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Retired Lawyer Uncovers Mexico's Hidden Gold
a profile of author R.D. (David) Lyons

R.D. Lyons has written 3 novels, which can be purchased in Puerto Vallarta bookstores and at
A long-time resident of Puerto Vallarta, retired International lawyer R.D. (David) Lyons is the author of Mexico’s Hidden Gold, a contemporary treasure hunt drawing on actual history of the Mexican Revolution, set in Puerto Vallarta and Yelapa, with lots of local color.

His second novel, Riding Guts ‘n’ Glory, is a tale about a young athlete and cancer survivor who regains his sense of self through professional bull riding, and bonds with his estranged father in the process. Both novels are available at local bookstores, and at Read reviews there.

His novel Jazz Age Rondo is now available on and is also available in local Puerto Vallarta book stores. It is the story of a life lived full during the jazz age in Paris.

David is also a singer of jazz standards and performs periodically around town.

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RD Lyons' New Book, 'Ice Fire' Climbs Charts
Laura Gelezunas

On book stands everywhere, including major airports, the explosive debut thriller by Puerto Vallarta author David Lyons is climbing the charts. 'Ice Fire' is the first in a new series starring Jock Boucher, a renegade federal judge who takes justice into his own hands.

A Classic Evening at Sierra del Mar Los Arcos
David Lyons

On Saturday evening, February 13, classical guitarist Rigoberto Moro performed for a group of about seventy-five people who own property between the south side of Vallarta and Boca de Tomatlan, who gathered at the Sierra del Mar Los Arcos residents' beach club for a classic, and classy, evening.

Seventh Annual Make-A-Wish Golf Tournament a Huge Success
David Lyons

Thanks to all the sponsors, the 72 golfers who joined in the competition, and the team at Flamingo's Golf Course, one of the most beautiful in all of Banderas Bay, the Make-A-Wish 7th Annual Golf Tournament held on January 30th, 2010 was a most successful event by any standard.

Self Publishing - The Digital Revolution
R.D. Lyons

It may not be long until that bound, paper and ink thing we know as a book will be an endangered species. But the species is not dying, it is evolving. In fact, take the first letter of 'evolution' and add it to the book we know and love and you have the new sub-species - the Ebook

If You Can Count, You Can Write A Book
David Lyons

I've recently begun another novel. It's been awhile since I've started on something new. Fiction, non-fiction, it all begins with an idea, usually one you can express in ten words or less. You've got an idea? Then start writing. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Rewriting Fiction
David Lyons

You've spent perhaps a year or more writing your first manuscript. You've read and reread the work, corrected typo and grammatical errors, maybe even made changes where you thought they were needed. But for most of us of modest ability, there's still a long way to go...

Components of a Story
David Lyons

So, what is story? Look it up in the dictionary and you won't find much there to help you if you want to write one. One of the 'how-to' books I once read offered the following equation. Conflict + action + resolution = story. It's a good starting point, but I think it needs some amplification...

Puerto Vallarta: A Place Where Dreams Come True
David Lyons

When I first came to Puerto Vallarta, it was in search of a place where I might find the peace, tranquility and beauty that would inspire me in my writing efforts. I arrived for a one week stay and never left; my return ticket never used...

Style, Voice, Tone (and Music) in Writing
David Lyons

Talk about a writer's 'voice' and what follows is vague at best. I suppose what is meant is that the writer is achieving an identifiable style of writing. I prefer the term 'tone' in trying to define style, and one reason I probably like it is because it has musical application as well.

Self-Publishing Comes Into Its Own
David Lyons

Self-publishing is not just an end in itself, but increasingly provides a stepping stone to the world of traditional publishing. The self-published author who aspires to the 'big leagues' can make it by proving there is a market for his work.

Novel Ideas: Where Do They Come From?
David Lyons

You're here and settled in. Puerto Vallarta is all you had hoped it would be and more. You're ready to write, but what? If there is a moment of terror in the mainly passive exercise of creative writing, it's staring at that first blank page...

Write, Publish, and Sell Your Book in Puerto Vallarta
David Lyons

The idea of settling down in a tropical paradise to write that novel inside you has been the dream of many for generations. Every year, people arrive in Puerto Vallarta for an extended vacation with that same goal in mind - to write that book.

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