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Olas Altas 425, Col. Emiliano Zapata
Puerto Vallarta
Tel: 222-1054, Fax: 223-0684
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Andale Hotel, Restaurant and Bar
" are in a class of your own."

This casual restaurant is located on Olas Altas near Playa de los Muertos. A local hangout and a good spot for an afternoon beer; Andale becomes quite a 'party place' around 9pm!

Dining is above the popular bar of the same name and offers large servings of consistently well-prepared food and tumbler-size glasses of wine at low prices. Look for the private entrance leading to their dining terraces. Entrées include the popular Italian specialty osso bucco, the fresh catch of the day, barbecued spareribs and a sirloin burger topped with cheese and served with homemade fries

A large garden salad or a thick, rich soup-like side dish of black beans comes with every entrée as do the French sticks spiked with herb-flecked garlic butter. The easy-going ambience and the attention of friendly staff ensure you'll feel at home here. Major credit cards accepted. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8 am - 11 pm.

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Does Andale Restaurant and Bar Know How to Party or What?
David Olvera

On February 26th Andale's Restaurant and bar celebrated their 30th anniversary in Puerto Vallarta with a giant street party. The whole city was invited, so Olas Altas street was shut down to accommodate a full stage and seating in the street for the thousands of spectators on hand.

Andale Still Going Strong After 30 Years
David Olvera

On February 26th, Andale Restaurant will be celebrating their 30th anniversary of bringing lively music, delicious food, ice cold margaritas and an electric party atmosphere that makes you feel like you're at the biggest fiesta in town to Puerto Vallarta locals and visitors.

Andale Restaurant Celebrates 30 Years in Vallarta

In February, Andale Restaurant will be celebrating their 30th anniversary of bringing lively music, delicious food, ice cold margaritas and an electric party atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re at the biggest fiesta in town to Puerto Vallarta locals and visitors.

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92 more days till I can get back in November!!! That's too long!! Miss you king David and Andale's can't wait to get back U know what they say all the good guys are taken Hope to see you soon!
Patti Armstrong, Chicago
King David and the crew of Andales... luv you - R you ready to help me celebrate my birthday November 12?
Patti Armstrong, Chicago
Best time ever. Always my 1st stop in PV. It's like one big family there. Been going there since 86. See u soon May 17 2010.
Dave Baum
Just wanted to say had a great time in march at andales. Luv andales and King David! It is the best place in Puerto Vallarta Dont miss it!! Hope to see you in early November 11th and 12th
patti armstrong chicago
Good margaritas and good music - had a blast. A must!
Al & Tammie Gibson
We went there with our kids for dinner and had a blast! Little did we know that in addition to the mule ride for the kids, the music was awesome and we had a blast dancing. Would definitely go back.
BEST FUN!, especially at night when they parade a burro around the bar, usually with a fat chick riding the poor thing...
By far the funnest place in Peurto Vallarta!! Had a blast, music was great... service was exceptional and so was the TEQUILA!
Hey Everybody, John and I will be back in PV at Andales this Christmas, Hope to rekindle our many friendships, Ola to Hector, the best bartender ever.
Nancy and Dutch John
Andale's is just one of the many spots we love visiting when in PV. King David and the crew are like family; I should send them a Christmas card next year! The prices are decent, the drinks are strong, and "Who the F*ck is Alice?" never gets old. Ask for the Andale's CD to take home and you'll have great tunes all the time. :)
La Reina
Had a great time got really drunk and puked all over myself...
Ron Ball
Andale's is definite must see while in PV. In all my worldly travels I have found there is no other place like it... the music, the people... Jorge, Jorge Jr, Eva, Filipe, and the all time cutie-pie "Eric"... a definte tourist attraction... could be named on the the world wonders!
I love this place!!! 90 days until i am there!
lisa roberts
We just returned from P.V. after 2 weeks. This is a great place to people watch or join in on the fun. Went there quite often during the night. Drinks were reasonable priced and the service was great.
Dianne Little
My Friend just returned from PV. What a dissapointment to find that "Felipe" the hotest Mexican in town no longer works at Andales. Come on ladies, let's find out where he is and get him back to the best bar in town. Andales needs him and so do we. :)
I have to comment again - even though one of my comments is already posted. My daughter Lindsay and I were there in May and August and came back with my daughter Kersten in December - what a great time we had. I am sending a picture of us with King David - our favorite person. We had a wonderful time and visited you four times during ten days there. Thanks, and we will be back in May.
Cheryll Conklin
We have spent time in alot of bars but this one is THE BEST! You cant find a better place to hang out and have fun. The staff and food are EXCELLENT! We cant wait to go back every year.
Marvin and Gena
Please..pass this on...Wishing, Jorge "George" and David "DAAVid" a Happy New Year....and all the other ..people who have worked there ..give them Blessings, for always taking care of me, and my huge family...and for giving us, a night out, safely, with dancing and fun, and intersting people to talk to,fare prices...I feel, I owe them !! They all make ON dancing.... love ya, Connie I will be 71 yrs. in Jan. ...See you in Oct.....or may-be before....
Connie "C.C." Headrick
I love Andales!!! and the new songs... We were there every night. I can't wait to get back!
Lisa Roberts
A co-worker visited P.V and he visited Andales for me. My screen saver of Felipe is a hit in the office. I can hardly wait to go back.
Had a blast there for a birthday party. The people are the best!
Jerry Byrnes
Visited P.V. with 7 other friends in March 06. Went to Andales because of the reviews and it was GREAT! Anyway was wondering if anyone out there knows who did this one song they sang while we were there. It was sung by a female about her cat that she called her pussy the chorus was something like - my pussy is hot, bald, sore etc. my damn cat We all loved it just as much as Who is Alice.
Dianne -
A "MUST VISIT" bar in downtown Puerto Vallarta! We just love the place!
Yes, tes, the time honured tradition of going directly to Anadles when landing in PV. Alex, Brendna, Maggie, Eva, Roger, Marco, Able, and of course my dear friend Felipe. All just part of what makes the place to be in PV. it has been 2 long cold months since I was there and dont know if I will make it till April. If you see them, send for me... PLEASE.
I love this place, it's so much fun. And yes, do try and find Alice. Must try the shooters and my god, my girlfriend introduced me to Felipe, I still have wet dreams thinking of him.
This place is simply "THE BEST" place to party. Dance the night away... You just gotta find "ALICE" while you're dancin. The staff are so friendly not to mention the Men are good lookin - "Felipe" rocks! Hands off ladies, he's all mine.
Vallarta Queen
Andales is the best-we were there three times when my sisters and I visited P.V. last week. Your ONE D.J. is so...oh cute. I hope to go back again sometime Andales is the happening place.
Naurene Smith
The food is good - the atmosphere, festive - the music, loud - go early because its standing room only after things get going.
Where you meet great people, and have the time of your life.
We just returned from our wonderful PV vacation and Andale was the best! The food and service is top-notch. We are planning our next trip and Andale's going to be our first stop.
Doug & Stacy
While vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, we managed to find some new Mexican bars downtown that were alot of fun, but Andale's was the best!
Phil Cameron, Winnipeg Canada
Once again, we had wonderful food and great service at Andale's. My sister Patty introduced me to Andales 6 years ago and I enjoy coming there every visit to Vallarta.
Mary & Patricia
Greetings From Alaska! We have been visiting PV for almost 15 years. We have long known about and enjoyed your restaurant but this time we stayed at your hotel. In a town that is known for friendly people and good times it is hard to stand out, but you are in a class of your own.
Ira & Ann Rosen
Just dropping you a line to say thank you for your pleasant hotel, restaurant and bar. We will be back again next year for sure.

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