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Puerto Vallarta Wins IJAS Alturistic Entrepreneur Awards

July 10, 2012

Last Thursday, IJAS acknowledged the altruistic works of Puerto Vallarta restauranteurs Eva Sánchez and Thierry Blouet for their contribution and support of social welfare causes.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Last week, as part of the activities carried out by the North Coast Jalisco Institute of Social Welfare (IJAS), Altruistic Entrepreneur 2012 acknowledgements were awarded to Puerto Vallarta business owners, as well as to local institutions that have passed the training course for professionalization in the area of social welfare.

Altruistic Entrepreneur 2012 awards were given to River Café restaurant owner Eva Sánchez, and to Café des Artistes owner Thierry Blouet, who both have a long history in helping local social welfare programs. "They are entrepreneurs who have given and served without skimping on their efforts; and for this, we want to acknowledge the noble work they do," said North Coast IJAS Chairman Jorge García de Alba.

Recognition was also given to the Puerto Vallarta Food Bank, Banco de Alimentos AC, for being a serious association that guarantees the transparency of resources used to support those in need. "After meeting the requirements stipulated by the IJAS, Banco de Alimentos A.C. has achieved professionalization and given its donors the certainty that recourses are well used and properly distributed," García de Alba remarked.

The chairman also made special mention of the Municipal DIF. He acknowledged their work together and thanked Puerto Vallarta’s First Lady, Jennifer Serur, for her invaluable support, "together we have worked for a better Vallarta and can serve the population more efficiently; and I am sure we will continue," he concluded.

In turn, DIF’s chairwoman, Jennifer Serur, praised the North Coast IJAS for their work in ensuring the correct and transparent use of resources, "the work being done by the IJAS gives us the assurance that resources destined for altruistic causes are used for the benefit of those that have the least; I reiterate the will of the DIF to continue working on strengthening the link between public and private institutions to guarantee that successes are higher."

Finally, the North Coast Council swore in IJAS Puerto Vallarta Chapter Director, Juan Arana, who promotes altruistic activities between Rotary Clubs and the general public.

Councilor Angela Orozco represented the Chairman of the Board of Governors of North Coast IJAS at the award ceremony, joined by other North Coast IJAS council members, Lupita Cobarrubias, Laura Joachín, Sara Cardona, Miguel Ángel López and María Carroll.

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