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Back In the U.S.A. - But Still Keeping an Eye on Mexico
a profile of English professor and writer Allan Wall

Allan Wall, who recently moved back to the U.S. after living in Mexico for a decade and a half, continues writing articles about various aspects of Mexico and Mexican society.

Living in Mexico was a life-changing experience, and Allan felt that he had integrated into Mexican society more than many, maybe most, Americans who reside south of the border.
Allan Wall resided in Mexico for a decade and a half, where he worked as an English teacher in various schools and at various levels. Living in Mexico was a life-changing experience, and Allan felt that he had integrated into Mexican society more than many, maybe most, Americans who reside south of the border.

He associated with various sectors and socioeconomic levels of Mexican society: with the rich, the poor, the middle class, campesinos, laborers, professionals, Catholics, Protestants, Secularists, etc. He has lived in what many Americans would consider a Mexican slum, traveled extensively in Mexico, and taught a Bible class (in Spanish) at the church he attended.

In 1996, Allan married Lilia, a Mexican citizen, who was a high school science teacher. Lilia and Allan have two bilingual sons, David (9) and Raphael (6). While residing in Mexico they enjoyed traveling to different parts of the country.

While residing in Mexico, Allan was also a member of the Texas Army National Guard, traveling to Texas for monthly drills. In 2004, his unit was called up to go to Iraq, where he spent most of 2005. In Iraq, Allan was stationed at Tallil Air Base, which contains within its security perimeter the ancient city of Ur, home of Abraham. During his tour in Iraq, Allan carried out various assignments, including security missions, working with Iraqi civilians, and serving as a liaison with the Italian Army.

After his 2005 tour of duty in Iraq, Allan returned to Mexico, and resumed writing articles and teaching

Topics in Allan's articles include the contemporary Mexican political scene, history and culture, tourism, and Mexican emigration as viewed from south of the border.

Allan enjoys hearing from readers. His email address is and his website is located at

Christmas in Mexico
Allan Wall

It's that time of year again - Christmas in Mexico. Mexican Christmas customs are an eclectic mixture of the old and the new, including elements from Europe, elements developed in Mexico, and, in recent years, elements borrowed from the USA.

Revolution Centennial Celebrated in Mexico City
Allan Wall

On November 20th, 2010, Mexico City, being the center of the Mexican political world, was the scene of several commemorations of the Revolution.

Celebrating the Centennial of Mexico's Revolution
Allan Wall

November 20, 2010 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution, a period of change for the people of Mexico - and a time for all Mexican citizens to remember and enjoy the freedom that was brought about by Mexico's revolutionaries.

Do Mexicans Celebrate Halloween?
Allan Wall

Do Mexicans celebrate Halloween? Should they? Does Halloween have anything to do with the November 2nd celebration known as 'Day of the Dead'? At this time of year these issues are discussed, raising questions and controversies over Mexican identity, heritage, religion and commerce.

Chile Rescues its Miners, Mexico Recalls its Tragedy
Allan Wall

Who can fail to be inspired by the recent rescue of 33 trapped miners in the South American nation of Chile? It was a story with a happy ending that captivated the world.

Mexico's Diario Editorial Appeals to Narcos - and the Mexican Government
Allan Wall

The Mexican drug cartel war drags on. According to Universal, Mexico’s paper of record, as of September 25th there were 8,083 narco killings thus far in 2010. A recent editorial by a Mexican newspaper raised the ire of the Mexican government as it publicly dealt with this issue in a new manner.

Mexico's 2010 Independence & Revolution Festivities
Allan Wall

The entire calendar year of 2010 is considered a Bicentennial/Centennial year, the Bicentennial of Independence and the Centennial of the Revolution. There are over 700 activities being held to commemorate this dual anniversary.

Happy Bicentennial/Centennial, Mexico!
Allan Wall

Mexican Independence Day has almost arrived and this year it’s a special anniversary. The year 2010 marks the dual Bicentennial (200-year anniversary) of Mexican Independence and the Centennial (100-year anniversary) of the Mexican Revolution.

Celebrating Mexico’s Bicentennial/Centennial
Allan Wall

It’s 2010, and Mexico is celebrating its dual bicentennial/centennial. The Mexican government has been planning the festivities for the past four years. The pace is picking up now since the actual anniversaries take place within the next few months.

Mexican Supreme Court Advances Gay Marriage Agenda
Allan Wall

The issue of gay marriage continues to be a contentious one in Western countries, and Mexico is no exception. Recent decisions handed down by the Mexican Supreme Court have greatly advanced the gay marriage agenda. But it's still controversial and there is still opposition.

Mexican Prison Doubles as Hotel for Cartel Hitmen
Allan Wall

Putting criminals in jail might seem like a good way to fight crime, but in Mexico even that is debatable. The country's prisons are infested with internal crime, drug use, bad treatment and corruption.

Mexico Doesn't Win, But World Cup is Full of Surprises
Allan Wall

Every four years, the World Cup of Soccer is held, and every four years hope springs anew in Mexico that the Mexican national team might win. Mexican television runs hours of coverage of the World Cup. This year it was in South Africa and lasted one month, from June 11th to July 11th.

Getting Profiled, Staying Safe and the World Cup - A Visit to Mexico
Allan Wall

I resided for a decade and a half in Mexico, where I met and married my wife. Recently I was offered a job in the US and moved back. However, since my wife is from Mexico we have already made several visits to Mexico and plan to continue. So I currently write from Mexico, where we are visiting.

Mexican Lorena Ochoa, World's #1 Woman Golfer, Retires
Allan Wall

On May 2nd, 2010, Lorena Ochoa, the world's top-rated woman golfer, played her last pro tournament and retired from the game, at the age of 28. She gracefully bowed out of a successful career as the highest rated Mexican golfer (of either gender) in history.

Celebrating Easter (La Pascua) in Mexico
Allan Wall

Each spring, Christians around the world celebrate Easter, memorializing the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Mexico, the Easter holidays are a two-week celebration, combining Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Pascua (Resurrection Sunday until the following Saturday).

With All of its Mystique, See Pancho Villa's Last Saddle
Allan Wall

Of all the personages involved in the Mexican Revolution (the second decade of the twentieth Century), Pancho Villa is the most well-known to Americans. Of course he’s also quite famous in Mexico where he is included in the official history as a revolutionary hero. Nevertheless, the legacy of Pancho Villa is a controversial one.

And the Violence Continues in Mexico
Allan Wall

The narco-cartel violence continues unabated in Mexico, in fact, it's going from bad to worse. Universal, Mexico's paper of record, reported that, as of February 3rd, 2010, the death count in the drug wars had already passed 1000. On average, that's a killing every 48 minutes.

World's Biggest Christmas Tree and Bionacimiento Enliven Christmas in Mexico's Capital
Allan Wall

Besides the usual sights to see, visitors to Mexico City this Christmas season have the opportunity to see two great Christmas-related tourist attractions - the world's largest artificial Christmas tree and a 'bionacimiento'.

Mexican Revolution Day 2009
Allan Wall

Mexico has a number of fiestas patrias, and the one coming up next is the November 20th celebration of the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. Well, it's called November 20th, although it's now officially celebrated on the third Monday of November, which is today, so happy Mexican Revolution Day!

Mexico, Norman Borlaug and the Green Revolution
Allan Wall

Last month saw the passing of Norman Borlaug, a man whose work changed the world. It has been calculated that Borlaug's work (much of it carried out in Mexico) headed off a world famine and saved a billion lives worldwide.

'Viva Mexico,' the Cry that Led a People to Independence
Allan Wall

Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated in the month of September, on the 16th (and the previous night). This is surprising to many Americans, who think Cinco de Mayo (May the 5th) is Mexican Independence Day. Not only is Cinco de Mayo not Independence Day, it’s not even a very important holiday in Mexico.

Mexican Politicians Seek the Lost Island of Bermeja
Allan Wall

The Mexican Congress has discussed various issues within the past few years. One of those issues is the whereabouts of the lost island of Bermeja. Mexican lawmakers have been seeking this island, but nobody can find it. So why does this make a difference? It has to do with oil.

Honduras Dispute Spills Over Into Mexico
Allan Wall

On June 28th, 2009, Honduras President Jose Manuel Zelaya was arrested by the military and expelled from the country. On June 29th, Mexican President Felipe Calderon jumped on the pro-Zelaya bandwagon, but is it really in Mexico's interests to get involved in Honduran politics?

Mexican Navy Participates in UNITAS Gold '09
Allan Wall

UNITAS Gold 50-09, a multi-national naval exercise hosted by the US Navy, is underway off the coast of Florida. Participating navies include those of Canada, Brazil, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, and for the first time as a full participant, Mexico.

Joint Forces Command, Medina Mora and the Mexican Cartel War
Allan Wall

Will the drug cartel related violence in Mexico ever let up? In 2008, there were 6,290 people killed in drug cartel-related violence. And in just January and February of 2009 alone, 1,113 were killed.

The Latest Round of the US-Mexico Soccer Rivalry
Allan Wall

For those of our American readers who aren't aware of it, the U.S. and Mexico just played a big soccer game on February 11th. It was big news in Mexico. For Mexicans, to beat the U.S. in the U.S. has become almost a sick obsession.

Christmastime in Mexico
Allan Wall

It's that time of year again - Christmas in Mexico. Mexican Christmas customs are an eclectic mixture of the old and the new, including elements from Europe, elements developed in Mexico, and, in recent years, elements borrowed from the U.S.A.

Calderon After Two Years and the Mexican Auto Industry
Allan Wall

On December 1st, 2008, Felipe Calderon completed his second year as president of Mexico. It's been an eventful two years for Calderon and for Mexico. Despite the odds against him, the Mexican president has racked up a few accomplishments.

The Mexican Revolution and Its Legacy
Allan Wall

A nation and its people need shared historical experiences. Annual commemorations of national festivals help to reinforce a nation's historical identity. In Mexico, Revolution Day, November 20th, is one such civic observance.

Will Calderon's Drug Decriminalization Proposal Improve the Situation in Mexico?
Allan Wall

The carnage in Mexico's drug war continues, with over 3,300 dead thus far in 2008. In the midst of it all, President Felipe Calderon has proposed the decriminalization of drugs (in small amounts,) in order to separate the problem of drug addiction from that of drug dealing.

The 2008 Summer Olympic Medal Counts
Allan Wall

The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics have ended. The medal count was dominated by the U.S. and host country China, which is not surprising. After all, China is the world’s most populous nation and the U.S. is the third most populated.

The Olympic Games and Attendant Struggles
Allan Wall

It's that time again, that special time that rolls around every four years - the Olympics. It's that great sportsfest in which all the world puts aside politics and cheers on the noble athletes coming together. Well, that's the idea.

Searching for Paradigms and Parallels in Mexico's Cartel War
Allan Wall

There's more bad news here in Mexico, as the casualties in the drug cartel wars continue to mount. According to a July 18th calculation by the Reforma newspaper, the narco-related body count had surpassed 2,300.

Mexican Drug Cartels and the Halls of Higher Learning
Allan Wall

Mexico has a very extensive university system, in the hopes that higher education will contribute to the economic growth of the country. A recent report indicated that Mexico's narco industry is also taking advantage of Mexican universities.

Will Calderon and La Maestra Reform Mexican Education?
Allan Wall

I personally work in education in Mexico, where I have taught for 15 years. It’s a noble profession. But, I have to admit, it’s also a profession which is particularly prone to quackery, charlatanism, and crackpot utopian fads that just make things worse for students while enriching those who promote them.

Is Mexico's Drug War a Civil War?
Allan Wall

The ongoing struggle between the Mexican government and the drug cartels is a war. It's not a conventional war in the classic imagination, of two armies facing each other on a large plain. But then, most wars today aren't like that anyway.

Miscellaneous Mexican Matters Including, (But Not Limited To) Toxicology, Archaeology and a Jailed Burro
Allan Wall

In the Mexican professional soccer championships, the Guerreros of Club Santos Laguna were victorious. The INAH announced that they've located the Casas Nuevas Palace of Montezuma, and a donkey called "Blacky" was jailed for three days in Chiapas...

Mexico Contributes to the Narnia Movies
Allan Wall

Contemporary big-budget movies, with their legions of actors, artists, technicians and other contributors, only a fraction of whom are seen onscreen, are International collaborations. "Prince Caspian" was no exception.

In Mexico, Body Count Continues to Mount
Allan Wall

On May 23rd, 2008, Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora announced that, in calendar year 2008 thus far, killings linked to organized crime and drug trafficking have increased 47% over those in 2007.

An Unwelcome Former President Returns to Mexico
Allan Wall

In the midst of all Mexico's other problems, including the PEMEX debate and the ongoing drug war carnage, who should choose this time to return to Mexico, but former president Carlos Salinas.

Mexico Celebrates Cinco de Mayo
Allan Wall

Cinco de Mayo is the holiday celebrating the Mexican victory over the French army on May the 5th, 1862, east of Mexico City, where the city of Puebla holds a big annual celebration on the anniversary of the battle.

An Enraged AMLO Says He Is "The Movement"
Allan Wall

The dispute over the future of PEMEX has entered a new phase. Lopez Obrador claims that he fights the PEMEX reform proposal for the good of the nation, but his egotism and dictatorial methods are counter-productive to his cause.

Will PEMEX be Reformed After All?
Allan Wall

Mexico's petroleum industry is in a real bind. There may be a lot more oil in Mexico's territorial waters, but its oil monopoly PEMEX (Pétroleos Mexicanos) doesn't have the funds or expertise to exploit it.

Players in Mexico's Upcoming PEMEX Debate
Allan Wall

The Mexican government is gearing up for a big debate over PEMEX, the Mexican state oil monopoly. Who are the players in this upcoming debate, and what are they likely to do?

Mexican Biodiversity - 6 Species in Peril
Allan Wall

Home to over 200,000 species, Mexico's collection of flora and fauna makes it the world's 11th most biologically diverse country. But, as everywhere, there are conservation problems in Mexico that put various species in peril of extinction.

Celebrating Easter in Mexico
Allan Wall

Each spring, the major branches of Christendom memorialize the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mexico has a variety of traditional Easter customs with a diversity of traditions linked to particular regions and cities.

Mexico’s Ten Billionaires (According to the Forbes List)
Allan Wall

In Mexico, a country in which about half the population lives under the poverty line, where the per capita income is less than US$7,000.00, Forbes lists ten billionaires. Let’s take a brief look at each.

Must Mexico Be Self-Sufficient in Corn?
Allan Wall

Mexico is no longer self-sufficient in corn production, and this is seen by many as an outrage. After all, corn was domesticated here and has been cultivated for millennia, and is still a staple food of contemporary Mexican society.

What is PEMEX, and Where is it Going?
Allan Wall

Mexico's state oil monopoly, PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos), is protected from competition in Mexico, where it enjoys a legal monopoly on the exploration, processing and sale of petroleum. Its privileged status in national mythology affords it a certain immunity from criticism.

Democrats Troll for the Dual Citizen Vote — in Mexico
Allan Wall

American citizenship is a desirable commodity in Mexican society. It’s not that all these would-be “Americans” are yearning to transform themselves or their children from being Mexicans. No, they want the benefits of American citizenship, as an ace in the hole for the future.

Will Mexico 'Smoke Out' its Smokers?
Allan Wall

On February 21st, the Mexican Senate is scheduled to vote on an anti-tobacco measure which, if it becomes law, would severely restrict public smoking nationwide.

Soccer and Football in the News in Mexico
Allan Wall

The Mexican national soccer team recently traveled to Houston, Texas. There, in Reliant Stadium, el Tri encountered the U.S. national soccer team in a friendly match officiated by head referee Carlos Batres, of Guatemala. The teams tied 2-2.

Comparing and Contrasting the U.S. and Mexican Constitutions
Allan Wall

February 5th is Mexican Constitution Day, commemorating the day it was signed - February 5th, 1917. However, nowadays, the official observance is on the first Monday in February, which in 2008 is February 4th.

Mexico's New Interior Minister
Allan Wall

On January 16th, Francisco Ramirez Acuna stepped down as Secretario de Gobernación and was replaced by Jose Camilo Mourino. In Mexico, the Interior Minister is the president's chief negotiator with Congress, political parties and state governors.

The Tequila Express
Allan Wall

On a visit to the Guadalajara area, my family and I were able to visit a real Tequila processing plant on a hacienda, where a tourist can see the entire process. It's just one of the many fascinating tourist destinations one can enjoy in Mexico.

Mexico 2007 - The Year in Review
Allan Wall

The year 2007 A.D. is over, making it an opportune time to look back, review what happened in Mexico and speculate as to what might be in store for the new year. Whatever happens, it can't fail to be interesting, so stay tuned to Banderas News in 2008!

Is Mexico Ready for a Flood of Corn and Beans?
Allan Wall

January 1st, 2008 is the scheduled date for the abolition of all tariffs on corn, beans, milk and sugar entering Mexico from the US. Many fear that a flood of agricultural imports will drive even more Mexican farmers out of business.

Christmas Time in Mexico
Allan Wall

It's that time of year again - Christmas in Mexico. Mexican Christmas customs are an eclectic mixture of the old and the new, including elements from Europe, elements developed in Mexico, and, in recent years, elements borrowed from the USA.

Death of "Cannibal Poet" Highlights Crisis in Mexican Prisons
Allan Wall

On December 11th, Jose Luis Calva Zepeda, the "Cannibal Poet," was found hanged in his cell in a crowded Mexico City prison. Aside from ending a morbid and grisly saga, the Calva case highlights serious problems in the Mexican prison system.

Is Mexico's Carlos Slim Really the World's Richest Man?
Allan Wall

Mexican mega-magnate Carlos Slim is the owner of Teléfonos de México, the Telmex/Telcel/América Movil telecoms empire, and many other businesses under the umbrella of his Grupo Carso. But is Carlos Slim also the richest man in the world?

Mexico's Flagship University Gets a New Leader
Allan Wall

On November 20th, 2007, Dr. Jose Narro Robles was inaugurated as the new president of Mexico's Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, known by the acronym UNAM.

Will Cloning Change Bullfighting?
Allan Wall

The bullfight is a famous facet of Mexican culture. Now, with the announcement of the first-known cloning of a fighting bull, the corrida de toros tradition moves into the world of contemporary genetic manipulation.

Mexico's Centennial/Bicentenial Just Three Years Away
Allan Wall

Just 3 years from now, in 2010, Mexico is slated to commemorate, in the same year, the Centennial of the Revolution and the Bicentennial of the Independence movement - or what became the independence movement.

Politicizing Mexico's Natural Disaster
Allan Wall

The reconstruction work ahead in Tabasco is enormous, and looks to be expensive. Mexicans in the rest of the country have been generous, sending food and supplies. So, amidst all this Mexican solidarity, politics have been cast aside, right? Well, no, not entirely.

Do Mexicans Celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead?
Allan Wall

Do Mexicans celebrate Halloween? Should they? At this time of year these issues are discussed, raising questions and controversies over Mexican identity, heritage, religion and commerce.

Are Mexican Soldiers Aiding Drug Smugglers on the Border?
Allan Wall

Among the many problems on the US-Mexico border is that of reported Mexican military incursions onto the US side of the border. These incidents raise disturbing questions about US-Mexican relations and the two nations' wars on the drug cartels.

Madrazo - Mexico's Marathon Man
Allan Wall

"The Fastest Man of Mexico." That's what Germany's "Berliner Zeitung" newspaper mockingly called Roberto Madrazo, the 55-year old Mexican politician who recently won - and is being disqualified from - a marathon in Berlin, Germany.

The "Queen of the Pacific" and Other Mexican Narco Women
Allan Wall

When you think of a Mexican drug smuggler, cartel operative or drug baron, what is your mental image? Surely not Sandra Avila Beltran, who resembles a middle class Mexican mother or businesswoman, one you might see any day of the week.

Former President Fox Is Not Going Away
Allan Wall

Vicente Fox stepped down as president of Mexico ten months ago, but he is not going away. For good or bad, the former president continues to be a frequent subject of the Mexican media.

Mexican Fiscal and Electoral Reforms Move Forward
Allan Wall

After months of hoopla and horse trading, the Mexican Congress has finally approved reforms in fiscal policy and electoral law. The passage of these reforms demonstrates the necessity of negotiations in the Mexican Congress.

September 16th - Mexican Independence Day
Allan Wall

Every nation needs symbols, traditions and celebrations, to affirm its identity and pass its traditions to the next generation. That’s why national holidays are important. One of the most popular Mexican patriotic holidays is Independence Day.

A Mexican Miscellany that Goes Beyond the News
Allan Wall

In a country as large and diverse as Mexico there are all sorts of things other than political wrangling and drug violence for the media to cover, and many stories that run somewhat "under the radar screen" are also of interest to Mexico news watchers.

Maneuvering for State of the Union Address
Allan Wall

On September 1st, as required by law and custom, the president of Mexico delivers his "Informe Presidencial," the Mexican State of the Union address. Though it hasn't yet been held, this year's informe is already fraught with controversy.

Intransigence and Incompetence at the PRD Circus
Allan Wall

Is the PRD (Party of the Democratic Revolution) a modern leftist party that is capable of governing Mexico? Judging from its latest party convention, its Congreso Nacional, the answer would be a big fat "No."

"Plan Mexico" - the New "Plan Colombia"?
Allan Wall

Current negotiations between the U.S. and Mexican governments may lead to some major U.S. aid package for Mexico in its war against the drug cartels. In fact, it may amount to a Mexican version of “Plan Colombia.”

Soriana – A Mexican Success Story
Allan Wall

The Mexican economy has a good many success stories, and it’s good to point them out and see what we can learn from them. One such example is Soriana, a 100% Mexican-owned retail department store chain that competes head on with Wal-Mart.

Tourist Guides - Let the Buyer Beware?
Allan Wall

Francisco Madrid, an official with SECTUR, Mexico’s tourist bureaucracy, recently announced that Mexico lacks qualified tourist guides, saying that for every 27,000 tourists there is only one guide who complies with the rules established by SECTUR.

Mexico’s Debate Over Values
Allan Wall

Disagreement over gay marriage? Arguing over sex education? Fighting over abortion in the court and Congress? Are we talking about the United States? We could be, but nowadays we could also be talking about Mexico.

Human Sacrifice and a New Discovery
Allan Wall

Mexico's wealth of pre-Hispanic archaeological sites are sometimes discovered by accident. In 1978, workers in Mexico City accidentally discovered the "Templo Mayor" Aztec temple. In 2007, another accidental discovery revealed a gruesome example of child human sacrifice.

Races of Mexico and the Mexican Genome
Allan Wall

A friend of mine was visiting in Europe, and there encountered a white tourist. Upon finding she was from Mexico, my friend blurted out “But you don’t look like a Mexican!” So what does a Mexican look like?

The Amnesty Defeat and Mexican Politics
Allan Wall

Last week's defeat of the Bush-Kennedy Immigration Bill in the U.S. Senate beautifully coincides with the ongoing negotiations over Mexican fiscal reform, which is very important for the future of Mexico and its economic development.

Fiscal Reform in Mexico: What are the Prospects?
Allan Wall

President Felipe Calderon has sent his long-awaited fiscal reform proposal to the Mexican Congress, and negotiations have begun. But this is not like the old days of the one-party state, when the Congress was a rubber stamp for the executive.

Mexican “Telenovelas” a Big Hit in China
Allan Wall

What’s a telenovela? It’s a type of series produced in Mexico and other Latin American countries. The closest equivalent in the United States to a telenovela is the soap opera. There’s a big difference though, between the two.

Mexican Emigration Versus Economic Development
Allan Wall

Each year Mexicans in the United States send billions of dollars in remittances back to Mexico. Remittances have become (after petroleum) the second highest legal source of income for Mexico. But are these billions of dollars really helping Mexico?

The Army, the Police and an Interesting Poll
Allan Wall

The Mexican Army continues its operations at a high tempo, as President Calderon continues the war against the drug cartels. Is this a good idea? Is the Mexican military the proper tool to use against the cartels? Some critics say no.

World Bank Diagnoses Mexican Economic Problems
Allan Wall

Economic growth in Mexico is in just about everybody's interests. Though the fundamentals of the Mexican economy are solid, a greater dynamism that would provide more and better-paying jobs seems to elude the country's economy.

President Felipe Calderon and the PRI in Mexico
Allan Wall

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has now completed his first five months in office, and it’s been anything but a vacation. As nobody can deny, the challenges Calderon and Mexico face are enormous.

Cinco de Mayo – What’s It All About?
Allan Wall

Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for “May the 5th,” celebrates the victory of the Mexican army, commanded by General Ignacio Zaragoza, over the French army on May the 5th, 1862. A number of legends have grown up around this famous battle.

Mexico Must Encourage an Entrepreneurial Culture
Allan Wall

At the outset, the entrepreneur does not know whether his venture will succeed or fail. But when it does succeed, it creates more jobs for his fellow citizens, which is what Mexico sorely needs.

Would Legal Drugs End Cartel Violence in Mexico?
Allan Wall

The Mexican war on drugs continues. In a recent international summit in Campeche, Mexico, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe pledged to work together to fight the drug cartels.

Slim Makes Underwhelming Contribution to Mexico
Allan Wall

Each year, Forbes magazine publishes a list of the world’s billionaires. The 2007 list is headed up by Bill Gates, who is worth US$56 billion, followed up by investor Warren Buffet, at US$52 billion. But do you know who the world’s third-richest man is?

Will Mexico’s Drug Cartel Violence Ever Stop?
Allan Wall

The Mexican war on drugs continues. In a recent international summit in Campeche, Mexico, Mexican President Calderon and Colombian president Alvaro Uribe pledged to work together to fight the drug cartels.

The Cold, the Cartels and Cantarell
Allan Wall

Is Mexico perpetually sunny, bathed in continual sun? Certainly it’s warmer than the United States, but it is definitely possible to be cold in Mexico.

Mexico’s “Meritorious” President and His Legacy
Allan Wall

In the gallery of Mexican historical heroes, none loom larger than Benito Juarez. His birthday (March 21) is a national holiday in Mexico, and to make a three-day weekend out of it schools and government offices are closed on the 3rd Monday of March, which this year falls today.

The Mexican Army and its Controversial New Rifle
Allan Wall

The massive military parade held on Mexican Independence Day (September 16) is an annual tradition. In September of 2006, it provided the opportunity to showcase Mexico’s new FX-05 “Xiuhcoatl” assault rifle.

“Racist” Apocalypto Opens In Latin America
Allan Wall

“Apocalypto” is, above all, an action movie. Although historical fiction in an exotic locale, it still follows the basic canons of an action movie, and the jungle chase scene is a cinematic tour de force.

Does Mexico Really Own the US Southwest?
Allan Wall

The average American doesn’t know much about the Mexican War and thinks about it less. But here in Mexico they do think about it a lot. In Mexico, everybody knows that "the U.S. took half our national territory."

Mexico: In the Crossfire of the Drug Cartels
Allan Wall

A Mexican congressman shot, and hundreds of families evicted from their homes. It was another week in the Mexican War on Drugs, and indicative that President Calderon’s war on the cartels has a tough road ahead.

On Its Day, a Look at the Mexican Constitution
Allan Wall

The U.S. Constitution was designed for a limited-government republic. In contrast, the Mexican Constitution of 1917 was designed for an activist state, entrusted with granting social justice to its citizens. Its social guarantees are pointed to with pride.

Can Calderon Boost Mexico’s Tourism Industry?
Allan Wall

One of Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s promises is to stimulate the tourist industry, a great strategy insofar as tourism is already important to the Mexican economy. In fact some regions depend upon it.

How Mexican President Calderon Kept His Word
Allan Wall

Mexican Inauguration Day was looking to be a real disaster — but it turned into a triumph for Mexico’s new president, and hopefully for Mexico.

Will Calderon also be Obsessed with Mexican Emigration?
Allan Wall

Will Felipe Calderon, scheduled to become Mexico’s president on December 1st, be as obsessed with emigration as President Vicente Fox has been for six years?

Mexican Magnates Make More Money
Allan Wall

By world standards Mexico is not that poor but compared to the United States it is. About half the country lives below the poverty line. It’s not because there’s no money here in Mexico. There’s a lot.

Mexico's Anti-Israeli Chutzpah
Allan Wall

Most of the world ignored it, but Mexico and Israel recently had a diplomatic tiff. Their exchange raises some interesting questions about U.S.-Mexican diplomatic relations.

Mexican Races Coming Down to the Wire
Allan Wall

The Mexican presidential election is down to its last week. It’s a tight one, but it looks more and more like Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) of the PRD will be the winner.

So How Far to the Left is AMLO of Mexico?
Allan Wall

Is Mexico’s Party of the Democratic Revolution, the PRD, presidential candidate Andres Manual Lopez Obrador (AMLO) a menace? Might his election be a threat to the United States?

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