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Can You Travel With an Animal? You Bet!
email this pageprint this pageemail usNicole Martin -
December 31, 2010

Please visit or contact info(at)
Many folks vacation to Puerto Vallarta and during their stay and a homeless cat or dog is found! What do you do? Take it home with you of course! Here are a few tips as to what steps should be taken to make sure your new family member receives the frequent flyer miles he/she so deserves. IT’S EASY! Please consult with your airline as each one has different criteria.

1. A Health Certificate: (carta de salud) is required by all airlines and can be easily obtained from any vet.

• Rabies Vacine is required for pets over 12 weeks of age

• Common tests on stray dogs that you may have rescued would be PARVO and DISTEMPER

• Ask your vet what YOUR animal needs to be able to fly home with you.

2. Make a reservation: You must reserve a spot on the plane for your animal. You can even do this after your flight is booked. So if you find an animal that you want to take back after your flight is booked, you probably CAN! Just check with your airline.

3. Small animals: can fly in the cabin under the seat in front of you. Your airline will provide the details (hard or soft kennel – and size restrictions)

4. Larger animals: need to fly in cargo. Again, your airline will provide the details. If your animal must go in cargo, DO check with your airline – especially on “temperature restrictions” for departure and arrival as it is NOT safe for animals to fly during some months (extreme summer heat in Vallarta or extreme winter cold up north)

5. Airline blackout dates: most airlines have these in place for the safety of animals that fly in cargo due to extremes in temperatures…or during busy seasons (Christmas, Easter…). Check with your airline.

NOTE: Kennels are more affordable in supermarkets in Canada and the US than in Vallarta, so if you KNOW you are going to rescue an animal, consider purchasing your kennel up north and bring it down to Vallarta ‘empty’ with you. Check with your airline to see if they would accept an empty kennel on your trip down to Vallarta, and if there is a charge to do this.

This article is courtesy of PuRR Project a no-kill feline rescue shelter with 260 residents. PuRR Project needs your support. Please visit or contact info(at)

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