said that I brushed my teeth 3 times a day every day. While I recently quit smoking and have cut back on the amount of coffee I drink, my tooth discoloration seems to be permanent. I used just about every “whitening” toothpaste and mouthwash product on the market and saw little if any improvement.

A co-worker of mine recently recommended to do some research online before making my next purchase. As an elementary school teacher with a modest salary and a sizeable mortgage, cost was a major concern. While searching the Web I found a few online teeth whitening companies giving away free trials* where you only had to pay a few dollars for shipping. I ordered two products, Dazzle White and Purely Whites, both of which had 9/10 ratings and positive feedback from all users. After using the first product the results were noticeable, but after following with the second product I had a celebrity white smile. I’m far from a medical expert, but it appears that each product focused on DIFFERENT parts of the problem and that the second one put the whitening effect into overdrive. By using them both in a row I had absolutely unbelievable results. I can’t believe companies are practically giving these products away!

Emily: “I’m an optimist and always look for the silver lining in any situation. While this recession has negatively impacted me like everyone else, my savvy shopping skills got me the smile I always wanted.”

Online teeth whitening companies are DESPERATE for new customers and are giving away free trials* as a way to find new clients and offload excess inventory. You can and should take advantage of the downturn in the economy just like Emily.

When asked to elaborate on her discovery Emily said:

“I was impressed with the results after the first 3 days – but once I saw my teeth after a week, I was absolutely blown away… I knew I was onto something. The trick is to use TWO trial products that compliment each other TOGETHER to give yourself a whitening comparable to that of your favorite actress.”

Consumer Tips Weekly would like to thank Emily for this amazing teeth whitening tip. If you are interested in using Emily’s trick, we have provided links and coupon code information for the two products she used. After further research, we have learned that these coupon codes will work until October 4th, so you have until 10/04/09 to obtain these free trials*. Remember, to get results like Emily’s, you will want to use BOTH products together. The coupon codes reduce shipping costs to under $4 total* ($1.95 for Dazzle White, and $1.95 for Purely Whites, valid until 10/04/09):

Step 1: Click here for Dazzle White (Use Promo Code: dazzle4me) (expires: 10/04/09)

Step 2: Click here for Purely Whites (Use Promo Code: PurelyWhiteP1) (expires: 10/04/09)

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