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Sun, Sea, Sand & Real Estate in Vallarta - Part 4
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Timothy Real Estate Group's Taniel Chemsian, the House Hunters International film crew, and the show's real estate buyers search for the perfect property in Puerto Vallarta.

With the May 28 House Hunters International local screening and charity fundraising event fast approaching, Timothy Real Estate Group's Taniel Chemsian gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the adventures he shared with the HHI production company and real estate buyers during the January filming of the show's Puerto Vallarta episode.
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House Hunters Int'l Seeks Sun, Sea, Sand, and Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta
Part 4: HHI Buyers Scout Puerto Vallarta Properties

Condominios Rivera Molino, in the heart of the Romantic Zone, was our first stop. This is where the pace of the show and the style of filming was set. We quickly realized that what you see on television and how you have to film to get there are two different things.

Scott gave Zapher, Derick, and I a crash course in Acting 101. In minutes we were good to go and were able to zip through Penthouse 1 at the Rivera Molino. While Team HHI were filming B-roll at the Rivera Molino complex, Zapher, Derick, and I headed over to Terraza Del Mar (Property #2).

We waited outside the property for about 40 minutes before the film crew showed up. We were all a bit worried as to why they took so long. I thought maybe they got lost. After all, this is the first time that any of them have ever been to Puerto Vallarta.

Cameraman Joe pointed out that they were filming B-roll. I never realized filming all that extra footage takes so long. They basically have to film each of the three properties from the inside and out, including the parking area, gardens, common pool, exterior shots of the building, nearby building, HOA gym, local neighborhood, etc.

So now we were off to filming Property #2. Terraza Del Mar's architecture is completely different than our first stop, as the entire development is built in a tiered formation into the mountainside, with a funicular elevator running down the center.

It was tricky at times getting the right angle and catching the right lighting, but the crew were well experienced and figured out the best way to shoot very quickly. The buyers' favorite feature at Terraza Del Mar was the funicular. I can't tell you how many times they went up and down that thing, like a kid on a ride at Disneyland.

The following day was a bit shorter and more laid back. We were at Condominios Marlinda (property #3) first thing in the morning. By now we all knew where we needed to stand in relation to the camera, how to annunciate, where the most flattering light source is coming from, and how to maximize each shot. At least that's what was running through my mind... I just hope that was relayed on film!

Marlinda was the property farthest from town as it's located in upper Conchas Chinas. This property has some of the most stunning views one can ever imagine and it's priced significantly below fair market value. I felt Zapher and Derick definitely needed to see this place so they can get a greater grasp of how much value they can get for their money in our current market... and they agreed. (Check out their reaction by watching the show.)

Once we finished filming at Marlinda, it was time for them to head over to Los Muertos Beach for their decision-making scene...

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