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Governor Candidate Stewart Alexander: Proposition 14 is a Trick on Voters
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April 09, 2010

Stewart A. Alexander for California Governor Peace and Freedom Party 2010
The official summary of Proposition 14 to appear on the California ballot was prepared by California Attorney General Jerry Brown, the proposition was sponsored by California Lieutenant Governor Able Maldonado and co-sponsored by two Democratic senators, Lou Correa of Santa Ana and Lois Wolk of Stockton; however, PFP Governor Candidate Stewart Alexander says “Proposition 14 is undemocratic and may limit voter choices to one party.”

Alexander has express outrage with the entire proposition. In particular, one provision in the proposition “Provides that only the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes in the primary will appear on the general election ballot regardless of party preference.” Alexander says “This provision may limit voter choices to one party in a general election.”

Professor Ed Costantini, Nancy J. Brasmer and Steve Chassin have outlined the following argument to oppose Proposition 14:

• Politicians wrote Proposition 14 to change the law so they can conceal their party affiliation on the election ballot. Voters won’t know whether they are choosing a Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or Green Party candidate.

• The proponents claim their measure will stop partisan politics. But how is allowing politicians to hide their party affiliation going to fix partisanship? Proposition 14 is politicians trying to trick voters into thinking they are “independent.”

• What proponents don’t tell you is that special interest are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to pass Proposition 14, including money from health insurance corporations, developers and financial institutions because Proposition will make it easier for them to elect candidates they “choose.” But you won’t know which political party the candidate belongs to.

• Proposition 14 will decrease voter choice. It prohibits write-in candidates in the general election. Only the top two vote getters advance to the general election regardless of political party. Special interest with money will have the advantage in electing individuals they support.

Alexander has compared Proposition 14 to the election tactics during the rise of the Nazi Party in the 1930s. Alexander is asking voters throughout California to defeat Proposition 14 and its undemocratic effect against working class people.

For more information, search the Web for: Stewart Alexander for Governor

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