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Viva Guayabitos!
a profile of Sr. Marcelino Parra

Sr. Marcelino Parra, originally from Jalisco, arrived in Guayabitos in 1985 and established the Hotel Mar y Sol with his wife and four children.

He has seen the growth of Guayabitos, from a small town to what now is a set of hotels that harbor tourists from all over the world. American, Canadian and Mexican Nationals recognize Guayabitos and the surrounding area as the ideal place for ecotourism. Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Sr. Parra about this beautiful community:

BN: Will you give us a short history of Guayabitos?

Parra: Like most of the beach areas here, Guayabitos was a fishing village that became known in 1971 when President Luis Echeverría Alvarez proposed that the area from Nuevo Vallarta to the beach of Platanillos be included in The Fidiecomiso Bahia de Banderas. Due to the fact that Guayabitos' waters are very calm, we call it the "The Largest Pool in the World." We have seen a growing number of fine hotels, businesses and restaurants develop over the years, making Guayabitos a great place to visit.

BN: What sort of tourist season does Guayabitos have during the year?

Parra: Our tourists are mainly middle class people who visit all year round. The Mexican nationals come mainly in July and August, December, and March for their yearly vacation. Our national visitors originate from Bajío, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Michoacán, Zacatecas, Querétaro and from other places in Jalisco. Many of them travel with their families, which has contributed to the success of the bungalows and the suites equipped with kitchens. On the other hand, we have foreign visitors mainly from Canada and the United States, who seek a quiet place to enjoy nature and to experience the culture and ambience of a small Mexican town. Generally they are looking for isolation and they find the natural beauty soothing to the mind and spirit.

BN: Can you tell us something about the natural resources of Rincon de Guayabitos and the surrounding area?

Parra: There are virgin beaches like Boca de Naranjo, the warm waters of Jamurca, and Altavista with its ceremonial center for Coras-Huicholes-Tepehuanos-Mexicaneros, where they still practice secret religious ceremonies.

In fact, in the town of Jesús María, located in the mountain ranges of Tepic, the people celebrate Easter Week in the Cora tradition. Part of the celebration is held in the dark and if they feel that there is someone there who doesn't belong, they discontinue the ceremony until the person is withdrawn. However, some events are open to the public where journalists from all over the world have captured images of this ritual.

Toward the north we have a set of extraordinary beautiful lakes such as Santa María de Oro, Tepeltitic Lake, and San Pedro Lagunillas.

1 1/2 hours north of Guayabitos is Tepic, the capital Nayarit. In this city you will find an archaeological museum that displays pieces of sculpture of the Mezcaltitlán, the early culture of Tenochtitlán. You can also visit the house of Armado Nervo, a famous poet in Mexico, and the house of Juan Escutia, a national hero.

About an hour from Tepic, there is an active volcano called Seboruco in the colonial town of Jala.

The beaches to the north of Guayabitos include Playa de Chacala and Platanillos where there is a turtle sanctuary in an estuary of navigable channels. Santa Cruz, Miramar and Aticama are famous for their oyster markets. Bring salt, lime and chili so you can enjoy fresh oysters the moment that they arrive from the sea. Nearby Mayanchen, is famous for its queen clams.

Further north you will find Las Islitas and Boca Borrego, recognized as a natural port for large ships. In San Blas there are ruins of the historical center "La Contaduría," and in Tovara there are navigable canals where you will find a crocodile refuge amongst the exotic flora and fauna.

The state of Nayarit has the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in this zone, an untold treasure of natural beauty that everyone should visit.

BN: What message would you like to share with our readers?

Parra: (Smiling) Here you will find peacefulness, exotic vegetation, quiet beaches, sportfishing, diving, whale watching, history, tradition, archaeological ruins, lakes, volcanoes, and short, innumerable activities and amusements that are affordable and easily accessible. Ah! I almost forgot to mention the oyster markets, which I believe they will find enchanting.

Sr. Parra invites you to relax in his beautiful hotel while enjoying the many amusements the area has to offer. Hotel Mar y Sol's 52 suites have complete kitchens, air conditioning, pools and slides. For reservations call 01-800-719-1473.

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