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Photographing the Wonders of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
professional photographer Larry Bennett

Welcome to the world of internationally acclaimed photographer Larry Bennett. Numerous publications of his exquisite work have him considered as one of the best wildlife photographers in Mexico and the United States, and we are proud to count him among the members of the Banderas News Team.

In his own words:

"I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to record history while traveling and photographing in six continents and 52 countries. I have authored numerous articles on the basics of photography and "how to tips" on photographing whales, eagles and wildlife in general. Enjoy my world through my lens."
- Larry Bennett, Aspen Photo Art

Here, Larry will share the photos he's taken in Puerto Vallarta and in & around Banderas Bay. To see more of Larry's award-winning work, "Like" and follow Aspen Photo Art Gallery on Facebook, or visit

•   B E L O W   T H E   F O L D   •

Photo Tip of the Week: Capturing the Colors of Fall
Larry Bennett

Letís talk about photographing trees. I know what youíre thinking, itís not a big deal to stand back, put the tree in your view finder and push the button. Wrong! All trees are beautiful and you can create some great images - if you use some basic principles of photography.

Photo Tip of the Week: Photographing Hummingbirds
Larry Bennett

As I was sitting on my porch watching some hummingbirds play, the wheels in my photographer's mind start to turn as I tried to figure out how I can take pictures of these little creatures that rarely stop and are faster then ice cream melting in Puerto Vallarta on a hot summer day.

Photo Tip of the Week: Photographing Banderas Bay's Sea Turtles
Larry Bennett

For the past three years I have volunteered and worked with Biologist Oscar Aranda Mena and his Olive Ridley Sea Turtles protection project. As a photographer, I originally got involved in hopes of capturing some good images - but the sea turtles captured my heart forever!

Photo Tip of the Week: ISO Basics - Part 2
Larry Bennett

This week we are continuing our discussion of ISO, and I'll also get around to telling you about the noise in your images and how to get rid of it. If itís been a while since you've read Part 1 of this series, I recommend that you re-read it before starting this week's.

Photo Tip of the Week: ISO Basics
Larry Bennett

We are in the final weeks of the photography triangle: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. In this week's article we will talk about ISO, which is the easiest of the three photography basics to grasp and apply, and what we will be discussing for the next two weeks.

Photo Tip of the Week: Shutter Speed - Part 2
Larry Bennett

Yes, just another day in Paradise, thatís one of my favorite sayings. I hope you have all had just another day/week in Paradise. We were discussing shutter speeds last week, so before you begin reading this week's article, you may want to re-read Part One of my Shutter Speed series.

Photo Tip of the Week: Shutter Speed
Larry Bennett

For those who are just starting to read my column, these are continuation pieces and it maybe in your best interest to check out my previous articles to see what youíve missed so far. In past discussions we learned some camera basics including F/Stop. Now let's talk about shutter speed.

Photo Tip of the Week: Learning F/Stop or Aperture - Part 2
Larry Bennett

This week, we continue addressing the F/Stop or aperture. Once we have taken the time to cover this subject very thoroughly, then we will address shutter speed, ISO, white balance, bracketing, lighting, flash, using a flash, and so on and so on in the coming weeks.

Photo Tip of the Week - Learning F/Stop or Aperture
Larry Bennett

I have been receiving many emails asking me to address the camera and photography basics. Well let's do just that. I plan to spend most of the summer looking at and talking about photography basics, starting with this week's article on F/Stop or aperture.

Photo Tip of the Week: Learning How To Photograph Fireworks - Part 2
Larry Bennett

This week's article will start off where last week's left off, talking about shooting images of fireworks. Remember, the 11th Annual Fireworks Symposium runs through April 24, 2009 in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Photo Tip of the Week: Learning How To Photograph Fireworks
Larry Bennett

With the 11th Annual Fireworks Symposium taking place April 20th-24th here in Puerto Vallarta, I thought this would be a great time to talk about photographing fireworks. I'll be covering this subject for two weeks, in hopes that these tips will help you shoot some fabulous fireworks.

Photo Tip of the Week: Some Fun Things About Street Photography
Larry Bennett

Where better than Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to shoot street images? Thereís always so much happening on the streets; we are one of the most diverse cities in the world with all nationalities, genders and dress represented, making street photography very interesting and lots of fun!

Photo Tip of the Week: Photographing the Banderas Bay Sailing Regatta - Part 2
Larry Bennett

In last week's article, we discussed many things that I do to capture images of the men, women and vessels as they sail across the water during the Banderas Bay Regatta. This week, we continue with a look at our equipment and some shooting tips.

Photo Tip of the Week: Photographing the Banderas Bay Sailing Regatta
Larry Bennett

Each year Puerto Vallarta hosts the Banderas Bay Sailing Regatta. The racing lasts for almost the entire week and fills our beautiful bay with sailing boats of all shapes, sizes, and colors - making it one of my favorite weeks on the bay!

Photo Tip of the Week: Photographing Humpback Whales in the Bay of Banderas - Q&A Follow-Up
Larry Bennett

I know many of my readers have found my Photographing Humpback Whales series a little confusing, so here are some answers to a few of the questions I have received over the past three weeks.

Photo Tip of the Week: RAW vs JPEG and Let's Look at Pixels
Larry Bennett

What are you going to do with your images? If you're shooting images for a family vacation, then JPEG is wonderful; if you're going to enlarge the images and sell them, RAW will most likely be your best bet.

Photo Tip of the Week: Shooting Whale Images
Larry Bennett

Want to learn how to shoot images of whales? Let's do some preparation before your guide yells 'WHALES!' This is when you will see why photographing a whale is both fun and frustrating...

Photo Tip of the Week: Photographing Humpback Whales
Larry Bennett

Photographing the mighty Humpback Whales are probably one of my biggest sources of frustration as a photographer - but if you have a little patience and wait a few minutes, those mighty creatures will blow and raise those mighty humps in the air.

Photography Tips of the Week - Photographing at the Beach
Larry Bennett

Few subjects make warmer memories than your vacation days on Banderas Bay beaches. And few subjects offer as many challenges. Here are some tips to make your Puerto Vallarta vacation photos something you'll be proud to show your friends back home.

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