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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkNews from Around Banderas Bay | April 2005 

Sister Cities Police Training Exchange
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City authorities are implementing a law enforcement interchange program for the Puerto Vallarta police department and law enforcement agencies in Santa Barbara California.
Puerto Vallarta - Safety is an important factor in every city, but when the city is an important tourist destination with more than a million tourists a year, public safety is imperative. Puerto Vallarta city authorities have always been interested in providing the vallartanese people with a friendly and safe city, and this year they are working on a new security project.

In order to better safeguard the vallartanese people and the tourists who visit this popular vacation destination, the municipal government, led by Puerto Vallarta Mayor Gustavo González Villaseñor has implemented a group training program for the police of Puerto Vallarta in conjunction with law enforcement agencies in the city of Santa Barbara California.

Last weekend, Evie Treen, a member of the Santa Barbara-Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities committee, received recognition from project leaders Cayetano García Bobadilla, María Elena Sahagún Peña and Iris Ulloa Godínezas for initiating the law enforcement interchange program between the Sister Cities.

Another member of the Santa Barbara-Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities committee, Jaime Velásquez, thanked the project leaders on behalf of Laurel Carrillo, President of the same committee, for giving Evie Treen the deserved recognition, and urged city authorities to officially formalize the law enforcement interchange in order to make it a permanent institution.

The idea behind the police training and law enforcement interchange is to send a group of Puerto Vallarta police officers to the city of Santa Barbara California in order to provide them with training on topics such as; police techniques, public safety, SWAT teams maneuvers, prisoner handling and other police methods to ensure the security of the citizens as well as the national and international tourists who visit this vacation destination.

So far, four members of the Puerto Vallarta police department have had the opportunity to undergo this rewarding and educative experience in the United States. Through this innovative program, they are learning new methods of law enforcement, techniques for being responsible members of the police department, and new ways to ensure the safety of the citizens of our city. In November, members of the Santa Barbara police department will visit Puerto Vallarta to exchange ideas in a continuing effort for the success of the Sister Cities law enforcement interchange program.

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