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The Zoo
Paseo Díaz Ordaz 630
Puerto Vallarta Malecon
Tel: [322] 222-4945
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The Zoo
"...who needs to talk when you can dance?"

This place is a "real zoo" complete with people dancing in cages, window ledges - even the bar! The sound system is marvelous and usually is blasting out techno, dance, and rap, but anything with a powerful enough beat to keep the crowd moving. In-depth conversations are almost impossible - but hey! - it's a disco, so as long as you can read lips, "What's your name? Do ya wanna dance, and What are you drinking?" is the only conversation you need.

Besides, the music is so good, who needs to talk when you can dance? The drinks flow fast, cheap and furious here, always 2 for 1. is likely to play eventually. This is another big spring break favorite with the under-30 crowd. Admission varies by night, so call ahead for details. Cover charge. Open from 11:30am to 4am daily. Credit cards accepted.

•  T R A V E L E R ' S  C O M M E N T S  •

Cannot miss this place, its fantastic, great staff, great music, great scenery. Say hi to Gao for me!
The Zoo is phenomenal, the staff, the drinks, the atmosphere. If you want to be treated like royalty go there!!!
Sheryl Dutt
I was treated like royalty. Had a blast, all employees in the PM are beautiful.
My friend and I went twice on our 7 day vacation, the waiters are always there, helping you out of the cabs, watching your table while you dance...we were having a blast. Does Banjamin still work there, I wanted to bring him home as a souveneir!!!
Nikki B
The Zoo is the best place in PV. I always get VIP treatment from ALL the staff when I am there. Can't wait to return...
Beenita, Vancouver, BC Canada
This club was not very good... it was so packed that you couldn't even move, and the workers were rude. You should try out Hilo one block down - it was so much better.
The only Zoo in town that rocks!
The drinks are good and cold, the bartenders and wait staff make sure your hands are never empty, and the shooter girls will track you down like... well, like a hyena on a wounded hippo.
Minneapolis Minnesota
The people are party goers, but very respectful and carefree. The club personnel was very attentive and kept the drinks coming with 2-for-1 specials.
Delma, Philadelphia
We had a great time at the Zoo...even the husbands danced in the cage. Must be a Puerto Vallarta thing. If you're looking to shake your groove thang - or, if you just like monkeys - go to The Zoo.
Boise, Idaho

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