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Founder of Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Buyers' Agents
a profile of Jim Scherrer

Jim Scherrer, a Houston entrepreneur who retired to Vallarta ten years ago, shares his experiences with other baby boomers who are considering Retirement in Mexico.
Jim Scherrer is a retired entreprenuer from Houston with an engineering degree and business background.

As a result of owning property in Vallarta for more than 25 years and living here as a permanent resident since 1997, Jim recognized the Banderas Bay area's obvious need for a real estate firm that would act in the best interest of foreign buyers, so he founded Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Buyers’ Agents (PVREBA.)

As the name implies, PVREBA is a real estate company that takes a revolutionary approach to the Puerto Vallarta real estate market by exclusively serving the needs of North American buyers.

Members of the PVREBA team are all well educated, experienced, retired North Americans who have resided in Vallarta for many years and want to share their knowledge and experience with other North American baby boomers who are considering retiring south of the border.

PVREBA's goal is to introduce North Americans to Vallarta, show them properties that meet their needs and budgets and, in the event that they find their dream retirement residence, assist them through the foreign buying process.

Acting exclusively as a buyer's agent, PVREBA has no listings and nothing to sell. Since the company's ultimate objective is to share a piece of Paradise with fellow North Americans, there is absolutely no charge to the buyer for their services - all payments to PVREBA are made by the property listing agents.

Jim utilizes his experiences and extensive knowledge of the Banderas Bay area to write informative and entertaining articles regarding travel to and retirement in Vallarta. His mission is to dispel any and all misconceptions about living in Mexico and to update retiring North Americans as to the many changes that have occurred and continue to occur in and around Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

PVREBA's main office is near downtown Puerto Vallarta at Paseo de las Conchas Chinas #135. For more information, visit or call (322) 221-5414 in Mexico or 1-800-525-1743 Toll Free from the US.
Global Warming? Not in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!
Jim Scherrer

Those of us that have lived in Puerto Vallarta for many years agree, the fall and early winter of 2010 was the coldest we’ve witnessed. However, these consistently below average temperatures in PV haven’t seemed to have had much affect on tourists; they are back in full force this year.

Christmas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jim Scherrer

There are a few things obviously missing in Puerto Vallarta during this season of celebration. Beautiful snow covered pine trees and deep snow drifts for Santa's sled are nowhere to be found; of course, they were probably also lacking 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem!

Hollywood and the Oscars Come to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jim Scherrer

Since the filming of 'The Night of the Iguana' in 1964, Puerto Vallarta has been a favorite vacation destination for Hollywood celebrities. This past week was no exception, as Lori Anderson-Scherrer hosted her annual Oscar party with Hollywood's Diane Mountford among the distinguished guests.

Real Estate Speculators in Puerto Vallarta See Silver Lining
Jim Scherrer

It's a buyer's market in PV that we've never before witnessed and will probably not see again in the future. There are currently thousands of incredible finished condos available at rock bottom prices.

The Facts Concerning Violent Crimes Committed Against US Tourists in Mexico
Jim Scherrer

Since shocking and misleading headlines such as 'Mexico the Most Dangerous Country for Americans' are designed to be attention grabbing, tourists that read such nonsense must understand the facts and not be frightened by ridiculous fear tactics put forth by those with ulterior motives.

Dangerous Living in Mexico?
Jim Scherrer

Have you heard the horror stories about traveling through Mexico? Worst yet, can you imagine living there? Well, being the adventurous and courageous retirees that we are, in 1997 we bought a beautiful new mountainside villa overlooking Banderas Bay and downtown in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Christmas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jim Scherrer

With perfect weather, beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants, very hospitable, gentle, and courteous English speaking locals, clean water and food, safety and security a major priority, and activities galore, you'll not have a Merrier Christmas than in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Escape From America Without Leaving America
Jim Scherrer

Typically, when we think of escaping from America, we're referring to Americans emigrating from the United States to some other locale. With the current depressing state of the economy, there are numerous reasons why US citizens are more interested than ever in retiring in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Expert Says End of 2009 will be Defined by Low Prices

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate expert Jim Scherrer points out that, while sales are low at the moment, there are a lot of condos in the Banderas Bay area being offered at significantly lowered prices, and there's a high level of interest from the international market.

Attention Canadians: The Time is Now and the Place is Mexico!
Jim Scherrer

The time has never been better for Canadians to explore the opportunities that exist in Mexico today. In terms of Canadian dollars, you can expect to find incredible condos at 30-35% lower prices than just a year ago and your cost of living will be 20-25% less than it was a year ago.

Mexican Stocks, Silver and Real Estate - A Ten Year Review
Jim Scherrer

Who knows; as you’re relaxing in your beach front condo on the Mexican Riviera, perhaps your investments in Mexico will gain enough over the next couple of years to recover what you’ve lost during the past decade!

Boomers May Soon Overcome Top Objection to Retirement in Mexico
Jim Scherrer

With high quality medical care readily available in Vallarta, the cost of it, even though at a fraction of the cost in the US, can be a deciding factor when considering retirement in Mexico. But it looks as if Medicare may be available in Mexico in the not too distant future.

How to Make Your Kids Happy - Buy Real Estate in Mexico!
Jim Scherrer

Experts agree that spending more quality time with your children is one of the key factors to raising psychologically healthy and happy kids. Can you think of a better place to enjoy the kids and grandkids than in a beautiful new condo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

Retirement in Puerto Vallarta - What Makes Banderas Bay So Special?
Jim Scherrer

What makes Banderas Bay so special? Aside from a handful of beautiful little secluded beaches south of Mismaloya, accessible only by boat, virtually all of the 30 miles of Banderas Bay beaches lie within a 35 mile strip of land that is available for purchasing by foreigners.

The World’s Only Natural Island Green in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jim Scherrer

If you golfers want to have the time of your life, bring your sticks to Puerto Vallarta, where you’ll find nine incredible courses to play. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to include the unforgettable #3b hole at Pacifico; the hole with the world’s only natural island green.

Investing South of the Border
Jim Scherrer

Those of us that have been fortunate enough to be invested in Mexico during the past decade have fared very well. Even though we’ve felt the impact of the financial downturn during the past couple of years, our Mexican stocks and Mexican properties have more than doubled in value while those in the US have lagged well behind.

The Three Eyed Iguanas of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jim Scherrer

If you want to have a little fun, just ask your friends what has three eyes, two penises, and never sweats: the iguanas of enchanting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

A Buyer’s Market in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jim Scherrer

Having owned property in Vallarta for more than a quarter of a century, we can emphatically state that we’ve never seen a better time to buy property along the Mexican Riviera and seriously doubt that we’ll ever see it again during our lifetime.

Where Exactly is Margaritaville?
Jim Scherrer

Where exactly was Jimmy Buffett when he got wasted away, searchin' for his lost shaker of salt? He was probably in Mexico because he picked up a new tattoo; a real cutie, a Mexican beauty! It must have been a pretty nice place in Mexico because even though he didn't know the reason, he stayed there all season!

Pre-Boomer Lifestyle on the Mexican Riviera
Jim Scherrer

If you're a Baby Boomer and haven't yet lost all of your money in your 401k or IRA, it's not too late; come on down to Puerto Vallarta and join the Pre-Boomers. The luckiest of the Luckiest Generation are truly living 'La Dolce Vita' or the sweet life in this part of the Mexican Riviera!

The Sea Turtles of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jim Scherrer

Sea turtles are very intelligent creatures of nature; they continue coming to Puerto Vallarta regardless of the swine flu scare, the border town drug wars, or the global recession! In fact, they are a lot like savvy tourists; once they’ve been to Vallarta, they keep coming back!

The Loonie has Strengthened for Seven Consecutive Years in Mexico
Jim Scherrer

Canada's loonie has steadily increased in strength versus the peso every year for seven consecutive years. Armed with this little known or commonly overlooked currency conversion data, Canadians should feel wealthier than ever when considering visiting or retiring in Mexico.

The Magnificent Sand Sculptures of Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

Like many beautiful resort destinations, Puerto Vallarta has attracted a large artist colony. Artists displaying oil paintings, watercolors, charcoals, and even spray paintings are all along the Malecón, while others create incredible sand sculptures directly behind them on the beach.

A Buyer's Market South of the Border - Real Estate Foreclosures in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jim Scherrer

Because the US has been recently hit so hard financially and Banderas Bay area developers have overbuilt, Puerto Vallarta is a true buyer's market. There are 1000's of new condos currently on the market in PV and with interest rates at an all time low, the time to buy will never be better.

Grotesque Stranglers Living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jim Scherrer

Invariably, when tourists visit Puerto Vallarta, they inquire about the flora and fauna they encounter in the Banderas Bay area. So we decided to do a little research so as not to seem so oblivious to the natural beauty surrounding us.

Stripers Working the Puerto Vallarta Area
Jim Scherrer

During the past decade, Puerto Vallarta has exploded with growth which has brought with it every activity imaginable including about eight new championship style golf courses. Still, sport fishing, the original activity of Vallarta, remains one of its top draws and definitely of world class caliber.

An Example of Nature´s Beauty in Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

With the perfect climate, incredible scenery, and fun to be had, perhaps bird watching is just a good excuse for scheduling your next vacation to Vallarta!

Retirement on the Mexican Riviera
Jim Scherrer

The Mexican Riviera consists of more than 1,000 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline on the western side of Mexico stretching all the way from Ensenada in Baja California to Puerto Escondido and Huatulco in the state of Oaxaca.

Interested in Deep Sea Fishing at its Best?
Jim Scherrer

With a perfect climate, a magnificent shoreline, and an abundance of world class game fish, Puerto Vallarta offers what many consider to be the best deep sea fishing in the world.

Had Enough of the Frigid Weather?
Jim Scherrer

Although there are many similarities between US Midwestern cities and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico the differences are substantial; so much so, as to create a steady stream of retirees heading south of the border!

Retirement on the Mexican Riviera: More Than a Thousand Miles of Paradise
Jim Scherrer

Whether you arrive via one of the 300 Mexican Riviera cruises or by one of the 50 daily flights, you really ought to consider Puerto Vallarta on the Mexican Riviera for your retirement residence.

Bargains Galore! 25% Discount on Everything in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jim Scherrer

The effects of the global financial crisis are finally being felt in Puerto Vallarta. However, for US visitors and those of us living here that are still holding a few US Dollars, almost all goods and services in Mexico just went on sale!

History of Sport Resulting in Sudden Death Near Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

There have been numerous ruins excavated in Mexico that clearly reveal a Mesoamerican ball game history dating back to 1600 BC. Some of these Mesoamerican ruins are approximately 100 miles east of Puerto Vallarta in the state of Jalisco.

World Class Fire Opals Mined Near Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

One of the two largest sites for mining the Mexican fire opal, which just so happens to be the "national gemstone of Mexico," is located near Magdalena, Jalisco; a small city located approximately 100 miles east of Puerto Vallarta.

Ten Year Performance of the Mexican Stock Market
Jim Sherrer

The PAN party, led first by President Fox and currently by President Calderon, both Harvard graduates, has brought Mexico from a Third World Country to a Newly Industrialized Country (NIC) standing in a matter of eight short years.

The Last of the Obsidian Artifacts in Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

Obsidian is located in a number of regions throughout the world; basically anywhere there is a volcano in the vicinity of water. In Mexico, the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt extends from Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Can't Afford to Live in Malibu?
Jim Scherrer

Perhaps you can't afford to live in Malibu, but if you can afford to drive to Malibu read on - you are about to be introduced to Puerto Vallarta, where you can enjoy a paradisiacal lifestyle equal to or better than Malibu - at a fraction of the cost!

Mariachi: The Heart and Soul of Mexico
Jim Scherrer

Mariachis, quite obviously the heart and soul of Mexico to anyone that has traveled South of the border, are often seen and heard in Puerto Vallarta cantinas and restaurants, or roving around the city's beachfront Malecón and public parks.

Puerto Vallarta & Lake Tahoe - The Best of Both Worlds
Jim Scherrer

For those of you fortunate baby boomers wondering what to do with the rest of your life and where to do it, we suggest that you seriously consider this combination of retirement areas; Puerto Vallarta during the winter and Lake Tahoe for the summer.

Just Hangin' Around Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

With the hustle and bustle of today's life, many of us never take the time to stop and smell the flowers, let alone closely observe the wildlife around us. However, that's not the case for those of us fortunate enough to be living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Why Are All Of Puerto Vallarta's Bougainvillea Flowers White?
Jim Scherrer

It's almost impossible to go anywhere in Vallarta without seeing bougainvilleas growing profusely. They are everywhere along the roadside, on the Sierra Madre hillsides, in every Vallarta neighborhood and around all public areas of interest.

Revolutionary Prostate Cancer Treatment Comes To Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

While in the lobby of San Javier a couple weeks ago, we met a group of doctors, nurses, and assistants from the US who travel to PV on a monthly basis, spending three days at San Javier practicing a revolutionary prostate cancer treatment.

Charley Tuna Wished He'd Never Visited Vallarta!
Jim Scherrer

Puerto Vallarta boasts some of the finest deep sea fishing waters in the world; those found in Banderas Bay, an extension of a large canyon running from the Sierra Madre Occidentals, and in the ocean just outside of the bay.

What's Up with the Crane Invasion of Puerto Vallarta?
Jim Scherrer

It's not quite equal to Dubai or Shanghai, but nevertheless the skyline of Puerto Vallarta is dotted with tower cranes evidencing the explosive growth and progress along the Mexican Riviera.

What do Mecca, Mandalay and Puerto Vallarta Have in Common?
Jim Scherrer

What do Mecca and Mandalay have in common with Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? Well, it just so happens that they all lie on or very near the 21st parallel north, which means these cities enjoy ideal climates every year from November through May.

What's Going on South of the Border?
Jim Scherrer

Attention, Baby Boomers! Don't be late for the party! If you haven't noticed what's going on south of the border, but have only heard about illegal immigration north of the border, the following may prove to be quite awakening and informative.

Retirement in Puerto Vallarta - Stranded in the Third World?
Jim Scherrer

With the thousands of houses and condos currently under construction, the totally new city infrastructure, and the future ten year building plan underway, Puerto Vallarta is no longer a developing economy; it’s a booming economy!

Retirement in Puerto Vallarta - Ready to Live in Luxury?
Jim Scherrer

After a lifetime of hard work, isn’t it about time that you enjoy the fruit of your labor? When you are ready to start living like a king you’ll find the retirement destination of your dreams at an affordable price in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Learn Something in Your Spare Time in Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

Now that you’ve finally retired and have some free time, perhaps you might be interested in learning some things that you previously never had time to learn. Chances are, no matter what your area of interest might be, there are retirees in Vallarta that possess expertise in that area and are willing and anxious to share it.

Have You Seen the Burseraceae Family in Puerto Vallarta?
Jim Scherrer

Most all of the 350,000 residents of Vallarta are familiar with the Burseraceae family, however the majority of visitors to the area are oblivious to their existence.

Have You Seen Puerto Vallarta's Green Flashes?
Jim Scherrer

Perhaps you're among those fortunate enough to have witnessed a green flash at the instant the sun sets; however for most, they've only heard of the phenomenon. One such area for viewing the green flashes is Puerto Vallarta.

Think You’re a Savvy Investor?
Jim Scherrer

We have lived in Puerto Vallarta for ten years and have witnessed the changes and growth firsthand. As the economy has boomed, unemployment in Vallarta has been virtually eradicated while the population has almost doubled, prices for materials, labor, and land have tripled, and of course, real estate prices have also tripled.

Live in Mexico for $5 a Day?
Jim Scherrer

Mexico on $5 a day? Sure, not a problem if you can survive on two cervezas during the day and sleep in a tent pitched on the beach at night. The reasons why we've lived in Vallarta for ten years have very little to do with the cost of living.

How Are Gringos Treated in Mexico?
Jim Scherrer

Not all tourists that visit Mexico are treated the same. For example, those that come to traffic or use illegal drugs are treated rather harshly in Mexico. On the other hand, as normal law abiding folks, we have always been treated like family.

Cruising to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jim Scherrer

Puerto Vallarta, has become one of the most popular tourist resorts in the world. Because it is located along the Mexican Riviera on the Pacific Ocean, many of these tourists arrive by boat; some on large cruise ships, others in private yachts.

Effect of the Union en Cuale Company on Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

Thanks in part to the Union en Cuale Company, Puerto Vallarta has become the world-class retirement haven and resort destination that it is today; a Paradise that has grown from 1,000 to 350,000 inhabitants in a mere century.

What Makes Puerto Vallarta Quaint?
Jim Scherrer

Perhaps Vallarta is no longer a sleepy little Mexican fishing village, but due to its abundance of granite cobblestone streets, it does retain its status as being one of the most beautifully quaint resort destinations in the world.

Discovering the Treasure of the Sierra Madres
Jim Scherrer

Though the movie tells a story about a couple of down-and-out Americans who join up with a crusty old-timer to prospect for gold in Mexico, the real Treasure of the Sierra Madres is the hills themselves - and the real estate contained therein.

The Most Popular Fruit in the World
Jim Scherrer

Although mangoes are still considered to be exotic fruits in America, ranking as number 24 of the top 25 fruits consumed in the US, they are considered to be staples in India, South Asia, China, and Latin America; often being referred to as "the king of the fruits."

Want to Golf All Winter?
Jim Scherrer

Are you tired of shoveling snow, scraping windshields, and wading through slush throughout the winter? Would you prefer having the ability to play golf everyday this winter? If so, you should consider Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Retirement in Vallarta - Condo or Villa?
Jim Scherrer

Once you have determined that Puerto Vallarta will be your full time or part time retirement destination, you'll need to start considering which is most appropriate for you, a condominium or a villa.

Looking for the Best Place in the World to Retire?
Jim Scherrer

With International Living's Annual Global Retirement Index ranking Mexico as the world's top retirement haven and Conde Nast naming Vallarta the world's friendliest resort, it's no wonder that so many retirees have migrated to Puerto Vallarta.

How Far Will the Strong Canadian Dollar Go in Mexico Today?
Jim Scherrer

Of the nearly 50,000 North Americans in Vallarta, we estimate that 30-40% of them are Canadians. This percentage will surely increase as the Canadian dollar strengthens and the US real estate prices and the US dollar weaken.

How Do You Get to Paradise?
Jim Scherrer

Paradise, as defined by some dictionaries and religions, is heaven or any environment that is ultimately pleasurable. We can’t help you get to heaven; however we can give you some good tips on getting to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

PV Offers Deep Sea Fishing at its Best
Jim Scherrer

With a perfect climate, a magnificent shoreline, and an abundance of world class game fish, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico offers what many consider to be some of the best deep sea fishing in the world.

Could Politics Influence Paradise?
Jim Scherrer

How would you like to have a really intelligent, honest and well educated president? How about a Harvard graduate? Well, would you believe that Mexico has a 12 consecutive year run of Harvard alumni presidents?

Considering Retirement but Short on Cash?
Jim Scherrer

If you’re thinking about retirement within five years and would like to enjoy your life to it’s fullest, you can probably buy that million dollar retirement dream residence in Puerto Vallarta today, even if you’re short on cash!

No-Fear Medical Care in Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

Ten years ago, if you had a medical emergency in PV, most Gringos would fly back to the states for care. Today, Puerto Vallarta boasts modern hospitals, medical clinics and dental offices equipped with everything you'd expect to find in the US.

Live in Mexico Without Spanish?
Jim Scherrer

When we moved to Puerto Vallarta ten years ago, it was imperative to understand and speak some degree of Spanish. Today, most locals either speak English or have a good understanding of “Espanglish,” making it easy to communicate with anyone.

Retire to Where and Do What?
Jim Scherrer

For many recently retired baby boomers, the “Golden Years” have become the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For us, Puerto Vallarta has proved to be the perfect place to enjoy life and reap the benefits of years of hard work.

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