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Rain On Your Wedding Day - A Message in Reality
Destination wedding specialist Zac Campbell tells you everything you need to know about planning your wedding or commitment ceremony in Puerto Vallarta. Let him help you plan an Eventful Moment that is unforgettable!

Zac Campbell of
Eventful Moments Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
PV Tel: 52 322 293-5725
US Tel: 206 219-0638
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Some say that rain on your wedding day is good luck. The same people say bird poop is a sign of future prosperity. I say it's all how you choose to look at it.

Here is a story of a lovely bride and groom, who decided to get married in Puerto Vallarta on June 10th 2008. From a rain perspective June 10th is touch or go. Our event company, EM Vallarta, requires that tents be budgeted for summer weddings booked after June 15th - just to be safe. I digress: now back to the story.

It's the morning of June 10th and the weather has been touch or go for days; sunny one minute and rain-filled clouds threatening the next. Our lovely couple, we will call them "Jenni" and "Nelson" to protect the innocent, have decided to take our "suggestions" that tenting is the way go. And lucky they did.

As the EM Vallarta team arrived to set up in the late morning, the skies above Nuevo Vallarta opened and the rains came flooding down onto the golf course. The small puddles became ponds and the ponds became pools.

The EM Vallarta team set up the space. The square tables, dressed with chartreuse linens, chocolate brown Avante Garde chairs, and square glass vases bursting with sweet peas, and flowers in shades of pink and cream. The towering lamps in chartreuse and cream echoed the tables and turned the outdoor space on the golf course into a chic and modern party sanctuary for the families to create memories and photo ops to last a lifetime.

Fast forward to 5:30: Jenni is standing in her lovely gown with her attendants by her side. Her hair is up and her makeup - perfection. Only a few feet away on the other side of the door, Nelson and his grooms men stand under the protection of the roof.

They are all smiles as one by one they proceed to the palm-leafed palapa where the ceremony has been moved. The space, illuminated by soft candlelight accentuated by the sound of gumdrop-size raindrops hitting the path, is filled with family and friends.

On cue, the entire crowd turns as Jenni walks over the threshold of their home. She is escorted by her parents and the unusual but highly necessary "umbrella holding wedding assistant and official skirt holder." Donning a black and white golf umbrella the size of a small country, you see Jenny's cousin radiating with joy knowing that she is playing an unexpected, yet key, role on this very important day.

With her gown hiked up to protect the lace embroidered train from the rain, the small group of family members make their way to the protection of the thatched palapa. The ooohs and ahhhs can be heard from all as the bride enters the enveloping space. She allows her dress to fall to the floor as she gracefully makes her way down the aisle toward the man with whom she is about to embark on a new life. There wasn't a dry eye to be found.

From there the festivities began. The smoky sounds of the Latin Jazz band created a sophisticated mood that was echoed by the passed canapés, handmade Margaritas and blood red Sangria. Smiles adorned the faces of all their guests. The Texans and the Irish families alike were giddy with joy. Neither the rain nor the humidity could squelch the joy of this loved-filled memory in the making.

I tell you this story for one basic reason. Your wedding day is about the two of you and who you are in the world. It is up to every bride and every groom to set the mood and the tone for their wedding day.

Rain, hurricane, blowing tents, stained dresses, forgotten rings, screaming mothers, fainting fathers, cheating cousins: none of these can truly destroy a day if the bride and groom stay focused on why they are really there.

The flowers, food, booze, location, and all those little "important" details could all be taken away and it wouldn't affect the end result. This is your day to celebrate the amazing commitment you are making and to profess to the world the love you feel. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, else really matters.

The EM Vallarta team works to perfect your day, but while we are the foundation and the icing we can only be as good as you the hosts. The tone, the mood, the fun - or lack of it - are all set by the bride and groom.

The fallen wedding cake, the drunk maid of honor, the crying cousin swimming in the pool, along with the ceremony, the teary parents, your best friend's toast, are all part of what makes the memory of your wedding day.

Celebrate them like you celebrate life. We are all at choice as to how we deal with the curve balls we are thrown. Your wedding day is a glimpse into the future you are creating together. Take your cue from the rainy day couple, "Jenni and Nelson" and let it be filled with ease, joy and purpose.

Happy Planning!

Zac Campbell is the owner of Eventful Moments Vallarta, a full service event planning and gourmet catering company specializing in destination weddings and commitment ceremonies in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. For complete information on weddings in Puerto Vallarta, visit the EMV website at

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