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Obama’s Health Plan Silent on Dental Care - Mexican Dentists are Dancing in the Streets
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October 05, 2010

Obama’s Health Care Plan doesn’t make dental care more affordable for the average person in the US. Not much has been said in the press about this. Bottom line: It will be business as usual for American dentists. The Obama plan calls for millions of dollars in oral hygiene education, fluoridation and federal subsidies for dental schools. But, millions of uninsured AND insured Americans will still be unable to afford expensive dental treatments such as multiple root canals, crowns, veneers, implants, cosmetic dental makeovers etc.

Most insurance plans will pay for one crown or root canal a year. What do you do if you are 55 years old and need 10 or 20 crowns? Do you have to wait 20 years for the insurance company to pay at one crown per year as the policy permits? Crowns and root canals run $400-500usd in Mexico versus $800-3,000 (at fancy clinics) in the US.

In the USA people who need a whole new set of crowns including some root canals, and an implant or two, can spend upwards of $50-$75,000, if they have the money. Most don’t, not in these economic times. In Mexico the cost is around $15-20,000 with the dentist ordering the same materials from the same catalogues American dentists order from.

They come to Cabo to save on crowns and have a vacation at the same time...

Mexican dental clinics have seen a surge in big treatment patients since the economic crisis began as prices for dental care in Mexico are substantially less than in the USA. ”We are seeing patients who just have their implant bases put in and cannot afford the crowns to complete their treatments by their American dentist back home,” says Cabo Cosmetic Dental’s Dr. Jorge. “Now, they come to Cabo to complete the work and have a vacation at the same time” he adds.

American dentists are closing clinics...

Angel’s Touch Dental Clinic in Cabo has expanded with two more clinics in Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan, while designing a new facility in Cabo to handle the increase in patients. They are doing this while American dentists are closing clinics for lack of patients as Americans cut back on expenses. Many Mexican dentists and tourism industry executives are seeing dental tourism as a new facet of Mexico’s tourism industry. Antonio Duran, marketing manager for the Tesoro Resort on Cabo San Luca’s marina says they are trying to find more niche markets like the healthcare tourists. “We especially appreciate medical and dental tourists as they stay in our hotel 1 to 2 weeks versus only 3.5 days for the average tourist.”

Patients stay or fly free to Mexico...

Angel’s Touch Dental Clinics in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, Cabo Cosmetic Dental and Cabo Cosmetic Surgery offer cosmetic makeover patients free round trip air or up to two weeks resort stay. Lesser treatment patients can get deeply discounted accommodations from resorts that participate in their medical and dental tourism program. American and Canadian cosmetic makeover patients can fly to these Mexican resort for free in just 2-5 hours and get a beautiful new smile, and a fabulous vacation at the same time.

Who needs a healthcare insurance plan that doesn’t cover what you need done, when you need it done, and done at a price you can afford? Smile, you’re going to Mexico to see the doctor. Don’t forget your passport, swimsuit and sun bloc.

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