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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkVallarta Living | Art Talk | November 2006 

Dancing on the Malecón
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The life-sized bronze sculpture of Mexican dancers, which US artist Jim Demetro began sculpting in the lobby courtyard of Plaza Mar Condominiums earlier this year, will be unveiled on the new Malecón extension at 6 pm on November 28th, 2006.

Please contact Jim Demetro at or call 222-3411 x 601 for more information about the small bronze fund raising pieces or the unveiling ceremony.
Flirtatious smiles and dramatic sweeps of a swirling skirt are captured in the bronze sculpture Vallarta Dancers, to be unveiled on the Malecon at 6 pm on November 28th, 2006. Local sculptor Jim Demetro has created a memorable piece of two life-size bronze figures: a young woman and man, adorned in ornamental Mexican attire, circle one another in the lovely courtship dance of new love.

The woman flares the colorful cloth of her multi-layered skirt around her body, beckoning her pursuer to lean forward for their first kiss as the dance quickens in tempo and passion - and then, just as quickly, arching her back away from him in beguiling flirtation.

The sculpture is alive with movement. It simply freezes, for a moment, the crucial point of anticipation where the woman’s skirt is dramatically billowing higher than her head, creating private intimacy as she smiles at the man’s oncoming kiss. Her innocent invitation is powerfully seductive.

Sculptor Jim Demetro first felt the power of this traditional dance back in 2000 when he witnessed the talents of the Xiutla dancers performing on the Malecon under the direction of Professor Enrique Barrios.

He was “immediately inspired to catch its essence in a sculpture.” Demetro began by making a clay maquette, a smaller version of the larger-than-life composition. “It is important to me to sculpt this piece in particular, to honor the creative expressions of one of the most passionate people in the world... the Mexicans,” Demetro recently stated in an interview from his home in old town Vallarta.

He also expressed the following thoughts:

“I have studied the performances, pictures and videos of the Xiutla dancers and have worked closely with Professor Barrios to create an authentic portrayal of the dance. The realistic aspects are important to me. Mainly though, I have been focused on commemorating the artistic beauty Mexicans in Puerto Vallarta are known for.

Most of us who live here in Mexico are Mexican at heart, if not truly Mexican. The artistic beauty around us draws our community together. It inspires the best from us all. And I truly hope artistic beauty will always be a part of this town.”

In the days before the November 28th unveiling, Demetro has been immersed in the detail work being completed at the bronze foundry in Guadalajara, under the expertise of foundry owner Francisco Quiroz.

Though both Demetro and Quiroz have engineering backgrounds and Demetro has had over 35 other public installations, this sculpture has been a challenge, due to the fact the woman dancer’s skirt reaches above her head. All in all, this sculpture has been over a year-long process.

With the approval of Mayor Gustavo Gonzales Villaseñor, Demetro began sculpting the two dancer statues in the courtyard of his condominium complex. “This sculpture has become a community affair already, since many good friends and locals have given crucial support to this art piece,” Demetro said with gratitude in his voice.

Supporters of the sculpture have bought smaller bronze replicas of the Malecon sculpture to raise funds for the bronze foundry work. In addition, the city of Puerto Vallarta has assisted with helping install the piece in time for the unveiling.

“We welcome everyone in the community to join us in celebrating the installation of this traditional Mexican dancers sculpture, this tribute to an admirable, artistic culture” said Demetro. Starting at 6 pm, there will be beautiful performances by the Xiutla Dancers, as well as the unveiling of this dramatic piece.

The sculpture’s Malecon home will be between Los Arcos and the new pedestrian bridge, at the terminus of Guerrero Street. Please contact Jim Demetro at or call 222-3411 x 601 for more information about the small bronze fund raising pieces or the unveiling ceremony.

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