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Rivera Cuale Newsletter - March 2011
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March 16, 2011

On March 5 over 80 guests enjoyed 'A Taste of Spain' at Rivera Cuale. Not only was the evening fun and the food tasty, but we raised funds for the onsite Rivera Cuale/PEACE Community Garden's start-up.

This month we come bearing gifts! As if Vallarta's perfect weather, events about town and good times at Rivera Cuale weren't enough, we thought we would indulge you with... Promotions!

We've been busy lately with sales, and savvy shoppers are buying their Rivera Cuale homes now - don't be left behind! Congratulations to our new owners from Quebec, Canada! They just bought unit 304-B, so we now have only ONE 1-bedroom unit left - hurry!

• • •

Open House by Our Owners, March 16th

We think that Rivera Cuale has the best owners anywhere. Not only do these lovely people allow us to interview them on why they chose Rivera Cuale, attend our events, speak highly of our development, and help us write articles for our newsletter - now these giving souls are inviting you into their homes!

On March 16th, come by Rivera Cuale starting from 4 pm to have a glass of wine in our gorgeous model unit, and then from 5-7 pm view owners' personal homes. Our model units will remain open until 8 pm for your convenience. In total there will be eight units open for viewing on this evening!

This will be a great opportunity to meet Rivera Cuale owners, talk to them, hear their stories, see their customized homes and see how they live so that you can experience Rivera Cuale firsthand in a fun and unique environment!

• • •

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Meeting March 17th

As always we will host the monthly Puerto Vallarta Garden Club meeting, but this month offers something special - the City has just awarded the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club many large planter boxes on Basilio Badillo and around the Mercado Municipal near the Cuale River, just around the corner from us. You are invited to sponsor one of these planters! Come to the meeting on Thursday, March 17th at 11am to find out about becoming a Club member and for the unique opportunity to be a part of making Vallarta even more beautiful. Please email Leanne Smith at leanne(at) to RSVP.

• • •

March Promotions

Developer Pays Closing Costs!

In case that wasn't self-explanatory, let us tell you what it means: you purchase a unit, and the Developer Pays the Closing Costs (restrictions apply). Questions? Good! Please contact us for answers. This offer applies only to units 101, 701 and 802 and is available on only the next purchase of any one of those units. We're giving you until March 31st to make up your mind, although we advise against waiting that long so that nobody can beat you to it. But shhhh, don't tell them we told you that!

Free Appliance Package and Kitchen Upgrades!

Here's a promotion that offers practicality, style AND major savings! Get top-quality, energy-saving appliances and thoughtful extras for the kitchen, FREE. This offer is available on the next purchase only and ends on March 31st. Our new, limited-edition penthouses are already a steal of a deal, so, sorry, this promotion does not apply.

Since you are taking the time to read our newsletter (and thank you, by the way!), we know that you already know the many reasons to make Rivera Cuale your home. And now, these incredible offers are just the icing on the cake. Thousands of dollars are knocking on your new door begging to be saved - let them in!

These promotions cannot be combined with each other or with other offers. Terms and conditions apply. Promotions subject to change without notice. Call (322) 223-3770 or send an email to info(at) to get details from your Rivera Cuale representative today!

• • •

Rivera Cuale - Inspired and Sustainable Architecture: Part 1
Interview with Santiago Carral, KMD Architects

One of the compliments that we receive most often from Rivera Cuale's owners and visitors is that our architecture is exceptional. We are also told that our amenities far exceed the competition and that our attention to every detail is remarkable. For that reason, we will center this article on the architecture of Rivera Cuale and tell you what's behind it.

We are very proud to hear from KMD Architects, one of the top ten design firms in the world, to show you what the inspiration is behind the project, why this project stands out amongst the competition, and why Rivera Cuale has won multiple international awards and awes residents and visitors alike.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Santiago Carral, the director in charge of the Rivera Cuale project at KMD Architects, and we asked him...

Q: What is the inspiration behind Rivera Cuale?

A: Rivera Cuale is a project that truly inspired our team of architects. We conceived the design by immersing ourselves in Puerto Vallarta's lifestyle and its traditional architecture. Since I was a child I remember spending most of my summers in this beautiful town.

Click HERE to read more of the interview.

• • •

Benito Juarez Day - March 21

Benito Juarez Day is a National Holiday on March 21st commemorating the birthday of one of Mexico's most renowned Presidents, often referred to as the Lincoln of Mexico.

Juarez is remembered for resisting the French occupation, overthrowing the Empire, and restoring the Republic, as well as for his liberal efforts to modernize the country. He was also the first indigenous man to be elected president of the United States of Mexico. He served five terms as president.

His whole time as president is now called La Reforma, The Reform, because he made so many changes in the way that the indigenous people were treated; they were made as equals under Benito Juarez. He also lessened the mighty Roman Catholic Church, which he felt had too much power when it came to government issues. He created a sort of separation of church and state.

For these accomplishments he is often regarded as one of Mexico's greatest and most beloved leaders.

• • •

Financing Your Home at Rivera Cuale: Owner Story #2
Written by Charles, Rivera Cuale Owner

In the past we have written articles about financing your Mexico home through a mortgage, and we told you we would bring you more examples in future. Well, this month we are delighted to provide you with one of our owner's stories, firsthand! With many thanks to Charles and Eleanor for sharing their story, and to Charles for having taken the time to write it - here it is!

Who they are and a little background...

Eleanor and I are academics. Eleanor is a Professor of Law at Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis. I am a Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis.

We began coming to Puerto Vallarta for Spring Breaks over 20 years ago. We rented the same house in Alta Vista all of that time. So our kids and now grandkids are familiar with and love Puerto Vallarta. We had been thinking about buying a place in Puerto Vallarta in a vague way as we approached retirement, but it was not until we saw the plans for Rivera Cuale that we decided to buy.

Click HERE to read more of their story.

• • •

Rivera Cuale-PEACE Community Garden Party Fundraiser in Review

Sunday, February 27th was the Garden Party day to raise funds for the Rivera Cuale-PEACE Community Garden. Sadly, the party never quite became the party we had hoped for because in an unexpected turn of events, of all possible days out of dry season to do so, it rained!

Nonetheless, the volunteers who were out were able to lay all the new soil and plant tomatoes, lettuce and chard. We appreciate the guests who did show up and make a donation to help out... and then quickly high tailed it into the building to view our model units and get out of the rain!

Click HERE to see some photos from the day.

• • •

A Taste of Spain in Review

The evening of Saturday, March 5th was a good time at Rivera Cuale! Over 80 guests enjoyed themselves around the pool as the owners and a chef from Pincho & Olé prepared a rich (and massive!) Paella, providing commentary on the process as they went along.

Some guests remained seated at their tables, patiently anticipating their delicious meal while socializing with friends. Others stood around the paella in a semi-circle, watching mesmerized as though in a trance. And yet a few others, mouths-a-watering, waved their hands over the steaming paella hoping to catch a waft of the delicious aroma as it cooked.

Not only was the evening fun and the food tasty, but we raised the funds we were hoping to be able to donate to the onsite Rivera Cuale-PEACE Community Garden for its start-up! To all who attended - THANK YOU for your support! It sure was great seeing you all again!

Click HERE to see photos.

• • •

We appreciate your continued interest in our development! As always, we are here to help with any questions you may have, and we welcome your comments on our newsletter.

The Rivera Cuale Team
Toll free from USA & Canada: +1 (888) 226-0563
From Mexico: (322) 223-3770

For more information about Rivera Cuale, an award-winning, environmentally-sensitive riverfront community of full-time residential condominiums in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Click HERE or visit