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Overseas Vote Foundation
email this pageprint this pageemail usNonpartisan Voter Services for US Citizens Overseas

OVF's website and integrated voter services applications are available at
Overseas Vote Foundation is dedicated to doing one thing well: helping overseas American citizens and uniformed services voters register faster, more easily and accurately than ever before.

OVF's mission is to facilitate and increase participation of American overseas voters and military voters and their dependents in federal elections by providing public access to innovative online voter registration tools and services.

Integral to achieving our mission is making it easier for all Americans residing around the world, and all military and dependents residing outside their home jurisdiction, to be able to stay active in their home state's electoral process.

OVF's website and integrated voter services applications, available at, offer a user-friendly online system to automate the complex process facing military and civilian overseas voters attempting to register to vote and request absentee ballots.

Americans living abroad who are 18 years old or older on Election Day are eligible to vote in the US primary and general elections, and the complete set of online voter registration tools and services available at make it easy. Don't be late, register now to receive your absentee ballot by mail.

Where's My Ballot? There's Still Time for Overseas Voters in 2010
Clair Whitmer

You requested your ballot but didn't receive it yet? Or maybe you just procrastinated? Fortunately, even this late in the election cycle, it's not too late to get your ballot and return it on time if you're a U.S. citizen living overseas.

Overseas Vote Foundation Launches Cocktail Party Civics

Overseas Vote Foundation has introduced a new global US citizen outreach program to encourage and facilitate constructive discussion of civics, current events and the role of the US government. The new program, Cocktail Party Civics, provides a forum for discusssing 'Politics Without the Rant.'

FedEx Express, Overseas Vote Foundation Renew Express Your Vote Overseas Ballot Return Initiative

FedEx Express and the Overseas Vote Foundation are bringing back the Express Your Vote Initiative for the 2010 Congressional Midterm Election. This alliance eases the voting process for millions of Americans living abroad and assures that their votes will count in 2010.

When U.S. Citizenship Doesn't Equal Voting Rights
Clair Whitmer

Most Americans assume that U.S. citizenship automatically grants individuals the right to vote. However many expatriate American parents are shocked to learn that their children raised overseas, even if full U.S. citizens in all other respects, do not necessarily have the right to vote in U.S. elections.

Women's Equality Day: Remembering the 90th Anniversary of the Passing of the 19th Amendment
Marina Mecl

Women's Equality Day was designated by a joint resolution of Congress on August 26, 1971 at the behest of Bella Abzug. Bella insisted on an official designation of this day so that we can never forget the significance of the signing of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

Simple Online Solutions for Overseas Voters

Combined, the new Vote-Print-Mail Ballot System together with the Express Your Vote ballot return system could significantly change the number of timely ballots returning from overseas and military voters, reduce the rejection rate and ultimately boost the impact of overseas and military voting in 2008.

Los Angeles County Overseas and Military Voters Instructed to Use Sample Ballots as Official Ballots

The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk began mailing military and overseas voters their ballots beginning the week of September 5, 2008 and will continue mailing them until October 28.

Online Solutions for Overseas Voters

Navigating the landscape of overseas and military voting just got a lot easier for US voters seeking to cast their ballots for the 2008 Election, thanks to two new balloting solutions recently released by the Overseas Vote Foundation.

Election Process Made Easier for Military and Overseas Voters with the Launch of New Ballot Tool

An estimated six million Americans who are members of the military or live overseas have a new way to ensure their vote for president counts this November, according to experts speaking at a high-level summit on military and overseas voters.

Deadlines Nearing for Overseas Citizen and Military Voters
Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat

Time is running out for U.S. overseas voters to file their registration/ballot request for the upcoming presidential election, so visit today for easy and innovative online voter registration tools and services.

Women's Equality Day, August 26, 2008
Jennifer DaSilva

August 26 marks the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that gave American women full voting rights. Celebrate Women's Equality Day this year by rededicating yourself to the true meaning of the women's suffragist movement: register to vote and cast your ballot.

Lens On Democracy Video Contest

Youth Vote Overseas and 18 in '08 recently announced the first joint YouTube contest, "Lens on Democracy," giving young Americans in the U.S. and around the world the chance to share their opinions on American democracy today.

OVF - FedEx Express Your Vote Program

FedEx Express launches Express Your Vote initiative with Overseas Vote Foundation for the upcoming 2008 Presidential election. This new alliance eases the voting process for millions of Americans living abroad.

New Group Hopes to Bring Overseas Youth Vote Home
Samantha Hammer

There's a big buzz about the youth vote this election year, but young Americans overseas have largely been left out of the excitement. Youth Vote Overseas, part of the nonpartisan, nonprofit Overseas Vote Foundation, is hoping to change that...

OVF Launches Youth Vote Overseas Website

Overseas Vote Foundation announced the first website designed specifically for young voters abroad, Youth Vote Overseas, at the 6th Annual American Democracy Project (ADP) National Meeting on June 12, 2008 in Snowbird, Utah.

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