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Marcelo Micó Pilates Educación
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Marcelo Micó Pilates Educación was founded by the eponymous Marcelo Micó nearly two decades ago. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marcelo Micó received his degree as a Physical Education Instructor in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He spent years as a professional dancer with more than 20 specializations in the field of health and movement.

Marcelo Mico Pilates Educación
L-18 Marina Vallarta Condominios Marina del Rey
Tel: (322) 209-0901 or 209-0902
Marcelo Micó Pilates Educación has developed a unique style through years of study and practice which it continues to customize and share with fellow practitioners and students in their Puerto Vallarta based studios.

Since 1994, the studio has dedicated itself exclusively to the study of the "Pilates Method" and the effect it can have on people's lives. During it's many years of service the studio has assisted children, adults, expectant mothers and people with severe physical conditions, utilizing movement as therapy to prevent many afflictions of the body and soul.

It's founder, Marcelo Micó, continues to facilitate workshops and award certification for Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Combo, and is affiliated with the prestigious All-American Company, which is affiliated to: AFAA, ACE, American College of Sports Medicine, NSCA and the United States Golf Fitness Association.

"Moverse para Fluir" (Move to Flow) is the principal focus of the Marcelo Micó Pilates Educación philosophy and activities when working with children as well as adults. It's instructors believe that a smile and dance are the agents that connect people with the essence of life and help project happiness within one's self.

Marcelo Micó Pilates Educación has 2 Puerto Vallarta locations in Alta Vista and Marina Vallarta. The company also operates a concession in the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental on the South Shore. For more information, call (322) 209-0901 or visit

•   B E L O W   T H E   F O L D   •

Relieving Muscle Tension with Pilates
Marcelo Micó

An unbalanced body tenses, becomes rigid and pulls itself upwards, continually stressing itself to remain active. After years of giving Pilates classes, I can assure you that by relaxing the excessive muscular tone, you get a 50% more improvement of your unconscious breathing.

Improve Your Mental and Physical Well-Being with Pilates
Marcelo Micó

Marcelo Micó explains the Pilates method of physical toning, a unique exercise system of stretching and strengthening developed by Joseph H. Pilates more than ninety years ago. Today, Pilates Educación is more than just a form of exercise: it is a way of viewing and living life.

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