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Commemorative Mexico 2010 Banknotes About to Increase in Value
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December 30, 2010

Mexico's mint issued new 2010 commemorative banknotes in MX$100 and MX$200 denominations in honor of the 100 years since the 1910 Mexican Revolution and 200 years since the 1810 Mexican War of Independence. These bills are about to become post-issue banknotes increasing their numismatic value. Take advantage of your trip to and collect a few of these historic banknotes for your numismatic collection.

Banknote Celebrating The 100 Anniversary Of Mexico's Revolution

The front of the MX$100 2010 commemorative banknote shows an image of a 1900's train loaded with revolutionaries fighting against the central government. The image shows an "Adelita", or female soldier, akin to the image of "Rosie the Riveter" to represent female workers building arms for the soldiers during World War II.

Adelita was made famous by a folk song ("corrido") narrating the story of a young woman in love with a sergeant traveling through Mexico's battlefields accompanying his battalion. Adelita became the archetype of a woman warrior and the term has since come to signify a woman of strength and courage.

The back of the MX$100 2010 commemorative banknote shows a fragment of David Siqueiros mural entitled "Revolution against the dictatorship of president Porfirio Diaz". The mural is located inside the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. The image shows The People in arms surrounding the triumphant leaders of Mexico's revolution.

Banknote Celebrating The 200 Anniversary Of Mexico's War Of Independence

The front of the MX$200 2010 commemorative banknote shows the image of Miguel Hidalgo painted by Jesus Helguera representing the initiation of the War Of Independence against Spain in 1810. The flag-bearing priest called The People to arms and led the war for one years until he was captured and assassinated by the Spanish government. The war ended until 1821 but Miguel Hidalgo is acclaimed as the "Father of the Country" similarly to George Washington.

The back of the MX$200 2010 commemorative banknote shows the statue of "The Angel of Independence" presently located on Paseo de la Reforma street in Mexico City. The statue was erected by Porfirio Diaz during the 100th celebration of independence. President Diaz went on to become the central player of Mexico's Revolution that very year.

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