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Zoologico de Vallarta
Camino al Eden #700
Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta
Tel: 52 (322) 228-0501, 228-0957
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Tour Pricing & Reservations:

Adults: $100 pesos
Children: $50 pesos

Zoologico de Vallarta
"...feel the magic of the Jungle"

Feel the magic of the jungle and see all of the local animals plus many exotic animals from throughout the world at El Zoologico de Vallarta. Admire the majestic white tigers and the elegant flamingos, feel the tenderness of the macaco and the squirrel monkey. Enjoy the ferocity of the lions and jaguars, discover enigmatic black panthers. Touch, caresses and feed the animals at the Puerto Vallarta Zoo!

Located in Mismaloya, Zoologico de Vallarta is surrounded by lush jungle vegetation in one of Puerto Vallarta's most exotic zones. This naturally tropical environment provides the perfect setting for the zoo's more than 400 mammal, bird and reptile inhabitants. Half the animals on display are indigenous to Mexico, and most every creature found in this area is represented – jaguars, pumas, coyotes, ocelots, tlacuaches, coatimundis and quite a few bird and reptile species among them - crocodiles and iguanas included.

The Zoo also has a nice restaurant with a wide variety of Mexican dishes and snacks for your enjoyment, as well as an assortment of reasonably priced zoo tour packages designed to cater to your paticular interests. In the near future, the zoo will also feature rental cabins, a railway, a water park and an amusement park, in the hopes that it will soon become one of Latin America's most recognized recreational and educational parks.

The imagination and the good will of the Castañeda Jimenez family, who own the zoo, is reflected in all its splendor at El Zoologico de Vallarta. This amusement center not only provides a safe place for animals in danger of extintion, but also gives Puerto Vallarta an additional attraction that no tourist, nor resident should miss.

•  T R A V E L E R ' S  C O M M E N T S  •

Holding a baby tiger was simply amazing!
Fr Brian
I loved it. I'm 13, my fav was the bears that suck up peanuts with their tongue. I also got to hold a 1 month old panther - so cute!
We have visited many zoos around the world and this zoo is truely the best! The interaction with the animals is amazing, a one of a kind experience you have to see.
We first went to the PV Zoo as a curiosity on our first trip there with our little girl who was not yet 2 years old. Loved it so much that we usually go at least twice on our visits to Puerto Vallarta, which now number 4 times and our wee one is 6. We'll be back this year for visit number 5. Highly recommend it even if you don't have kids.
Mark Mc
Its a great zoo - loved feeding the animals. Going to Puerto Vallarta? Go to the ZOO!
Kenneth Mezerecky
Estubo fabulo ,especialmete cuando acaricie el cachorro de leòn. salu2
The best and I really mean it! It is 100 times better than L.A Zoo.
Liz Avila-Cox
one of the best experiences of our life, to hold a baby Jaguar, was awesome, the VIP tour was worth every peso and more, we got a lovely lunch and a souvenir T-shirt
Ken and Heather
I did not know how close you could be with the animals.I have to go back again ,this time with some goodies for the animals.
Carla N.
We absolutely loved this zoo! It is by far one of the hidden treasures of Puerto Vallarta. Getting to feed animals this close and actually hold a lion cub--something you could never do in the US! I recommend this to travelers of all ages!
It was AMAZING! I went and got to play with two baby tigers it was the most amazing experience I have ever had!
The closest I've ever been to exotic cat...loved the experience and to be humbled by God's creatures. Will return soon. When will the wolves reproduce? What month, so I can plan a return trip. Thanks for the experience.
Sandra Cruise
If you haven't been to the Zoo lately, you are missing one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta! When we visited last week, we saw the most adorable baby Jaguar, plus three little Bengal Tigers, and two Lion cubs that were born at the zoo, which is very cool since they are endangered!
Sue, PV
I love the Puerto Vallarta zoo! It was so far beyond anything we expected! Most interesting and enjoyable!
Magical! We had a fantastic time and hopefully this project will increase the chance of survival of so many of our planet's endangered species.
Joanie & Steve

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Two Bengal Tigers Born at Vallarta Zoo

On December 4, 2010 the Puerto Vallarta Zoo proudly announced the birth of two Bengal Tigers at the Zoologico de Vallarta facilities in Mismaloya. The cubs, born just in time for Christmas, reflect the season's colors - the female is as white as a snowflake and the male is the color of gold.

Three Bengal Tigers Born at Vallarta Zoo

On November 22nd Puerto Vallarta Zoo owners, Martin, Antonio and Alfredo Castañeda, proudly announced that the number of endangered animals born at the Zoologico de Vallarta since its opening in September of 2005 was recently increased by the birth of 3 Bengal Tiger Cubs.

PV Zoo Celebrates 4 Years and 2 New Births

You just couldn't ask for better timing. As the Castañeda family was preparing for the Puerto Vallarta Zoo's 4th anniversary celebration, the number of endangered animals born at the Zoologico de Vallarta since September 15, 2005 was increased by the birth of 2 black jaguars.

Vallarta Zoo Is a Big Cat Lovers Paradise
Martin Castaneda

Once again, the Vallarta Zoo is celebrating a wave of births that includes endangered species. Over the past few weeks the zoo has welcomed 3 Pumas, 2 Leopards, 2 Black Panthers, 3 Common Jaguars, a White-headed Capuchin Monkey, five African Dwarf Goats, and a couple of Guinea Pigs.

Puerto Vallarta Zoo Welcomes New Arrivals

Now there are even more reasons to visit the Puerto Vallarta Zoo! Over the past few weeks el Zoológico de Vallarta has welcomed a slew of new arrivals, including a giraffe from the US and several newborn babies: a zebra, a jaguar, a burro and a kid.

Catching a Baby Tiger by the Tail

The Vallarta Zoo is one of the most unique in the world because between 28 and 35 big cats are born there every year. Twice a year anyone can come and cuddle with them, and that's how I got up close and personal with baby tigers and jaguars this week.

Nine Baby Felines Born at Vallarta Zoo
Hispanic Wire

Nine cubs were born at the zoo in the last few weeks: 2 Golden Bengal Tigers, 4 Black Panthers and 3 Common Bengal Tigers. The baby cubs are already drawing locals and tourists from all over the world, who are making the journey for the sole experience of playing, hugging and taking pictures with the kittens.

Vallarta Zoo Celebrates Another Victory over Extinction

Once again, the Vallarta Zoo is celebrating a wave of births that includes endangered species. On Aug. 2, Marisol, a black jaguar, gave birth to two gorgeous kittens, and on Aug 6, Toña the tigress gave birth to two playful Bengals cubs.

Baby Bengal Tigers Born at Vallarta Zoo
Adriana Romero

Over the last few weeks, the Puerto Vallarta Zoo has announced the successful births of nine endangered animals at the Zoologico de Vallarta facilities - one Jaguar, three Bengal Tigers, two Lions, and most recently, three Albino Bengal Tigers.

Newborn Animals at the Puerto Vallarta Zoo
Adriana Romero

On April 8th, Puerto Vallarta Zoo owners, Martin and Antonio Castañeda, proudly announced the recent birth of six endangered animals at the Zoologico de Vallarta facilities in Mismaloya - one Jaguar, three Bengal Tigers, and two Lion cubs.

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