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PV Insider Visits Restaurante El Brujo
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November 14, 2011
El Brujo Venustiano Carranza 510 South Side Puerto Vallarta Tel: (322) 223-2036 Open Tuesday through Sunday from 1:00 pm until 10:30 pm Credit cards are not accepted.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - In this edition of PV Insider, host Gary Beck gives us an inside look at his favorite dishes from El Brujo, one of Old Town Vallarta's most cherished and authentic restaurants. Just through the little tunnel heading into the south side of Puerto Vallarta, El Brujo is home to some unique seafood dishes not found anywhere else in town.

During his evening at El Brujo, Gary tries several signature dishes like the Cameron Montero, a dish of giant shrimp stuffed with mushrooms, wrapped in bacon, covered with melted cheese, and drizzled in a mild chili onion sauce; the Chicken Poblano, a charred chicken breast stuffed with mango and Poblano chilies, covered in a creamy green sauce; and the Pescado Pirey, a filet of Mahi Mahi stuffed with shrimp and octopus and covered with melted cheese and a traditional green sauce. As he dines, Gary offers some insight into the spice and flavor of each course, illuminating the intricacies of El Brujo's work.

Join Gary as he evaluates several other favorites from El Brujo including Queso Cilantro and El Molcajete. You'll also learn about how Restaurante El Brujo (which means the sorcerer or warlock) got its name. From the kitchen to the plate, PV Insider has the inside scoop on the best cuisine in Puerto Vallarta!

PV Insider, hosted by Gary Beck, takes you into the heart of Puerto Vallarta's culinary scene to explore the savory flavors of the city's most authentic and off-the-beaten-path restaurants. Join him as he divulges the inside scoop on the best dishes of Puerto Vallarta, then visit to find out how you can save up to 50% on your next Puerto Vallarta dining experience.