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Governor Candidate Stewart Alexander: Who Are You Kidding Jerry Brown?
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March 11, 2010

Stewart A. Alexander for California Governor Peace and Freedom Party 2010
Jerry Brown, the former Governor of California, has now announced his candidacy for Governor of California; however, Stewart Alexander, a PFP Candidate for Governor says, “California didn’t need Jerry Brown 35 years ago and California doesn’t need him now.”

California faces an historic crisis with the growing destruction of public education, public services and the privatization of public resources. Stewart Alexander has charged that the crisis that California is facing was precipitated by the Democratic Party of California. Alexander has cited that under Jerry Brown and former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, “a major shift in taxation took place, from corporations to homeowners and working people.”

In 1978, that direct shift in taxation from corporations to working people led to the right-wing Jarvis Gann and citizen groups pushing for the passage of Proposition 13. The proposition kept people in their homes by locking in property taxes; however, there were provisions in the bill that required a 2/3 vote of California legislators to raise taxes and also allowed the same tax benefit for the wealthy and big corporations in California. As governor, Jerry Brown signed the bill.

Today, despite the continued major tax breaks for corporations, Jerry Brown says he will oppose amending Proposition 13 to exempt businesses and also oppose removing the 2/3 requirement to raise taxes and pass a state budget.

Stewart Alexander says “This is not the kind of leadership that the people of California need for a state that is facing multiple crises. It is not just Jerry Brown that has opposed the California Democracy Act (which eliminates this 2/3 requirement) but also the California Democratic Party leadership and John Burton who is chair of the party.”

While going on the attack against Jerry Brown for representing the interest of billionaires and wealthy Californians, Alexander has gone on the offensive against Republican front-runner Meg Whitman charging that “she is a corporate insider and lacks the experience to govern California.”

Stewart Alexander says Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman are presenting themselves as candidates for the people; however, “they are corporateers who will support the same old politics that will only benefit the wealthy few.”

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