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Though Rare in U.S. Dogs, the Threat of Rabies Remains
Denise Flaim

Rabies has been eradicated. No, wait just a second. It's poised for an outbreak. News reports in recent months have offered conflicting information about this deadly disease, the poster child of which is the foaming-at-the-mouth, deranged, marauding stray dog.

International Welfare Team Helping Animals Affected by Mexico Flooding

A coalition of international animal welfare organizations, including Humane Society International, are responding to the needs of animals in the wake of massive floods that left approximately 80% of Tabasco, Mexico underwater.

Ayuda a Los Animals Caring Crate Program
Laura Gelezunas

Ayuda a Los Animals, part of the PEACE non-profit organization, is gearing up for another season of spay and neuter clinics, and there's an easy way for you to lend a paw if you are planning a trip to the Bay of Banderas.

Fear for Welfare of Animals in Mexican Floods
Kent News

Concerns have been raised about animals caught up in Mexico’s flood disaster. Roger Gale, MP for North Thanet – and president of the Conservative Animal Welfare group - is calling for immediate action to be taken.

Giving Rabies Vaccine is Sure Way to Protect Pets
Denise Flaim

Rabies has been eradicated. No, wait just a second. It's poised for an outbreak. News reports in recent months have offered conflicting information about this deadly disease, the poster child of which is the foaming-at-the-mouth, deranged, marauding stray dog.

Mexican Animals Get Their Blessing

Mexicans bring their pets to Mass for blessing on the feast day of St Anthony the Abbott. It's an age-old tradition from colonial times, but it's still faithfully observed every year by Mexico's animal lovers and their beloved pets.

Pigs Into the Ring of Fire

A Thai zoo has trained a team of piglets to jump through rings of fire. The piglets are trained from the age of two months and keepers have to keep a close eye on their weight. If they get too fat, they're out of the show.

A Dog-Gone Good Place to Volunteer
Laura Gelezunas

The dogs are barking, the cats are howling and the volunteer behind the registration table at the PEACE/Ayuda a los Animales mobile spay and neuter clinic in Puerto Vallarta is checking in a long line of animals with patience and a smile.

Pet Clinic Supplies Needed for M*A*S*H

For over five years, Ayuda Los Animales, part of the PEACE non-profit organization, has been holding free spay and neuter clinics from their Mobile ANIMAL Surgical Hospital in Nayarit. They are now setting up shop in Jalisco - but they need your help!

Snip and Clip Clinic 2
Laura Gelezunas

The Jalisco Department of Health (Salud de Jalisco) recently joined hands with PEACE to hold a high-volume spay and neuter clinic in Colonia Mojoneras. From July 9th- 13th, sixty-five animals were either spayed or neutered at no cost to the pet owner.

Time For PEACE in Nayarit and Jalisco
Laura Gelezunas

Started by Molly Fisher over five years ago, PEACE has been actively involved in community services including free animal spay and neuter clinics and teaching free English classes to children and adults in Nayarit - and now in Jalisco!

Rescued Princess Looking for Love

Hi, my name is Princess. Well, at least that's what Dr. Manuel Peña and Salvador named me when they saved me from being run over by cars. Since then they have been helping me, but they cannot keep me.

Veterinarian Without Borders
Julie Muhlstein

When veterinarian Stephanie Garlichs and her husband travel to Mexico each year, Garlichs does more than chase away winter blues by basking on a beach. While most folks vacation to unshoulder the burdens of work, she puts her profession to use.

Wild Things? An Introduction to Feral Cats

In ancient Egypt cats were elevated to objects of worship. Today it is estimated that there are around 100,000 street cats in the Puerto Vallarta area who need a loving home. But Louise Holton of Alley Cat Rescue is working to make a change.

Breeders Promoting Hairless Mexican 'Xolo' Dogs
Traci Carl

Sleek with batlike ears, the hairless Xoloitzcuintles look more like cartoon characters than canines. This rare breed's history dates back to the Aztecs, and it has a special allure for asthmatics or those who just don't like cleaning up after a shedding dog.

Mexico Imports Choice Chihuahuas From the US
Chris Hawley

First it was burros from Kentucky. Then, chile peppers from China. Now, Mexico is importing another of its national symbols: the pint-size dog known as the Chihuahua.

Tips for Taking Your Dog Out in a Boat
Dr. Tracy Acosta

Thankfully, the warm days of spring have arrived. With the beautiful weather recently, so beckons the call to go out on the water. To make sure everyone has a fun as well as safe experience out on the water, be sure to follow a few common sense guidelines.

Amuelto - Lucky Charm
Judy Parks

A Mexican beach dog's suffering prompted our family to look beyond the recreational shoreline and into the hearts and minds of the Mexican people. And, although we may not completely understand the master plan, we've all been touched by the experience.

Bay Area Resident Runs Animal Clinic in San Pancho
Banks Albach

For Betty McIntire it was love at first sight. She wasn't looking at her college sweetheart or future husband. And it wasn't the cozy Mexican fishing village, San Pancho, where she owns a home and runs a spay and neuter clinic for stray animals twice per year. It was Rasca-Linda, a 6-year-old mutt that looks more like a hyena than a dog.

Snip & Clip Clinic
Laura Gelezunas

On March 2nd and 3rd nearly 100 animals in the Banderas Bay area were spayed or neutered at no cost to pet owners, thanks to a group of veterinarians from Alley Cat Rescue in Mount Rainier, Maryland together with Puerto Vallarta vets and volunteers.

The Anatomy of a Spay & Neuter Clinic

BanderasNews videographer Laura Gelezunas gives us an inside look at the free spay and neuter clinic that was held by a group of volunteers from Alley Cat Rescue at the Centro de Acopio Animal/Puerto Vallarta Animal Shelter on March 2nd and 3rd.

Airborne Animals
Laura Gelezunas

After spending two days working as volunteers at the Puerto Vallarta Animal Shelter spay and neuter clinic, the women of Alley Cat Rescue in Mount Rainier, Maryland took one look at the dogs and cats available for adoption and fell in love.

Dog-Gone Good Time

The weekend went to the dogs at the 3rd annual Perrotón Dog Show in Puerto Vallarta. Banderas News videojournalist, Laura Gelezunas, captured some of the best moments of Perrotón 2007, and shows us some of the canines who earned "Top Dog" status.

Compassion Without Borders
Brian Hamlin

Christi Payne and her husband, Moncho Camblor, founded Compassion without Borders five years ago and, since them, have brought 400 soon-to-be-euthanized dogs across the Mexican border for new homes in California.

Laura Gelezunas

The family event of the season is almost here! The Third Annual Puerto Vallarta Dog Show will take place in the northeast corner baseball field at the Sports Complex across from the Sheraton Hotel on February 24th and 25th from 10 am to 6 pm.

Happiness is a Bald Puppy
Catherine Bremer

In a park full of fluffy labradors and spaniels, passers-by stare as Juan, a hairless Mexican Xoloitzcuintle dog, cavorts about then springs effortlessly into his owner's arms, his glabrous skin gleaming with body lotion.

A Gallery of Cats
Laura Gelezunas

Long time Puerto Vallarta residents, Don and Patricia Gallery, have been working as active cat advocates in PV for many years. They believe that all nine lives of a cat are precious - and hope the lives of their 15 cats will remain that way.

A Dog's Paradise
Eileen Pierce

In Mexico, it's not only easy to believe in miracles, but you begin to expect them. And when a dog with a question mark for a tail, all bones and no flesh, survives, you move over, and make room as they begin to fill up your life.

From Mexican Jungle Cat to Big City Kitty

When James Marlay found a kitten in the jungles of Yelapa, it was love at first sight. But when James had to return to Australia, he couldn't take Max with him, so he found two tourists who'll be taking Max to San Francisco to live with them.

Lovin' From The Oven
Laura Gelezunas

Puerto Vallarta resident Sherrill Madden is combining her culinary skills with her love for animals to create Puppydoodles. These gourmet dog treats are available at local vet offices, with a percentage of the profits going to the Centro de Acopio.

Pet Picnic - It's A Dog's Life
Laura Gelezunas

Daiquiri Dick's Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta "went to the dogs" as they hosted the first annual Pet Picnic. Banderas News video journalist, Laura Gelezunas, gives us a look at the "mutts" that were strutting their stuff.

"National Treasure" Found at El Acopio
Laura Gelezunas

While volunteering at the Animal Shelter on a recent Puerto Vallarta vacation, Mike and Cathy Anderson of Phoenix found a hidden jewel - a "Jindo dog" - a rare breed that has been named as one of Korea's national treasures.

Second Chance Adoptions
Laura Gelezunas

One Puerto Vallarta woman is opening her home and her heart to area stray dogs. Rita Kunz, a 25 year resident of PV, has taken it upon herself to host a special adoption day at her home on Basilio Badillo every Tuesday between 11 am and 2 pm.

Give Some Love, an Acopio Volunteer's View
Cathy Gordon

With the Puerto Vallarta Animal Shelter/Centro de Acopio heading into its second year of operation, directors are desperately trying to get the word out about all of the great animals they have up for adoption.

Rub-A-Dub-Dub... A Dog in a Tub
Laura Gelezunas

Do you like bubble baths and frisky dogs? Every Thursday morning at 9 am, the Animal Shelter of Puerto Vallarta offers animal lovers the perfect opportunity to put on your grubbies and come play in the bubbles.

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