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Formula 1 Racing - The Return of Mexican Grand Prix

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June 26, 2013

Mexican mogul Carlos Slim believes that Formula 1 is ready for more races in the Americas and that the financial conditions has boosted Mexico's aspirations. Mexico has not had Formula 1 racing since 1992.

Carlos Slim believes there is a "good future ahead" for the Mexican Grand Prix, which it is hoped will return to the Formula 1 calendar in the next few years.

Slim, who has been instrumental in the careers of Sergio Perez and Esteban Gutierrez through his Escuderia Telmex driver program and sponsorship of the Sauber team, is a key player in the plan to bring Formula 1 back to Mexico for the first time since 1992.

He believes that Formula 1 is ready for more races in the Americas and that the financial conditions, combined with the arrival of Perez and Gutierrez in grand prix racing, has boosted Mexico's aspirations.

"I believe there is potential to do more races in the Americas and I believe that Mexico is in the right spot to do it," said Slim in an interview.

"It's a stable country by and large, our economy is doing quite well and we have drivers people can identify with.

"All of the pieces are coming together and I believe the potential promoters are doing a good job in trying to secure something."

McLaren driver Perez believes Mexico's hopes of hosting a grand prix will be boosted by him fighting for victories.

"Of course, that would help to get the interest in Mexico," said Perez when asked about whether wins would increase the chances of a Mexican Grand Prix being staged.

"The interest is quite big since I came to Formula 1 and my results last year - with three podiums - mean people are getting excited, especially now that I am with McLaren.

"I really hope that I can help to get a Mexican Grand Prix."

Compatriot Gutierrez, in his first season in Formula 1 with Sauber, believes that it's only a matter of time before Formula 1 returns to Mexico.

He is also determined to get the best results possible to improve the chances of that happening. "They are waiting for the right time," said Gutierrez of the Mexican Grand Prix.

"I know they are in negotiations and obviously it would be a very special thing for us to have a Mexican Grand Prix. The people who are responsible for that are focusing on it and they really want to make it happen. As a driver, the only thing I can focus on is to get good results so that interest is greater - to raise more confidence for the event to happen. I think it is connected."

Mexico has staged world championship grands prix 15 times, with races held at Mexico City from 1963-1970 and 1986-1992.