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Timothy Real Estate Group
Setting New Standards in Sales & Services

Timothy Real Estate Group is one of the largest independent real estate brokerage firms in the Bay of Banderas, specializing in some of the finest properties available in Puerto Vallarta.
Timothy Real Estate Group - *An innovative company setting new standards in property sales and services has combined the most thoroughly professional and experienced talents to keep clients informed about the intricacies of Mexican real estate ownership, local real estate markets, local codes and regulations, financing, rentals and perhaps most importantly, sound analysis for every aspect of real property ownership.

Timothy Real Estate Group
Ignacio L. Vallarta 130 Local 7, Col. Emiliano Zapata
South Side, Puerto Vallarta
Tel: (322) 223-5300 � US: 1-310-356-6514
It takes more than facts to make the most of each client's experience with Puerto Vallarta enjoyable and rewarding. It takes knowledge, chemistry, understanding, and accuracy. Timothy Real Estate Group is one of the largest independent real estate brokerage firms in the Bay of Banderas, specializing in some of the finest properties available in Puerto Vallarta.

Carl Timothy, president and founder of Timothy Real Estate Group, began his real estate career in Park City, Utah as a sales director for Sweetwater Realty. He then moved to Beverly Hills, California where he was in the top 5% of real estate sales agents with Prudential Realty in the United States.

Carl fell in love with Puerto Vallarta and moved his real estate career to Puerto Vallarta in 1999 and today Timothy Real Estate Group is one of the largest brokerage firms in Puerto Vallarta, exclusively representing some of the bay's most prestigious new developments and special portfolio properties. Our dedicated and professional staff is supported by the highest standards of quality management, the best directed marketing and the most comprehensive advertising available.

The professional representation of your property is essential in achieving a most satisfying experience with Puerto Vallarta property ownership, and Timothy Real Estate Group offers the most qualified agents to help you understand and enjoy all the marvelous things it has to offer.

For more information, call (310) 356-6514 from the U.S., 52 (322) 223-5300 in Mexico, or visit

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Grand Trianon � A New Condo Development in Versalles
Taniel Chemsian

Designed by M E Arquitectos, Grand Trianon is a new condominium development that consists of 24, two and three bedroom residences. An exciting addition to the Puerto Vallarta real estate market, this modern building is conveniently located in the city's walkable neighborhood of Versalles.

Vallarta Residents Eagerly Awaiting Cooler Weather
Adam Garc�a

As Summer's heat and humidity seem to drag on and on, many people are wondering when they'll get some relief from this hot and sweaty time of year. What we simply refuse to remember is that in Puerto Vallarta, the cooler, fall-like weather doesn't really begin until around Thanksgiving.

Raicilla Gives Travelers a Taste of Traditional Mexico
Timothy Real Estate Group

Travelers along the western coast of Mexico near Puerto Vallarta occasionally happen upon roadside vendors of a distilled spirit called 'Raicilla.' Often referred to as 'Mexican Moonshine,' Raicilla is a Jalisco tradition that might not be as popular as Tequila, but it has a growing following.

Making Phone Calls in Vallarta is About to Get Easier
Timothy Real Estate Group

Things are about to get easier when making phone calls in Vallarta. As of August 3, all telephone numbers throughout the country, whether land line or cellular, local or long distance, will have a total of 10 digits, according to the Federal Institute of Telecommunications.

Spanish Language Lesson #304: Titulos and Formalities
Timothy Real Estate Group

Did you know that, in Mexico, it's important to address professionals by their title? Many foreigners living in Puerto Vallarta are unaware that titles are a key facet of etiquette. Just as important is understanding the difference between 'tu' and 'usted' for the word 'you' when addressing others.

Jellyfish are Seasonal Visitors to Puerto Vallarta, Too
Adam Garc�a

Like tourists, jellyfish are seasonal visitors to Puerto Vallarta. A couple of the species, some harmful, visit Banderas Bay beaches during the first few weeks of summer. If you happen to get stung by one there are many remedies, some absurd, but worth trying.

Donna Davies to Host Casa Jilguero Open House Friday

Timothy Real Estate Group agent Donna Davies will be hosting an Open House at Casa Jilguero on Friday, June 21 from 12:00 to 2:30 pm - and you're invited! Located in the Colonia Los Sauces neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta, this single-family home is a must see!

Two New HHI Episodes Feature TREG's Taniel Chemsian
Timothy Real Estate Group

A new episode of HGTV's 'House Hunters International' TV series featuring Timothy Real Estate Group agent Taniel Chemsian will be aired on June 20 and 21. And, if you missed the last Puerto Vallarta episode of HHI, you can watch it on YouTube or wait for the July 22-23 rerun on HGTV USA.

Common Sense is Your Best Protection in Puerto Vallarta
Timothy Real Estate Group

Recently someone posted on a well-known Facebook thread, asking how to enjoy a safe vacation in Puerto Vallarta. It's pretty simple: use common sense. Don't flash wads of cash around and don't drink so much it impairs your judgment. Doesn't this apply to anywhere you travel?

House Hunters International Puerto Vallarta Episode 20
Timothy Real Estate Group

On June 4, 2019, Puerto Vallarta and Timothy Real Estate Group will again be spotlighted on HGTV's House Hunters International! This marks the 20th time Banderas Bay's #1 real estate brokerage and agent Taniel Chemsian have been featured on this popular TV program.

Donna Davies Hosts 5 de Diciembre Duplex Open House
Timothy Real Estate Group

Timothy Real Estate Group agent Donna Davies will be hosting an Open House at Casa 5 de Diciembre, a multi-family property in an up-and-coming neighborhood just north of downtown Puerto Vallarta, on Friday, May 17, 2019 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

TREG to Host Open House at Casa Mediterranee on May 9
Timothy Real Estate Group

If you are looking to buy the home of your dreams in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, mark your calendar for Thursday, May 9, 2019, when Timothy Real Estate Group will be hosting an Open House from 7:00-9:00 pm at the beautiful Casa Mediterranee in El Cerro, overlooking El Centro.

Scala Vallarta Condos Open House, Saturday, April 20th
Timothy Real Estate Group

Searching the Internet for just the right property can be frustrating, so Timothy Real Estate Group's Donna Davies will be hosting an Open House on Saturday, April 20th at Scala Vallarta Condos, a fun, newly-renovated, urban style building in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

PV Living: Attempting to Learn The Spanish Language
Timothy Real Estate Group

It is an honor to live in a country where the locals have made it their business to learn English to better serve us. In turn, as 'Gringos' living in Puerto Vallarta, we have worked hard to learn Spanish and how to correctly pronounce some of the more difficult words.

'Sin Popote, Por Favor' Social Ecology at Work in Vallarta
Timothy Real Estate Group

If you need proof that social media works, consider the banning of straws in many restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. Some have moved to alternatives, such as paper/wax straws, which are biodegradable, and less damaging to the environment, animals and marine life.

SETAC to Open New Office in Old Town Puerto Vallarta
Marie Callan

SETAC, a local community and wellness center whose mission is to reduce HIV and other STDs in the Banderas Bay area, will soon open a new office on the south side of Puerto Vallarta, thanks to Timothy Real Estate Group and their Fourth 'House Hunters International' charity event.

Speakers Panel Returns to 2019 Vallarta Real Estate Fair
Taniel Chemsian

Every year, one of the most popular features of the Vallarta Real Estate Fair is the Speakers Panel. The 2019 event, set for February 16 from 9 am to 2 pm, boasts an exciting line-up of experts to answer your questions about investing and living in Puerto Vallarta.

2019 Vallarta Real Estate Fair Set for February 16
Timothy Real Estate Group

Whether you're a buyer, seller or thinking about investing, you don't want to miss the 2019 Vallarta Real Estate Fair. Set to take place at Rivera Molino Plaza on Feb. 16, this free event puts you in contact with experts who can help you make the most of your real estate investment.

2018 Disco Ball Raises $664,369 Pesos for Vallarta Charities
Marie Callan

Timothy Real Estate Group's Fourth 'House Hunters International' charity event, held November 20 at Oscar's, shattered the record of $540,000 pesos raised at their 2016 event. This year, $664,369 Pesos were raised for 2 charitable organizations: Asilo San Juan Diego Senior Center & SETAC Community Center.

Mexico's 'La Catrina' Symbolizes More Than Just Death
Timothy Real Estate Group

The Mexican Revolution gave birth to 'La Catrina,' an image created by the talented engraver Jose Guadalupe Posada that satirized the ruling class. The skeletal resemblance came from their propensity to wear very pale makeup, in an effort to whiten their skin and pass as Europeans.

Timothy Real Estate Group to Host Loft 268 Rooftop Party
Taniel Chemsian

Join Timothy Real Estate Group for wine and canap�s on the roof of the new Loft 268 condominium development in the Zona Romantica on November 13, from 5-8 pm. This beautiful seven-story building offers 64 private residences inspired by Puerto Vallarta's unparalleled natural beauty.

TREG's 4th House Hunters International Charity Event
Taniel Chemsian

On November 20, Vallarta's #1 Real Estate brokerage firm, Timothy Real Estate Group, will host The Disco Ball, their fourth 'House Hunters International' charity event benefiting two local charitable organizations - Asilo San Juan Diego Senior Center and SETAC Community Center.

Beyond Puerto Vallarta: Discover San Pancho, Nayarit
Adam Garc�a

Once home to a handful of Franciscan priests and a small population of farmers, San Pancho is no longer a sleepy little village. Today, this beach town, just north of Puerto Vallarta, is a developing community with rich educational values and an eclectic and enthusiastic population.

The Walls of Puerto Vallarta Bring People Together
Timothy Real Estate Group

Local artist Natasha Moraga has been magically transforming Puerto Vallarta with her colorful mosaics since 2012. Her latest project, turning Lazaro Cardenas Park into El Parque de los Azulejos / Tile Park PV, is all about community, and everyone is invited to participate.

Beyond Puerto Vallarta: Shopping in Tonal�, Jalisco
Adam Garc�a

If you are visiting Puerto Vallarta, consider a trip to Tonal�, a municipality near Guadalajara that's famous for its artisanal handicrafts. On Thursdays and Sundays a 'tianguis' (open air market) features as many as 4000 craftsmen selling everything from pottery to handcrafted furniture.

What's it Cost to Build a LUXE Home in Puerto Vallarta?
Carl Timothy

Puerto Vallarta is full of talented architects that have the skills and local market knowledge to help you create your own dream home. Since I'm frequently asked what it costs to build a new home, I thought I'd share the experience a client recently had with new home construction costs.

Timothy Real Estate Group Open House at Villa Encantada

Searching the Internet for just the right property can be frustrating, so Timothy Real Estate Group's Donna Davies will be hosting an Open House on Friday, June 15 from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm at Villa Encantada, a luxury villa on the southern shores of Puerto Vallarta.

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