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Monolingualism Can Be Cured
a profile of columnist Domenico Maceri

While not a Puerto Vallarta resident, Domenico Maceri is a professor of Romance languages at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria California, who's understanding of languages and cultures has made him one of our readers' favorite columnists.

A Professor of Romance languages, columnist Domenico Maceri is a published author and columnist who contributes to International publications, including BanderasNews.
Domenico Maceri was born in Italy where he received his early training in languages. When he was fifteen, he moved with his family to the US, knowing only a few words of English.

After graduating from Cliffside Park High School in New Jersey, he continued his studies in languages and literatures at Jersey City State College in New Jersey. At Jersey City State College he completed a BA in French with minors in Italian and Spanish.

He later completed a master’s degree at UCLA where he also taught Italian. He did more graduate studies in Spanish and French at California State University in Northridge, and later completed a PhD in Comparative Literature (Italian, French, and Spanish) at the University of California in Santa Barbara.

He is the author of a book on Pirandello, one on Spanish grammar, and another on Italian grammar. He has also published a number of articles which appeared in World Literature Today, Italian Quarterly, Hispania, Teacher Magazine, Mosaic, Italian Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Hispanic Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, L’Unità, Vista Magazine, The Washington Times, La Opinión, The Japan Times, Language Magazine, and elsewhere.

His Italian-language column is published by Opinione delle Libertà (Rome) and often appears in other Italian newspapers in the US and Canada. He is professor of Romance languages at Allan Hancock College, in Santa Maria, CA. He teaches classes onsite and online. He is the only college instructor in California to teach both first and second year Italian courses online.

Domenico lives in San Luis Obispo, CA, with his wife Linda and their two kids Angelo and Lucia. He drives a Toyota Tercel with a bumper sticker that says “Monolingualism Can Be Cured.”
Legal & Illegal Immigration: A Winning Hand for Trump?
Domenico Maceri -

Everyone remembers the way Trump began his presidential campaign in 2015, attacking undocumented immigrants, accusing them of being criminals. Now, the 45th president of the United States has signaled that he wants to go even further, striking legal immigrants.

World Cup: Nationalistic Feelings - Beyond the Soccer Field
Domenico Maceri -

It's difficult to predict who will take home the World Cup trophy this year. One country, though, has already won. As the host country, Russia will be the focus not only of significant media attention, but of political legitimacy as well. Vladimir Putin, by hosting the games, has already won.

Opinion: John Kelly Fails English and History
Domenico Maceri -

'They don't speak English. They don't integrate well.' This is how John Kelly described his reasons for blocking Mexican immigrants from coming into the US. In truth, immigrants learn enough English to make it in America, providing the base for their kids to integrate fully and live the dream.

Opinion: Trump's Tiny Heart and DACA's Repeal
Domenico Maceri -

In the presidential campaign, Trump said many times that DACA was illegal and once in office he would repeal it. After eight months at the White House, the 45th president kept his promise. Trump, however, did not do so personally, leaving the task to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Donald Trump's Alternative Reality on Immigration
Domenico Maceri -

America is a country of immigrants but Trump's harsh rhetoric during the campaign and in his administration paints a picture which immigrants do not recognize. If you listen to Trump, you'd think that everyone is after us and we must focus all our energy on protecting ourselves.

Senator Tim Kaine's Español: Not Just Empty Palabras
Domenico Maceri

Even using a limited Spanish can be beneficial in any situation. Just like the patient feels a bit better upon hearing the doctor saying a mere 'buenos días,' Latino voters appreciate it when a politician, like Democratic vice presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine, addresses them in their language.

Opinion: Trump's Tax Return Our Business?
Domenico Maceri

Donald Trump's reluctance to release his tax returns is consistent with his changing positions. When Mitt Romney, the GOP standard-bearer in 2012, was reluctant to disclose his tax returns, Trump encouraged him to do so. It's another story now.

Opinion: From Illegal Aliens to Human Beings
Domenico Maceri

When I first came to the United States in the late 1960's, I carried a green card officially labeled 'alien registration card.' Not knowing English, the word 'alien' meant nothing to me. Now I find the term inaccurate and also deeply offensive.

Do Undocumented Workers Pay Taxes? You Bet They Do
Domenico Maceri

'Do you think an illegal immigrant getting money is going to pay taxes?' Donald Trump's rhetorical question tried to confirm the myth that undocumented workers pay no taxes. He is wrong, of course. A study found that unauthorized immigrants in the US pay billions of dollars to the treasury.

Opinion: Trump's Wall is Full of Holes
Domenico Maceri

Donald Trump recently gave the Washington Post some details about his plan to build a wall along the Mexican border and force Mexico to pay for it. His goal would be to seal the border and stop illegal immigration. As with many of his half-baked ideas, Trump's plan is full of holes.

Will Angry Latino Voters Deny Trump the Presidency?
Domenico Maceri

As soon as Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, the Republican establishment realized that winning future elections required more minority groups' support and particularly Latino votes. The GOP primary so far seems to have forgotten that plan.

The Pope and Illegal Immigration
Domenico Maceri

I don't care if you're infallible or not. It's bad manners. That's how Lou Dobbs, the anchor of Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN, described the comments Pope Benedict XVI made on immigration during the Pontiff's recent visit to the United States.

US Deports Parents of Dead Soldiers
Domenico Maceri

Three years after U.S. Army Private Armando Soriano, 20, died fighting in Haditha, Iraq, his father is facing deportation. Soriano is now buried in Houston, Tex., his hometown, where his parents, undocumented workers from Mexico, are currently living.

Population Decrease: Solution to Illegal Immigration?
Domenico Maceri

In the 60’s Italians emigrated to other countries in search of jobs. Today, due to population changes, people from other countries are looking for work in Italy. Will the same thing happen to Mexico in the near future, solving the immigration “problem” the U.S. faces?

Immigration Laws: Federal or Local?
Domenico Maceri

Although a 1976 Supreme Court decision made clear that immigration is the “exclusive” power of the federal government, some local communities feel they have no choice but creating their own laws.

Immigration Reform: Waiting Until Next Time
Domenico Maceri

Although undocumented workers “lost” in the failed attempt at immigration reform, they in fact may have gained since the bill was not that immigrant friendly, but certainly much better than the nasty Congress bill of 2005.

USA: Bilingual or Multilingual?
Domenico Maceri

Multilingualism reflects the energy of America which in spite of all its problems continues to attract people from all over the world. Once America achieves full monolingualism it will mean immigration has ended. America’s decline will therefore begin.

Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants?
Domenico Maceri

Undocumented workers living in the US typically stay away from doctors and hospitals for fear that the information they provide will be used to deport them. Yet, in spite of their precarious residential status, undocumented workers have basic rights which include some form of healthcare.

Universal Health: The Republican Plan
Domenico Maceri

Steve Burd, president and CEO of Safeway supermarkets, is leading a coalition of 36 American companies to launch a political campaign to control healthcare costs but at the same time to cover all Californians.

Illegal Immigrants Pay Taxes
Domenico Maceri

“We want your money whether you are here legally or not,” stated recently Mark W. Everson, the commissioner of the I.R.S. The myth is that undocumented workers don’t pay taxes, but in fact they do so, voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily.

An Italian-American for President?
Domenico Maceri

If Giuliani manages to win the GOP nomination, we could have the first Italian-American residing in the White House. But before taking his case to all to Americans, he’ll have to win the Republican nomination.

Capitalism: When Workers are Objects
Domenico Maceri

After twenty years of working for Circuit City in Roanoke, Virginia, Bobby Young was fired. He was not the only one. Three other workers were fired in Oxnard, CA. Their ages were 57, 59 and 66 - all senior employees who were making too much money.

Richardson: El Presidente USA?
Domenico Maceri

Although members of minority groups have run for president of the U.S., their chances of winning the White House were always very small. In the 2008 election it is going to be different since several candidates belonging to “disadvantaged” groups are serious contenders.

Illegal Workers or Convicts?
Domenico Maceri

After having passed some of the toughest laws against illegal immigration, some Colorado officials are beginning to have second thoughts about them because fearful workers are leaving the state. As a result, Colorado farmers don’t have enough people to pick their crops.

California’s Primary: Toward a National Election?
Domenico Maceri

Only five nations in the world had a GDP larger than California in 2005. The latest figures suggest that the state still has a strong economy which could easily rival that of many western European nations such as Italy, Spain, Russia, and even France.

U.S. Citizen, Illegal Mother
Domenico Maceri

Asked if he wants to live in Mexico, Saul said “no.” Why would he? Seven-year old Saul was born in the U.S. and his friends and his school are in Chicago. So is his mom. Except that she is an illegal immigrant who has received deportation orders.

Edwards: The True Democratic Candidate?
Domenico Maceri

John Edwards became wealthy with his work as a lawyer in personal injury cases fighting against insurance companies. Edwards was not afraid of going after the legal eagles of corporations. It seems that he will pick up his David-vs.-Goliath role in the presidential election.

More Immigration, Less Crime?
Domenico Maceri

Is it true that immigrants are causing crime to rise in the US? A recent study by Robert Sampson of Harvard University found the number of violent criminal acts among Mexican-Americans is much lower than that of other ethnic groups - including whites.

Schwarzenegger: Anti-Immigrant?
Domenico Maceri

“Those comments are disturbing to many of us,” stated Arnoldo Torres, who worked in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reelection campaign last year. Torres was referring to the California governor’s remarks on immigration and Mexicans which were made public by the Los Angeles Times.

America’s Languages: Tower of Babel or Asset?
Domenico Maceri

Forty-seven million residents of the US speak a language other than English at home, according to figures of the US Census. That’s one in five Americans - and a serious problem for Americans who believe in the concept "one language, one country."

Schwarzenegger: Veering Left?
Domenico Maceri

John Garamendi introduced the governor of California with the adjective "courageous." Garamendi, a Democrat, the newly-elected lieutenant governor of the Golden State was of course talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, who was also reelected in the November election.

Healthcare for All Americans?
Domenico Maceri

It is estimated that 47 million Americans do not have health insurance. But people in the US are beginning to talk about healthcare as a right for everyone - instead of a privilege reserved only for those who can afford it.

You Can’t Abuse Immigrants
Domenico Maceri

“Hopefully this sends a message that you can’t point a gun at little kids,” stated Ronald Morales, referring to a jury’s verdict which convicted Roger Barnett of threatening a hunting party that he took for illegal immigrants with an assault rifle.

Illegal Children or U.S. Citizens?
Domenico Maceri

“By virtue of being born in the United States, a child is a U.S. citizen. What more proof does the federal government need?” asked S. Kimberly Belshe, secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency. Belshe was questioning the new federal policy which states that children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants with low incomes no longer qualify automatically for health insurance through Medicaid.

Switzerland: Too Many Languages?
Domenico Maceri

Unlike some other countries which try to stick to one language, the presence of several languages in the country has not prevented the Swiss from establishing a strong economy and a high standard of living for its citizens. The Swiss, in fact, have used their multilingualism and multiculturalism as a strength.

Barack Obama: An African-American for President?
Domenico Maceri

Speaking on international affairs is a requirement for a potential presidential candidate. And Barack Obama may be one. If he were elected, Obama, a charismatic politician, would be America's first African-American president.

A Living Wage?
Domenico Maceri

“Sí se puede” chanted the hotel workers in a recent meeting at the Los Angeles City Council. Workers were applauding the council’s vote, which will require hotels near Los Angeles International Airport to pay a “living wage” of at least $10.64 an hour.

Bush Speaks Latinos’ Language
Domenico Maceri

“Quiero sus botas” (I want your boots) said George W. Bush to a group of Latinos in the presidential election of 2000. Bush meant to say “votos” (votes) instead of “botas,” his mistake reflecting a weak knowledge of the Spanish language.

Immigration Reform: Finally?
Domenico Maceri

Now that Democrats have regained control of Congress, President George Bush will have to compromise in the last two years of his term. One area where compromise won’t be necessary is immigration reform.

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