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Celebrity Autobiographies a Smash Hit
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January 26, 2011

On January 18, 2011, I returned home with a dream of taking off my shoes and flopping on the couch before facing an overload of emails and phone messages. A hot shower and to bed early. But alas! Not to be! I had a ticket to the new Boutique Theater for the presentation of "Celebrity Autobiographies."

Anything past 7:00 pm these days and I do not usually attend. My brain is fried and my attitude as well. I knew it was a sell-out so my thoughts of being a "no-show" were squelched. I couldn’t do that to my friends who were performing. So, off I went grumbling to myself that "I don’t have time for this."

Caramba! Was I wrong! Upon arriving, the line of folks outside chatting and laughing upped my attitude several notches. "Hmmm, I thought. I should get out more." Sitting in the very front row I felt pretty special!

The show began with Bill Kelly reading as Truman Capote. And did he ever look like him, with the jaunty hat and sunglasses as he read Mr. Capote spending time with Marilyn Monroe. Poor Marilyn, what a lost little soul she was.

Next, Nancy Patterson glided on stage as Elizabeth Taylor. Jewels glimmered as we heard Nancy read Liz waft from her childhood and on through her numerous marriages, right on into her wheelchair. Ms. Taylor is a true star.

Mark Twain then sauntered on stage (read by Bob Lamb) and I could almost smell the river, countryside and see a young Twain as the rascal that he must have been. (Just like Bob.)

Strutting on stage in a gold and glimmering and very "pointed" bustier, Virginia Fox became Madonna. Potty-mouthed and proud, Madonna let us know what her life was really like – whatever it takes to shock and sell, she is the Diva with a capital D.

The grand finale and absolute gut-buster of the evening was Billy Crystal, read by Larry Shuh. And read him he did – so funny that my jaws were sore when he finished, from laughing so hard.

I am definitely no theater reviewer. Not even close. But for a short couple of hours, I was transported out of the real-life to a place that re-arranged my attitude. And I suppose that is what it is all about when you attend a performance. Re-energized! The cobwebs had been laughed out of this head.

To say I am glad that I went is an understatement!

Next up at the Boutique Theater, they are pleased to present Bill Kelly performing Me and Marilyn Monroe which promises to be an extraordinary performance. There are still tickets available for the January 29, 2011 event. For ticket information and other details, please visit The Boutique Theatre's website.

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