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Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report
email this pageprint this pageemail usCaptain Juan Pablo Moll - PVNN
July 28, 2010

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I am very happy to report that the fishing has improved greatly since my last report. The water is warmer, cleaner and we’ve had some action packed days. Not to mention things should just get better as the summer approaches.


We’ve been finding tuna at both Corbeteña, El Banco, and about 10 miles NW of El Banco. Some days have been better than others but overall the tuna fishing has been consistently good over the past few months and it will continue to be good all summer.

Most fish are weighing between 30 and 120 pounds but we’ve released a few between 180–200 pounds. We’ve been most successful with the kite but chumming is also working well. Most boats are getting between 5–8 strikes per day.


We are also finding sailfish at Corbeteña, El Banco, north of Punta de Mita, and even in the bay just off Bucerias. We’ve had the most luck looking for the sardine bait balls, and the sailfish usually aren’t that far away. We’re usually releasing 5–10 per week, most weighing between 60–100 pounds, and we’ve been most successful using live bait. The sailfish fishing conditions should stay good all summer.


The marlin fishing has also improved since my last report. We’re finding more and more blue and striped marlin in various spots but we’ve had the most luck 10–15 miles around the perimeter of El Banco. We’ve had the most success trolling live but bait and casting live bait when we see them on the surface. The marlin fishing conditions will continue to get better and better for the next few months, and I expect we will start seeing black marlin very soon.


We were also starting to see a lot more dorado everywhere. Most boats are getting 2 to 4 per day in a number of different spots. Most are weighing between 10-20 pounds but we’ve also found a few big bull dorado in deeper water, and we’ve had the most luck with lures, and live bait.

Inshore Fishing

Apart from the good and improving offshore conditions there has also been some really good inshore fishing. There's a lot of rooster fish, jacks, and mackerel. So if you’re not wanting to try your luck offshore, you can definitely have some fun within the bay or just off the point.


To sum things up, the fishing conditions have definitely improved considerably over the past month. The water is warmer, cleaner, and there is a lot more bait in the area. In my opinion the fishing is a little above average for this time of year, we’re having a lot of fun out there, and I expect things to keep getting better over the next few months.

Good luck, good fishing, and hope to see you in Puerto Vallarta soon.
Capt. Juan Pablo Moll
Born and raised in Puerto Vallarta, Juan Pablo comes from a long line of sports fishermen. ESPN's Sport Challenge and Marlin Magazine have made his father, Captain Juan Moll, a.k.a. Mr. Marlin, known to sports fisherman around the world, and his grandfather holds the record for the largest sailfish ever caught in the Mexican Pacific. As a member of the International Game Fish Association who fully supports the conservation efforts of the International Billfish Foundation, Juan Pablo carries on the family tradition by offering quality sports fishing charters in Puerto Vallarta.

Visit his website at

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