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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkEditorials | Opinions | December 2009 

Gov. Candidate Alexander: Who is Running A.G. Jerry Brown's Office?
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December 25, 2009

Stewart A. Alexander for California Governor Peace and Freedom Party 2010
The Democratic Party frontrunner for California Governor, Jerry Brown, has some explaining to do, about coving-up illegal phone recordings and about his staff lying to federal judges; according to Stewart Alexander, a Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for California Governor.

Stewart Alexander has charged that the office of Attorney General Jerry Brown has gone from covering up illegal phone recordings by members of his staff to out-right lying to federal judges. In October, it was discovered that Jerry Brown's communications director, Scott Gerber, had been secretly recording phone conversations with reporters which is a violation of California law. When Mr. Gerber was questioned about the recording, he acknowledged taping a phone interview with a San Francisco Chronicle reporter and admitted taping other reporters without their knowledge or permission.

Jerry Brown's office attempted to cover-up the illegal recording by launching an internal investigation and concluded that Scott Gerber "did not break state law" when he recorded 5 reporters without asking for consent. However, with mounting political and public pressure for an independent investigation, Brown's office agreed to have an independent investigation into the illegal phone recordings.

If the illegal phone recordings were the smoke, lying to federal judges is the fire; according to Stewart Alexander. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "A federal appeals court bluntly accused the Schwarzenegger administration and state Attorney General Jerry Brown's office on Monday about lying about its defense of cuts in Medi-Cal fees."

In a statement issued by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, "Lawyers in Brown's office committed a clear violation of State Bar rules that prohibit attorneys from misleading judges, raising doubts about the credibility of any future statements they make on behalf of state health officials."

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "The allegation of lying involved the state's failure to cite the changes in (Medi-Cal) reimbursement rates in arguments before the appeals court issued its July ruling."

Shortly after the illegal phone recordings became public, Alexander called upon Governor Schwarzenegger to launch an independent investigation of the attorney general's office; now in light of charges made against the Schwarzenegger administration and Jerry Brown's office, Alexander says "it's like asking the arson to help with putting out the fire."

With less than 11 months before the 2010 Mid-Term Election, Stewart Alexander says, "Californians are getting a clear understanding of how Jerry Brown would run state government; the same as Washington DC Democrats, totally unaccountable."

For more information search the Web for: Stewart A. Alexander

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