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Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report
Stan Gabruk - Master Baiters Sportfishing and Tackle

For more information about fishing in Puerto Vallarta, visit or email Stan at Catchfish(at)
The way things have been happening around here in Puerto Vallarta’s world famous fishing grounds it´s enough to make you pull your hair out. One day the water temps are down-right frigid, the next day they´re much warmer in the same area. The currents are changing and swirling. We have seen some areas with dirty water, especially in the bay. We’ve seen areas that are normally fishing machines, disappoint anglers as the available species thumb their nose at baits. Tiny bait is everywhere, where as Whales may love this, the fisherman is having to face challenges cross the spectrum of their experience. But no worries amigo, there is nothing new about this sort of thing in the world of Fishing! Experienced Captains pay off in fish. Others, well talk is always as cheap as the boat they put you on!

For the last few weeks I´ve been telling the fishing public that the water temps have dropped into frigid ranges and fishing basically sucked in a nice way. But the good thing about our fishing grounds is that no matter what conditions we have at the moment, if you can be patient, things will always get better and they have. The best thing a person can do is keep up with the fishing reports, and there aren´t that many coming out of Marina Vallarta, about things like what time the bite is happening! Right now many of the locations you would head out to are having a late bite. That means if you are one of those break of dawn guys, no matter what, you´ll be spending time on the water when you don´t have to. More on this later…

Those looking for Moby Dick are going to be out of luck, Black Marlin have all but disappeared. There seem to be a few Blue Marlin out there, but very few hook-ups. Striped Marlin are still north by San Pancho or even farther north and there are no guarantees by any stretch of the imagination you´ll come back with one. So goes the tale of Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta. But if you can find a warm streak, anything, and I do mean anything is possible. Sailfish have been hanging out in this same area but are small. One nice thing about heading north, there are lots of options along the way. Your worst case scenario is Dorado (yes I said Dorado) and Snappers, which both taste great. Rooster fish are in the structure areas around Sayulita so you have several spots and possibilities heading up north.

Now if you are one of those guys who fantasize about a 200lb Yellowfin Tuna, they are at the Tres Maria Islands, the locals just call them ¨ The Islands¨, but we wouldn´t want you to think Marietta Islands. These islands are 80 miles one way and will run you at least 14 hour days and a minimum of $1,400.0 usd on a decent sized boat. Super pangas will bounce your fillings out of your head, but they will do the job for a much better price. So it´s all your call amigos. If you´re looking for a Monster Yellowfin Tuna, this is where you have to go until spring has sprung!

El Banco and Corbeteña are still areas that have had very few visitors these past weeks and the reports from these areas are sparse. But you can always depend on Cubera Snappers over 50lbs at both locations. Now you can find Snappers closer in, so there really is no need to burn the fuel money heading to these locations. You’d be better off heading to the Marietta Islands…. But like I said, things can change in a heartbeat so stay tuned.

Speaking of the Marietta Islands, there have been herds of fish all over the place. Many reports of Anglers hitting these abundant Rooster fish (40lb s), African Pompano (50lbs), Sierra Mackerals 20+ Lbs), Snappers (30 lbs and up), Skip Jack Tuna, Jack Crevalls (large), Bonito and the list just goes on. In f act the other day there were Sea Bass out around the reefs and we very seldom see Sea Bass around here.

Now when I lived in Southern California we saw lots, but they are a cold water fish, so this should tell you about the cold currents. But if you´re lucky enough to hook into one, they are like 30 to 40 lbs and man do they taste good! Now don´t expect to find these, I expect them to disappear as fast as they appeared, but how nice it would be if one hit! But here is the secret, if you are out there early, like before 12:00 right now, and that is pretty much all the fishing grounds, you are going to have to have a lot of patience. For some reason, and I wish I knew why, the bite is happening mid day and it has been like that for about a week now. My clients have been discovering that a later bite means they can sleep in a little, have breakfast and still come in with the Blue Plate Special. There are a lot of good tasting fish out here right now, so keep this secret to yourself!

At the point of Punta Mita we´ve seen a real increase in the Snapper action where they’ve been running in the 45 to 50 lb range and this is a six hour day, but again, make sure you are there during the bite, or it will you who got bit! Dorado are here as well and will take anything shinny at the right time of day.

Inside the bay there has been some arm burning action if again, you´re in the right spot. One of those spots to think of that goes ignored is MaJawas (pronounced Ma-HA-wase).. Not Majawitaus (I know I spelled that one wrong). The area south at the river mouths, and in the Nuevo Vallarta Area, where the fresh water meets the salt water has seen Roballo, or Snook in English in the 20 to 45 lb range and there are very few fish in the bay that will taste as good as these. With white meant and a fierce attitude they like to hang around the surf line. Diamond jigs will work well, Rapallas, even a Popper will work for these babies and the time of day is not an issue with them for the moment… You can even fish for them from the shore if you have the equipment.

On a side note, while in Puerto Vallarta make sure you visit The Village in Marina Vallarta, with Restaurant row and 150 shops and services it’s Puerto Vallartas other Malicon (board walk in English) and should be on your list of places to visit.

Changing gears again, many times people will come into the shop and ask if there is anybody that smokes fish? Well until recently I had to tell them NO, I don´t know of anyone, but now I do! There are these two ladies who just moved to Buceras that are smoking fish and if you are interested in having your catch smoked, they have a 30 kilo minimum, about seventy pounds worth. They will also vacuume pack your fish and they´re the only ones I know of in the Vallarta Area that do this. They will come pick it up and deliver after the process is done. I don´t have prices on hand, but if this is something you might be interested in the call Caren or Heather from "Made of the Sea LLC" at: (044) 322 136 7365 or email them at: madeofthesea(at) for more details.

Stan Gabruk is the owner of Master Baiters Sportfishing and Tackle in Marina Vallarta. He came to Puerto Vallarta for a brief, three-week vacation and never left. You can find Stan at his Master Baiters Sportfishing shop in Marina Vallarta, located on the boardwalk down from the lighthouse next to Tikul Restaurant. For more information about fishing in Puerto Vallarta, visit or email Stan at Catchfish(at)

Click Here to learn more about fishing in Puerto Vallarta with Master Baiter's.

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Water Temps Fluctuate, Late Bites Frustrate Early Anglers, Fish are Biting!
Stan Gabruk

The way things have been happening around here in Puerto Vallarta’s world famous fishing grounds it´s enough to make you pull your hair out. One day the water temps are down-right frigid, the next day they´re much warmer in the same area.

Winter Has Come to Puerto Vallarta Fishing Grounds, Bait Becomes an Issue
Stan Gabruk

Everyone in the world has heard of global warming and all the problems that come along with it - the entire United States is an icebox! Mexico is feeling the cold as well, right now we are seeing dropping water temperatures in the 72 to 76 degree range which is about what we would be expecting in late January. So we are about a month ahead of schedule.

Changing Seasons, Changing Currents, Experienced Captains A Must!
Stan Gabruk

The Marietta Islands and El Morro are full of fish. This area has been packed full of large Sailfish recently, as is normal for this time of year. Dorado in the 30 lb range, Rooster fish in the 30 lb range, Jack Crevalls, Bonito, Needle fish, Snapper and more are waiting for you in Puerto Vallarta.

Seasonal Bans Not Enough to Save Pacific Tuna
Edgardo Ayala

The countries that fish for tuna in the Eastern Pacific Ocean see seasonal bans as a form of responsible fishing, but environmentalists argue that they are not enough to ensure the survival of a resource that is threatened around the world.

3rd Annual Los Muertos Pier Fishing Tournament
Phil Kerr

November 5th is the final registration day for The Third Annual Los Muertos Pier Fishing Tournament, so if you are into great sport fishing but don't have a lot of money to enter the professional tournaments in and around Banderas Bay - don't delay - sign up today!

Tournament Season Level Fishing Happening Now in Puerto Vallarta!
Stan Gabruk

Once you enter the middle of October you'll find the best fishing conditions of the year anywhere within 400 miles of Puerto Vallarta. With Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin and Dorado all firing right now, you can only imagine how good conditions are right now for anglers looking for a trophy.

Hook the Cure 'Hooks' in $300,000 to Benefit Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Gary Green

The Fifth Annual Hook the Cure fishing tournament, held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from October 21-24, 2010, was highlighted by festivities, celebrity appearances, auctions and an awards gala, and raised $300,000 USD NET for cystic fibrosis research.

Los Muertos Pier Fishing Tournament
Phil Kerr

You don't have to be rich to enter the 3rd Annual Los Muertos Pier Fishing Tournament! Scheduled to take place on November 5th and 6th, this tournament is for the common man, with entry fees of only $1000 pesos per boat, along with free food, great prizes and tons of fun!

Captain Juan Pablo Moll's Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report

I am happy to report that overall the fishing is good. It’s not the best October in history, but it’s far from the worst. Every Puerto Vallarta fishing charter has been successful for the last 3 weeks, with scattered tuna and lots of blue and black marlin, sailfish, snapper, and dorado.

It's All Happening Now, Fantasy Fishing Returns to PV, The Bite Is On
Stan Gabruk

Whenever you hear a fishing story about Puerto Vallarta, they are talking about this time of the year. If you are here in the Banderas Bay area by accident, it's a happy one. If you are here to hunt Monster Yellowfin, good timing!

Gulf Coast Counts on Tourism Boost From Newly Announced Fall Fishing Season for Red Snapper
Jay Reeves

The Gulf Coast's tourism industry is betting on red snapper to survive the winter. In an unusual move, the federal government is allowing fall fishing of the popular schooling snapper, a favorite for anglers who missed nearly an entire summer of saltwater fishing because of the BP oil spill.

Social Network for Boaters and Blue Water Cruisers Offers a Lifeline in a Maze of Forums and Blogs

A new social network give boaters and blue water cruisers a way to share their adventures with family, friends, and a whole slew of dreamers in ways that are not currently being offered.

The Billfish Foundation Encouraging Recreational Anglers and Boaters to be Voices in Gulf Restoration Plan
Pete Johnson

As the pending Gulf Restoration Plan is being produced The Billfish Foundation is encouraging recreational anglers and boaters, especially those in the Gulf states most affected by the April 20th oil disaster, to urge the US government to include the sportfishing segment in the plan.

High Season for Big Game Fishing Hits Vallarta Fishing Grounds, Pro Anglers Flock to Vallarta
Stan Gabruk

September begins the highest of sportfishing's high season in Puerto Vallarta. When it comes to Black Marlin, Monster Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado, Rooster Fish (and the impressive list goes on) the Banderas Bay area has you covered with plentiful and abundantly packed fishing grounds!

The IV International Marlin and Tuna Tournament in Riviera Nayarit - Another Success

Riviera Nayarit reports great fishing from the IV International Marlin and Tuna Tournament and many awesome fish stories as the anglers brought their catches to the dock. Tepic's Los Tolos team won in the Marlin category and the Ocho Columnas Team reeled in the winning tuna, weighing in at 104.5 lbs.

Sportfishing: Best Places to Get Reel in Mexico
Christine Delsol

Even tourists who don't know a rod from a reel are well aware whenever they come within 20 miles of the ocean that the country's fecund waters are teeming with sport fish.

Another Sportfishing Vessel Attacked Off Costa Rica
Pete Johnson

On Sunday August 1, at approximately 3 pm the Silver-Rod-O, a U.S. sportfishing vessel owned by TBF member Gary Carter, of Duluth, Ga., was assaulted by the Venezuelan flagged tuna purse seiner La Rosa Mistica while fishing approximately 15 miles off the coast of Garza, Costa Rica.

Anglers Hope To Break Records in Riviera Nayarit

The IV International Marlin and Tuna Tournament in Riviera Nayarit is offering almost $1.5 million pesos in prizes. The struggle to break the current weight record, set at 332.3 kilos for the marlin category and 176 kilos for the tuna category, will begin on August 12th.

Gator Feeding Frenzy Caught on Tape
FOX News

A Georgia fisherman caught hundreds of gators on video during a feeding frenzy. Experts say these frenzies are rarely seen by humans.

Captain Juan Pablo Moll's Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report

I am very happy to report that the fishing has improved greatly since my last report. The water is warmer, cleaner and we’ve had some action packed days. Not to mention things should just get better as the summer approaches.

Riviera Nayarit Is Being Promoted In Television Program "With Rod and Reel"

Con Caña y Carrete, a TV program specializing in sportfishing, devoted its Torneos de México (Mexico Tournaments) segment to Riviera Nayarit, inviting participants to the IV International Marlin and Tuna Fishing Tournament of Riviera Nayarit, which will take place from August 12-14, 2010.

Fish R Where You Find Them, You Won't Be Looking Long, Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing Takes Off!
Stan Gabruk

Now that we are in mid-July, sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta is improving daily! We are seeing the summer species of Yellowfin Tuna in the 100 lb plus range starting to roll into Corbeteña and El Banco. We're also seeing the Black Marlin and Sailfish becoming more abundant - and larger!

IGFA's Expedition Series Returning to Panama August 30th
Pete Johnson

Looking for a great fishing trip to 'billfish nirvana' led by four of recreational fishing's top names? Join the International Game Fish Association for a world class fishing adventure at the Tropic Star Lodge on Piñas Bay, Panama from August 30 - September 5, 2010.

Oil Spill Causing Trouble in Paradise for Hunters, Anglers, Guides
Kansas City Star

When Ryan Lambert sees thick, gooey oil roll ashore on waves from the Gulf of Mexico, he wonders how long the state known as the Sportsman's Paradise will live up to its name.

Riviera Nayarit's 4th Annual International Marlin & Tuna Tournament

Riviera Nayarit announces their upcoming 4th International Marlin & Tuna Sportfishing Tournament to be held at Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz from August 12-14, 2010. The fishing is always great and record catches have been taken during this tournament!

World Wide Fishing with Phil: Chuy's Broken Rod
Phil Kerr

The big Jacks are too much for the fly rod - watch as Cindy gets the big one.

Baseball Legends Go To Bat for Charity in Vallarta

Baseball legends Cy Young and Matt Young will join in the fun at the Fifth Annual Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Hook the Cure catch-and-release fishing tournament in Puerto Vallarta from October 21-24. The catch-and-release IGFA-qualifier has raised more than $1.3 million USD over the last four years.

Vallarta Fishing Experience: Fishing Parties in Puerto Vallarta, Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Summer Fishing Begins Now!
Stan Gabruk

We made it through May, always a transition month when it comes to fishing. The Memorial Day Holiday always marks the unofficial start of summer. Along with the warmer weather comes the warm water fish like Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Rooster Fish, Cubera Snappers, Amber Jacks and yes, Yellowfin Tuna.

Pirates Threaten Boats on US-Mexico Border Lake
Christopher Sherman

A lake that sits on the U.S.-Mexico border is fighting to protect its reputation as a world-class bass fishing destination since state authorities warned of pirates in its waters.

Bass Fishing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?
David Olvera

Well... almost! A one and half hour drive south will take you to Rancho Andrea, a hotel retreat and fishing camp on beautiful Lake Cajon de Peñas that offers visitors bird watching, hiking, water skiing, kayaking, and of course, Bass fishing.

Fifth Annual Hook the Cure Fishing Tournament Set for October to Benefit Cystic Fibrosis
PR Log

Anglers can make their cast count for cystic fibrosis at the upcoming Fifth Annual Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Hook the Cure catch-and-release fishing tournament, slated for October 21-24 in Puerto Vallarta.

Vallarta Fishing Experience: In Fish City, Spring is in the Air - and Summer is Around the Corner
Stan Gabruk

If you are looking to go Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta this summer, I suggest you start thinking about when you want to be here in Fish City! Mid-July to late October bring world-record sized Black & Blue Marlin, and from early July to December Yellowfin Tuna range from 60 lbs to over 250 lbs.

On the Water with Vallarta Fishing Experience Host Stan Gabruk
SF Productions

In this episode of Vallarta Fishing Experience, host Stan Gabruk takes us to the Second Annual Latin America Boat Show, which took place from March 11-15, 2010 at the Marina Riviera Nayarit in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit.

Vallarta Fishing Experience: Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing is on the Rise!
Stan Gabruk

As Spring marches along, we find the Dorado have started to make a return to the Banderas Bay area. Yellowfin Tuna Footballs are around the high spots as well, which means it can't be long before there are Billfish chasing them down! Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing is on the rise!

Vallarta Fishing Experience: First Early Season Marlin Boated, Water Temps Normal, Bay Fishing Explodes!
Stan Gabruk

We saw our first early season Blue Marlin the other day. It was caught at Corbeteña and in the 500 lb range. Sailfish are also moving into the area & there's plenty of bait in the water, so it looks like the planets are beginning to align and we may see the beginning of a normal fishing season!

Fantastic Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Ideally situated on Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta offers some of the best sportsfishing in the world. As one of the oldest fishing companies in Puerto Vallarta, Master Baiter's Sportfishing charters have the equipment, skills and knowledge to provide you with a great day of fishing.

Vallarta Fishing Experience: Yellowfin Tuna South of El Banco, Sailfish Moving into Area
Stan Gabruk

One thing people think of when they come to Puerto Vallarta is Sportfishing. Many people don't know that this area is considered one of the most productive fishing grounds in the world when it comes to Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Cubera Snappers, Rooster Fish and more!

Obama’s New Regulations Will Ban Sport Fishing
Jim Hoft

Barack Obama has a message for America’s 60,000,000 anglers – we don’t need you. The American Sportfishing Association reported back in October about the sweeping changes proposed by the Obama Administration in regards to the sport fishing industry.

Nautical Extravaganza: Latin America Boat Show

The Latin America Boat Show will be held for the second time in Mexico, from the 11th to 15th of March in Riviera Nayarit. The event will be held at Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz, showcasing more than 120 vessels and covering all segments and areas of interest for boating enthusiasts.

100 Percent of Fish in U.S. Streams Found Contaminated with Mercury

In a new study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), every single fish tested from 291 freshwater streams across the United States was found to be contaminated with mercury.

Vallarta Fishing Experience: Up Side Down Sportfishing Season
Stan Gabruk

Right now we are seeing water temperatures bordering on spring time equivalents. 78-81° F water temperatures are creating a vortex of sorts. The warm water fish have headed south for the winter, and the cold water fish are either deep or heading north in search of more comfortable temperatures.

Vallarta Fishing Experience: Yellowfin Footballs, Rooster Fish, Striped Marlin, They're All Here!
Stan Gabruk

These days trying to figure out what the next day's fishing conditions are going to be is almost impossible. One day you're boating fish at a supersonic pace, the next day you might think it was a day dream. Chasing fish where they were yesterday may or may not be a good way to plan for today.

Fishermen Rescue Whale on Banderas Bay
Jason Lavender

On fishing expedition late last month, Puerto Vallarta fishing guide Phil Kerr and a group of local fishermen assisted Navy marine ecologists in the rescue of a humpback whale that was entangled in a nylon fishing net floating in Banderas Bay. Jason Lavender tells us their story.

Vallarta Fishing Experience: Winter Season Fishing Explodes with Yellowfin Tuna, Rooster Fish!
Stan Gabruk

The nice thing about the present fishing conditions in Puerto Vallarta's Banderas Bay and surrounding fishing grounds is that you don't need anything fancy, complicated or too expensive. From a boat, from shore or from a rock jetty, you will catch fish - and they won't be trout, Amigos.

Vallarta Fishing Experience Heads Out to The Rock!
Stan Gabruk

In this episode of Vallarta Fishing Experience, host Stan Gabruk takes us thirty eight miles out from Marina Vallarta for a fabulous day of fishing at Corbeteña, considered one of the best fishing grounds in all of Mexico - and worth a mention on the world stage as well.

Kids Love Fishing in Puerto Vallarta
Adam Kerr

As part of our Vallarta for Kids video series, Adam and his Grandpa Phil take us to Los Muertos Beach Pier on the south side of Puerto Vallarta for an exciting day of fishing - one of his favorite adventures.

Abundance of a Look-Alike Species Clouds Population Status of a Million Dollar Fish
Ken Ma

The prized white marlin, sought by anglers in million dollar prize tournaments and captured incidentally in commercial fisheries, is among the most overfished marine species under international management and the subject of contentious debate on how to best achieve its recovery.

New Pirate of the Caribbean Invades from Pacific
Humberto Márquez

The red lionfish (Pterois volitans), a venomous coral reef fish from the Indian and western Pacific Oceans, has invaded the waters of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to wreak havoc on ecosystems, native fish populations and popular underwater diving areas.

Rare Fish Found on Los Muertos Beach
Phil Kerr

Last week, I received a call from one of my friends at the Los Muertos pier who told me that a fish had washed up on the beach and nobody knew what kind of fish it was - but it was rare...

World Wide Fishing with Phil - Hook the Cure
Precision Productions

Phil Kerr gives us a look at the Fourth Annual Hook the Cure Tournament, billed as the 'Ultimate Fishing, Golf and Spa Adventure,' which took place in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on November 6th & 7th 2009, and reeled in a whopping $450,000 NET for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

On the Water with Vallarta Fishing Experience Host Stan Gabruk
SF Productions

In this episode of Vallarta Fishing Experience, host Stan Gabruk shows us all of the hot fishing action and all of the excitement at the 54th Annual Puerto Vallarta Marlin & Sailfish Tournament, which took place at Marina Vallarta from November 11-14, 2009.

Boat Fire Sets Back Fishing Tournament
SF Productions

A fire aboard the C’est la Vie fishing yacht, a contender in the 54th Annual Puerto Vallarta Marlin & Sailfish Tournament postponed the weighing in on November 13, as competitor's boats were prevented from entering Marina Vallarta with their day's catch.

On the Water with Vallarta Fishing Experience
Stan Gabruk

El Banco continues to be the place to be for big fish. Marlin running in the 400 to 700 lb range have been hanging steady for the last couple of weeks and the Yellowfin Tuna have been running anywhere from 60 to 200 lbs. Corbeteña is also a hot spot with a host of fish just waiting for you!

Tagging Billfish for Science Leads to Great White Shark Research Adventure and Exciting TV Series
The Billfish Foundation

Avid billfish angler and TV outdoor fishing adventurer Chris Fischer never thought he'd actually be living a scene much like that from Jaws as he kneeled face-to-face handling a huge, live 4,600 pound great white shark.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Reels in $345,000 from Fishing Tournament

Catch-and-release fishing tourney took place this weekend in Puerto Vallarta and reeled in $345,000 NET for cystic fibrosis research. Festivities included a pre-tourney fiesta, concert by Chris Young, golf, dockside weigh-in and an awards gala.

On the Water with Vallarta Fishing Experience
Stan Gabruk

Another week passes and everything changes when it comes to currents and fishing conditions. The big surprise this week is the continued fishing explosion in the bay. Around Yelapa to Los Animas, just a few miles off shore, the Dorado are running large and Sailfish are here as well.

On the Water with Vallarta Fishing Experience Host Stan Gabruk
SF Productions

Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta is shifting into high gear, amigos, with some impressive fish coming off the boats in the Marina Vallarta. Finally, it's fish city at Corbeteña and El Banco. Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and yes, even Yellowfin Tuna, are biting bigtime.

La Cruz Fishing Tournament - Part 2
Precision Productions

In part two of Phil's coverage of the 3rd Annual Riviera Nayarit International Marlin & Tuna Fishing Tournament, which took place August 13-15, 2009, Phil goes fishing on the Incognito, talks with some of the winning anglers and gives us a glimpse of the awards ceremony

TBF Succeeds in Push of Vessel Monitoring System Mandate in Costa Rican Waters
Pete Johnson

New regulations enacted by INCOPESCA, the Costa Rican fisheries agency, will require electronic vessel monitoring systems (VMS) on all commercial vessels larger than 56 ft that operate in Costa Rican waters. The regulations do not apply to private and charter sportfishing vessels.

World Wide Fishing With Phil - La Cruz Fishing Tournament
Precision Productions

This year's tournament provided some rigorous competition as anglers from around the world vied for the $100,000 peso purse, given to the person who breaks the Tournament Marlin record.

Country Artist Chris Young to Entertain at Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser
Gary Green

Country recording artist Chris Young will lend a hand for cystic fibrosis at Hook the Cure, an IGFA-qualifying event and an official event of the Redbone Tournament Series, slated to take place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from November 5-8, 2009.

PVYAFCA: Vallarta Fishing Experience
Stan Gabruk

Vallarta Fishing Experience, a new online fishing show featuring some great "man vs. fish" video footage and tips on how and where you can catch the big ones on Banderas Bay, debuts on BanderasNews.

Geib's Monster Marlin Nabs 1st in Nayarit Sport Fishing Tournament
Roberta Rand

After three years of 'close but no cigar,' Chicago native Chris Geib took first place in the 3rd Annual Riviera Nayarit Marlin & Tuna Fishing Tournament, which took place at the Marina Riviera Nayarit in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle from August 13-15, 2009.

Phil's Fishing Report - Mid August
Phil Kerr

The fish are getting bigger and better this week. The Totoaba went on a 6 hour trip and managed to catch a 400 lb Black Marlin. They were back on the dock by 1 pm. This might seem almost impossible, but with a fast boat and a good captain, catching 400 lb. Black Marlin in a six hour trip is just another day on the Bay of Banderas.

3rd Annual Riviera Nayarit International Marlin & Tuna Fishing Tournament

Riviera Nayarit’s reputation as a world-class fishing destination continues to grow as the community gets ready for the 3rd Annual International Marlin & Tuna Fishing Tournament from August 13-15, 2009 at the Marina Riviera Nayarit in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

PVYAFCA: Fishing with Phil - July 21, 2009
... hosted by Phil Kerr

In this episode of the Fishing with Phil Show, we spend a great day on the Elissa with Rosa, Greg and Monty from REMAX real estate.

Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report July 20, 2009
Phil Kerr

If you are coming to Puerto Vallarta to do some serious Big Game Fishing these next 4 to 5 months are your best bet to ensure yourself a trophy fish. Fishing was a bit slow this week; however a few of the boats had successful charters, reeling in Sailfish, Dorado and Tuna.

Fishing With Phil: La Cruz Kids Fishing Tournament
Phil Kerr

In this episode of Fishing with Phil Show, Phil goes to the Marina in La Cruz to participate in the kids fishing tournament that is every year in June and there is a Kids fishing tournament in Puerto Vallarta as well that is a week prior to the La Cruz Kids fishing tournament.

Puerto Vallarta Video Fishing Report
Phil Kerr

With the water getting warmer, fishing in Puerto Vallarta is hot this month. We are already seeing lots of Tuna, Dorado and Rooster fish and are starting to see more and more Blue and Black Marlin. From this point on, we will see the season really start to take off all the way through December.

Sportsmans Paradise - A Visit to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Provides Deep Sea Glory
Tom Budniak

The village of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo has recently been revitalized as one of the most popular sport fishing destinations in Mexico.

PVYAFCA: Vallarta Video Fishing Report
Phil Kerr

The Puerto Vallarta Yachting and Fishing Charter Association is an energetic and forward-looking company using virtual tours as way of marketing charter boats, in the Puerto Vallarta area. Here's their report on the local fishing scene for Early June.

Fishing with Phil - Night Fishing For Squid
SF Productions

This week Phil goes night fishing for squid on The Office and The Cracker Jack, but things change as the Big Fish show up... do the crews have what it takes to land the Big One?

Costa Maya Mangroves are Heaven for Anglers
Chris Santella

The mangrove-enshrouded lakes and their inhabitants - snook, barracuda and snapper, in addition to the tarpon - are a phenomenon peculiar to Quintana Roo. Here, cenotes punctuate the limestone strata, granting access to underground rivers and caverns.

Mexico's Senators Applaud TBF's Efforts
Pete Johnson

A major conservation/sport fishing bill which, based on a multi-year socio-economic study by The Billfish Foundation is vital to Mexico's sport fishing and tourism industry, is moving through the federal legislature to protect billfish, dorado and other game fish from commercial harvesting.

Prudential Vallarta Agents Enjoy Catch and Release of the Day!
Marilyn Newman

Prudential Vallarta Agents Kym Raa González, Fernando Cruz and Hector González recently spent a great day of catch and release fishing just off of Punta Negra. Here's their story and some catch and release guidelines to ensure that future generations can also enjoy the thrill of fishing.

PVYAFCA: Vallarta Video Fishing Report
Phil Kerr

The Puerto Vallarta Yachting and Fishing Charter Association is an energetic and forward-looking company using virtual tours as way of marketing charter boats, in the Puerto Vallarta area. Here's their report on the local fishing scene for mid-May.

TBF's Economic Research Pays Off Again in Mexico
Pete Johnson

A move to strengthen fishing and conservation laws in Mexico's waters gained major support by all political parties late last week in a vote by members of the Congress of the Mexican State of Baja California Sur.

Hook the Cure: The Adventure Continues
Gary Green

What started as a fishing trip among friends continues this year as one of the most successful fundraisers for Cystic Fibrosis. The fourth annual Hook the Cure, billed as the 'Ultimate Fishing, Golf and Spa Adventure,' happens November 5-8 in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Fourth-Grader's Determination to Outfight Huge Marlin Paid Off
Ray Sasser

If Ernest Hemingway wrote about Travis Carter, the story might be called "The Young Boy and the Sea." As in Hemingway's classic tale, the dramatic opponent would be a huge marlin, but the updated story would have a happier ending.

TBF Helps Central America Sport Fishing
Pete Johnson

After nearly a year, all seven countries of Central America have approved an agreement with The Billfish Foundation to create a sustainable management plan for billfish and other popular game fish vital to growing sport fishing and tourism in the region.

Stripers Working the Puerto Vallarta Area
Jim Scherrer

During the past decade, Puerto Vallarta has exploded with growth which has brought with it every activity imaginable including about eight new championship style golf courses. Still, sport fishing, the original activity of Vallarta, remains one of its top draws and definitely of world class caliber.

Club Lobina Fishing Tournament
Rancho Andrea

To all the fishing fans, Club Lobina will have a fishing tournament from March 13-16, 2009. It will be at Lake Presa De Cajon de Peñas in Tomatlan Jalisco, an hour south of Puerto Vallarta. They will be giving more than $100,000 pesos in prizes.

A Fish Catching Miracle in Mexico
Bill Bell

Only in Mexico could an architect from Oregon build a bass fishing lodge as a means to fund an orphanage. David Sanders has done just that. He opened Fishinmission on the Santiago River Aguamilpa and donates 25% of the proceeds to the Casa de Niños orphanage in Tepic.

Interested in Deep Sea Fishing at its Best?
Jim Scherrer

With a perfect climate, a magnificent shoreline, and an abundance of world class game fish, Puerto Vallarta offers what many consider to be the best deep sea fishing in the world.

Mismaloya: Not Just Another Fish Story
Mike Sole

We have all heard the fish stories told by men coming back from their fishing trips, right? This one is no different, but has a bit of twist... it tells you where - and how - to spend a great day on your Puerto Vallarta vacation.

TBF's Cabo Study Generates Action in Mexican Senate
Pete Johnson

A recently released economic study commissioned by The Billfish Foundation (TBF) that revealed sport fishing spawns a billion dollar industry in Baja Sur, has caught the keen attention and responsive actions of two of Mexico's senators.

John Brownlee Named Chairman of The Billfish Foundation's Board of Trustees
Pete Johnson

Internationally respected marine journalist, editor and conservationist, John Brownlee has been named by The Billfish Foundation as chairman of its board of trustees.

New Book on Top 50 World Record Catches Captures the Imagination Too
Pete Johnson

Angling author Mike Rivkin has teamed up with watercolorist Flick Ford to create BIG: The 50 Greatest World Record Catches, combining Rivkin’s narrative skills with Ford’s uncanny ability to reproduce game fish in their entire lifelike splendor.

53rd International Sailfish and Marlin Tournament

Fishermen from Puerto Vallarta, around Mexico and all over the world are gearing up for the 53rd International Sailfish and Marlin Tournament, scheduled to take place in Marina Vallarta from November 12-15th, 2008.

Hook the Cure Fishing Tournament Nets $450,000 for Cystic Fibrosis Patient Care and Research
Gary Green

The third annual Redbone Tournament Series event, presented by BJ's Restaurants and IOTEC brought U.S. anglers to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for fun in the sun and exciting fishing - and reeled in a whopping $450,000 Net for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Rincón de Guayabitos: Gone Fishin'
Judy Slack

I came for the sunshine, the beach and the ocean air, but fell in love with Rincón de Guayabitos because it has so much more.

Threepeat for Big Oh at 2008 Super Slam
Rick Alvarez

After having won the 2007 Venezuelan International Super Slam, and the 14th annual International La Guaira Billfish Shootout in April of this year, Florida Team Big Oh, completed the "trifecta" at this year’s Venezuelan Super Slam.

Economic Impact of Sport Fishing in Los Cabos is Huge
Pete Johnson

In 2007 and 2008, a comprehensive study was conducted to estimate the dollars, jobs and tax revenues created by anglers in the Los Cabos region. The Billfish Foundation study shows sport fishing generates over a billion dollar a year in Baja Sur.

Bad News for Anglers and Game Fish in Mexico
Pete Thomas

Outposts has learned that Mexico has amended its controversial shark-fishing regulation (NOM-029) to allow a 30% rate of incidental bycatch to commercial longliners holding shark permits. What does this mean to anglers who enjoy traveling to destinations such as Cabo San Lucas and Baja California’s East Cape region?

Mexican "Fishing Mafia" Tagged for Three Illegal Catches
Pete Johnson

Community based enforcement efforts in Baja California Sur, Mexico, supported by The Billfish Foundation through the Center for Marine Protection and funded by FONMAR, have resulted in three recent seizures of vessels carrying multi-tons of illegally harvested dorado.

Bisbee/UjENA Fish Tournament Underway

Following Wednesday night's Captains' meeting at Marina Vallarta, the Bisbee Offshore UjENA Jam Tournament offers two days of hot babes and heated competition in a conservation minded, all-release billfish tournament.

Inaugural Offshore Shoot Out Anglers Cash in Tuna for Big Winnings!'s First Annual Offshore Shootout presented by, hosted on San Diego Bay over the August 23rd-24th weekend, was a huge success with 47 boats and 167 anglers competing for cash and prizes totaling over $35,000 USD.

IGFA Panama Fishing Expedition Filling Up
Pete Johnson

Three openings of the dozen limited slots are still available for the IGFA Expedition Series trip to Piñas Bay, Panama, an event described as the ultimate once-in-a lifetime sport fishing experience.

Collins Wins Third IGFA Inshore World Championship
Pete Johnson

Fresh from a team win in the IGFA Offshore World Championship, held in Cabo San Lucas Mexico in May, Robert Collins won the IGFA Inshore World Championship while defending his Grand Champion title accumulating the most points for five targeted species.

Former Champ Leads with 5-Fish Slam After Day 2 of the IGFA Inshore World Championship
Pete Johnson

On Day 2 of the IGFA Inshore World Championships, Joe "Pepe" Lopez of Coral Gables, Fla. became the leading angler by catching and releasing all five tournament species to complete his first slam towards regaining his 2006 grand champion title.

Keys Angler Sets the Pace in Day 1 of the IGFA Inshore World Championship
Pete Johnson

Local Keys angler John Timura is atop the leaderboard among 32 world class fly and light tackle champions, after releasing three snook and three redfish for 600 points after the first day of the IGFA Inshore World Championship, which runs through July 2.

Bisbee's Teams Up With UjENA Swimwear for Puerto Vallarta Offshore Tournament
Sport Fishing Magazine

Bisbee's, the producers of the world's richest fishing tournaments, has teamed up with the UjENA swimwear manufacturers to present the new Bisbee's Offshore UjENA Jam Tournament that will take place on August 27th to 29th in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

Big Fish and Bigger Jackpots Rule the 2nd Annual Yellowtail Shoot Out!
Vince Saint's 2nd Annual Yellowtail Shootout presented by was hosted on San Diego Bay over the June 21st and 22nd weekend. The event was a huge success with 109 boats and 374 anglers competing for cash and prizes totaling over $70,000.

Riviera Nayarit Int'l Fishing Tournament

With anglers from around the world vying to beat the Mexican Pacific Coast Marlin record set by Alejandro Herrera last year, the 2nd annual Riviera Nayarit Marlin and Tuna International Fishing Tournament promises some hot and heavy competition.

It's Time for Responsible Fishing
Myles Lineberger

I have seen some great changes in the fishing regulations in Latin America since the early 70's but we still have a long way to go. No one seems to understand that there will be no more fish to catch if we don't start fishing responsibly.

Business is Down, But the Office is Still Paradise
Ed Zieralski

It's been almost 30 years since John Ireland ventured to what for him and many Americans was a new and wondrous land. He remembers spending his first night on Baja's East Cape, sleeping on a stone porch carved into an abandoned resort that he bought and restored.

Lousy Salmon Causes an Upset
Tarjei Kidd Olsen

Sea lice from Norwegian-run salmon farms are killing off vital wild salmon stocks in Canada and Chile, according to a delegation that visited Oslo last week. It accuses Norway's government of complicity.

Eat Me Lures Becoming Popular in Fishing Circles
Henry Miller

A tournament fishing buddy and angling instructor for "Western Outdoors" magazine in Baja California, Kit McNear, was the one who first broached the idea of making saltwater lures several years ago.

Steady Fishing and Karma Helps USA Team Win 2008 IGFA Offshore World Championship
Pete Johnson

They held the same position - fourth place - the previous three days but the steady paced fishing of team members from Islamorada, Fla. USA, paid off in the end as they captured the title in the IGFA Offshore World Championship.

Croatia Jumps to Day Three Lead in Ninth Annual IGFA Offshore World Championship
Pete Johnson

Before the start of the day officials predicted there would be more billfish on Day Three of the IGFA Offshore World Championship. It was just that as teams from Croatia and Australia emerged from the back of the pack with double digit release figures to top the leaderboard.

Italy and Oman Teams Tied for Lead After Day Two of Ninth Annual IGFA Offshore World Championship
Pete Johnson

Two leading teams continued to find "the bite" in their pursuit of striped marlin as both, a team from Italy and one from the Sultanate of Oman, are tied for first place at the halfway point of the four-day IGFA Offshore World Championship.

Fishing Action Proves Hot for Italians in Day One of Ninth Annual IGFA Offshore World Championship
Pete Johnson

The bite was hot for two teams from Italy, as was the weather for all 63 teams, on Day One of the four-day IGFA Offshore World Championship, a prestigious billfishing tournament sponsored in part by the Secretaria de Turismo de Baja California Sur.

IGFA Partners with Florida Keys Outfitters to Produce Inshore World Championship
Pete Johnson

The "Super Bowl" of fly and light-tackle inshore fishing, the International Game Fish Association's Inshore World Championship stands to grow even more prestigious, thanks to a recently announced partnership with Florida Keys Outfitters. (Scheduled for July 7-9, 2009)

Charley Tuna Wished He'd Never Visited Vallarta!
Jim Scherrer

Puerto Vallarta boasts some of the finest deep sea fishing waters in the world; those found in Banderas Bay, an extension of a large canyon running from the Sierra Madre Occidentals, and in the ocean just outside of the bay.

Angling in Mexican Waters Made Easy
Phil Friedman

The Fisheries Department of the Mexican government announced last week that it was abolishing the requirement for vessels to have a Mexican license to fish in Mexican waters.

California Salmon Arriving in Record Low Numbers
Jane Kay

The Central Valley fall run of chinook salmon apparently has collapsed, portending sharp fishing restrictions and rising prices for consumers while providing further evidence that the state's water demands are causing widespread ecological damage.

Venezuelan Shootout Fishing Tournament
Rick Alvarez

Venezuela’s prestigious 14th Annual International La Guaira Billfish Shootout Tournament, a 3-day all-release team event under IGFA rules, is scheduled to take place from April 8th-13th, and promises to be one of the best ones yet.

Book on Baja Fishing is Informative, Delightful
Ed Zieralski

At a time when Baja officials are in the throes of a battle with organized crime, Tom Gatch has written a wonderful book about a place that always has delivered terrific adventures to many of us. His timing couldn't be better.

Illegal Fishing Endangers Species

Illegal trawlers fishing off the coast of India's eastern Orissa state have killed hundreds of endangered Olive Ridley turtles, a practice so routine that no action is being taken by the government.

IGFA Ends World Championship Tournaments
Pete Johnson

After almost a decade since the creation of its two world championship tournaments, the International Game Fish Association will end its direct participation and management of the competitive events concluding with its 2008 events.'s Tuna Shootout Results
PVNN's Second Annual Tuna Shootout was hosted at Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico over the August 17th to 19th weekend. The annual event drew 16 boats and 65 anglers competing for cash and prizes totaling over $21,000.

No Snipe Hunt for Lake Huites’ Big Bass Across the Border
Lynn Burkhead

Venturing into the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range in the Mexican state of Sinaola near the town of Choix, our south of the border angling quest earlier this year had us approaching the sparkling waters of 30,000 acre Lake Huites.

Banderas Bay Fishing & Bikini Tournament
Capt. Juan Pablo Moll

The Banderas Bay Big Game Fishing & Bikini Tournament, scheduled to take place in Puerto Vallarta Aug 29th-Sept 2nd, offers anglers hot competition, smoking bikini models, a professional photographer on every boat and over $200,000 USD in prizes.

Jumping Fish Plague Florida Region

Wildlife officials are struggling with a record pace of incidents involving jumping huge sturgeons hitting people in Florida.

Big Fish and Few Tourists, All Fun
Harry Harju

A lot of people think I'm crazy to go fishing in Mexico in June, but I fish in the Sea of Cortez and that's when the fishing gets best. Many of the fish are migratory and leave the Sea of Cortez for warmer water in winter, then return in April and May.

They Come to Find the Roosters
Pete Thomas

The wary predator emerges behind the boat, unfurling a tall and tattered dorsal fin. "Rooster!" a crewman yells, and the baiting game is on.

Permit 'The Most Challenging Fish in the World'
Susan Cocking

After flying from Fort Lauderdale to Cancun, Mexico, driving five hours south, passing through three military checkpoints and parking in the jungle eight miles north of the Belize border, I have learned my lesson: Permit are the same everywhere.

IGFA Offshore Championship: Day Three Results
Pete Johnson

A log jam has been created among seven teams from seven countries for the top position going into the fourth and final day of the eighth annual International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Offshore World Championship Tournament in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

IGFA Offshore Championship: Day Two Results
Pete Johnson

The lead changes in Day Two of the IGFA Offshore World Championship in Cabo San Lucas, with sixty-three teams from thirty countries vying for one of fishing's most prestigious offshore championship titles.

Local Team Takes Impressive Day One Lead in IGFA Offshore World Championship in Mexico
Pete Johnson

With a record eight marlin releases the Copa del Gobernador San Jose del Cabo team took the opening round lead over 62 other world class teams at the eighth annual International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Offshore Championship Tournament in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

IGFA Offshore World Championship Underway
Pete Johnson

Sixty-three teams from thirty countries are in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this week for the 8th annual IGFA Offshore World Championship, which has been called the most prestigious catch-and-release billfish tournament in the world.

New Regulation Threatens Sportfishing in Mexico
The Billfish Foundation

Despite strong opposition from The Billfish Foundation and scores of partners in Mexico, Mexican officials approved Regulation NOM-029 (Shark Norma). The following is an urgent message from The Billfish Foundation regarding elements of this regulation.

Mexican Lake Yields Bounty of Big Fish
Ray Sasser

One of the attractions to fishing in Mexico is that it's possible to catch 50 or more bass in a day. That's difficult to accomplish on American lakes where fishing pressure is much higher than in remote Mexico.

Do Dos From the 'Yak
Andrew Allen

Dorado are fast-growing fast-swimming eating machines. Few live beyond four years and most live only three years. The blunt-headed males grow faster than the females and in the most optimal conditions can attain 60 lbs. in a mere two years.

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