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June 3, 2013

For all of your Puerto Vallarta medical needs contact Pamela Thompson at (322) 222-9638, 044-322-107-7007, pamela(at)

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - Get comfortable, grab something cool to drink, and have a thorough read of this LONG newsletter. We have combined two months worth of clinics in this one newsletter.

Many of you reading this are not in the area at this time but many of you are. Low season? No such thing! We like to call it 'Summer Season.' There are so many advantages to being here in the summer, and we hope that you have a very relaxed and healthy one, wherever you are!

Scheduled Summer Health Clinics

Note: These are screening clinics only. This means that should you need any procedures, those must be scheduled for another time. If you would like like an appointment for any of them, please send an email to: pamela(at), with your name, the clinic and date (which month), your phone number, and your preferred appointment time.

Skin Clinic
June 11, 2013
July 10, 2013
Have your body checked from the top of your head/scalp to the bottoms of your feet. This is performed by an oncologist (not a dermatologist.) This is most definitely one of our most popular clinics!
Price: $300 pesos (PLUS members pay $250 pesos)

Ear Clinic
June 12, 2013
July 17, 2013
The amount of “gunk” that builds up in our ears, especially here with the humidity, is embarrassing! Have your ears checked completely by our star ENT physician, using his state-of-the-art equipment. Cleaning performed if necessary.
Important: This is NOT a hearing test. Our audiologist who comes monthly from the United States will not be returning until September. Price: $375 pesos (PLUS members pay $325)

Mammogram Clinic
June 13, 2013
July 18, 2013
This is one of the most important appointments ladies can make! Our Mammogram Clinic is very popular in that we have a breast specialist/radiologist and as well, the clinic includes a manual exam along with a complete explanation of your mammogram. Price includes ultrasound as well, if deemed necessary. Price: $920 pesos (PLUS Members pay $820)

Foot Clinic
June 14, 2013
July 19, 2013
Our feet take a beating, especially here in the area! Between the humidity and the cobblestone streets – yowza! Ouch! Your feet, toes, balance and pulses will be reviewed by our podiatrist. As well, be sure and check out Christina. She is the star that performs the “medical pedicures” at this office. (Not included in the price of the clinic.) Price: $300 pesos (PLUS members pay $250 pesos)

Eye Clinic
June 17, 2013
July 22, 2013
A complete vision exam and check for glaucoma/pressure exam. Performed by an eye doctor. Note: This physician will soon be doing Lasik surgery here in the area and you can speak with him regarding this as well, if you are interested! Price: $400 pesos (PLUS members pay $350 pesos)

Special Clinic This Month - Women’s Bone Density Clinic
June 18, 2013
Women, especially pre, post and menopausal women run the risk of “weak bones." We will have a special company here on this date to check bone densities, along with Dra. Laura Garcia. Price: $450 pesos (PLUS members pay $400 pesos)

Vascular Clinic
June 19, 2013
July 16, 2013
Includes an evaluation by a vascular specialist, checking the blood flow in your body. Pulses in your legs and carotid arteries evaluated. Price: $400 pesos (PLUS members pay $350 pesos)

Women’s Clinic
June 20, 2013
July 23, 2013
A complete GYN exam including consult, pap smear, and pelvic exam, performed by a wonderful, bi-lingual GYN. Price: $775 pesos (PLUS members pay $690 pesos)

Cardiology Clinic
June 21, 2013
July 24, 2013
Complete cardiac evaluation, including an EKG. This is an excellent “baseline” evaluation to see how your heart is working! Price: $550 pesos (PLUS members pay $500 pesos)

Men’s Urology Clinic
June 25, 2013
July 30, 2013
Includes Consult/Interview, ultrasound of kidneys, bladder and prostate, measurement of residual urine. Special priced lab package available. Price: $700 pesos (PLUS members pay $650 pesos)

Ongoing Clinics:
Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Men’s/Women’s Physicals
Email for details

Summer Fun!

Beginning in June, we return to our “Summer Fun Stuff.” If you have requested to be placed on the email list for these activities, those will begin soon. If you would like to be added and participate, just let me know. Once-a-week-afternoon-at-the-movies, a paper mache class, a “summer appetizers” cooking class, a few lunches here and there – nothing difficult or expensive – just lots of fun!

As well, the new conference room at Hospital Amerimed is just about finished! Hooray! We will now begin with nearly weekly scheduled casual chats with our physicians! Feel free to send some topics you are interested in!

A Few Plugs:

Are you in the Nuevo Vallarta/Bucerias/La Cruz area? Did you know that the Vallarta Yacht Club, in Nuevo Vallarta, is open year-round and continue with a few activities? And no! You don’t have to own a yacht to participate! The food is great at the Yacht Club! Email me for further info.

Mailbox Etc. (Southside Vallarta) is open and the AC is ON! Their services are top-notch and they do weekly pick-ups/drop-offs in the Northern Bay. Stop by and check out their book trade area. Need posters, business cards, menus? They do those! Remember that you can also purchase Hacienda Jalisco coffee at Mailbox Etc.

Local charities are still in need of many physical donations – from school supplies to powdered milk! Please email me for the long wish list.

If you are North for the summer, (or if you are here and uninsured) - Please begin thinking about your medical insurance coverage for your return this winter. I do not sell insurance, but I do work with several excellent representatives. Don’t leave home without it!

If you need a long term rental for next winter, we recommend that you go through They have THE largest inventory of rentals in the area and provide excellent customer service!

The Saturday Market Co-op, located at Paradise Community Center is open every single Saturday from 9 am until 1 pm, year-round. Please come and see all of our vendors who have everything from unique jewelry to unique produce. Come hungry!

And last, but most certainly not least... as the weather heats up, there's no better getaway than heading to the mountains and visiting the Hacienda Jalisco. We are happy to do a special lunch for groups of 6 or more. It’s fresh and cool up in the mountains, and the whole family looks forward to seeing you there!

I hope that you have a wonderful summer, wherever you are! I invite you to see and follow our blog – I am committed to keeping articles up to date and cover a wide variety of topics. Please do check out our latest blog post on one woman’s amazing journey with breast cancer and her tribute to the physician here in Puerto Vallarta. You can also find us on Facebook.

Please feel free to contact me for anything you might need - from a physician referral to an emergency situation, insurance questions or concerns.

Wishing you all a very healthy and happy Summer!
Pamela Thompson
Phone (322) 107-7007

Pamela Thompson has lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta for over 17 years, 10 of them in health care. Pamela now leads HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta, a local healthcare resource network. Her years of experience and expertise are available to you by emailing your questions to pamela(at) or by visiting

Click HERE to learn more about the health and well-being services offered by HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta.