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Riviera Nayarit Enjoys 'A Taste of La Cruz'

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July 25, 2012

Facebook subscribers can view more great pictures of the July 21st 'Taste of La Cruz' summer event in the photo galleries found HERE and HERE.

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico - Saturday evening in La Cruz; what to do? Well, on the evening of Saturday, July 21st the answer to that question was fairly obvious if you made it into town, because the Main Plaza was alive with A Taste of La Cruz - and the turnout was phenomenal.

Local restaurants, musicians, businesses and artists set up in Plaza Publica Benito Juarez and welcomed visitors from near and far. One Mexico City guest told us that he was amazed at the energy of our little town!

Once again, the question - "if given a reason to come to La Cruz, will the public respond?" was answered overwhelmingly in the affirmative. Everyone in attendance was of like mind in the sentiment that the evening was a huge success and that these types of events should happen more frequently. Speaking from "on top" of the event, we say yes, but it’s difficult to make these events simply "happen."

And so, we would like to thank the following people and groups, without whom Saturday night could have never come together...

Thanks to La Cruz Regidor Hector Pimienta and Delegado Angel Alberto Garcia de Haro for facilitating the legal approval of this event, and to Angel again for the additional help throughout in securing information and resources to make it a smooth and relatively painless process. Thanks to Chris Bouchard and his team of electricians who turned the Plaza into an "event friendly" venue and gave the musicians volume and the restaurants the ability to mix a drink and see in the (otherwise) dark.

Thanks to ALL of the participants - the artisans of the Cooperativo Huanacaxtle and others, the businesses of our area, the incredible restaurants, and of course the musicians, for coming forward to represent the Riviera Nayarit in such splendid fashion.

Thanks to Marina Riviera Nayarit for event support. Thanks to Luis Gonzalez who promo’d the event up and down the Bahía and arranged for the incredible media coverage, and to Salvador Olmos, Damian & Sophia Campbell for their additional help and support in pre-event promo and planning.

Thanks to the volunteers who manned the ticket table to make sampling the great food and drink a culinary adventure. Thanks to Jimmy, Russell and Kenny, who chipped in to help set up the plaza venue. Thanks to Connie for reigning in the budget and tracking finances, and to many more unnamed who I am sorry to forget, but appreciate nonetheless. A great job by all!

Pat & Tom Lobaugh, Neil & Sharon Goldhar, Judy Del’Aire, Vicky Rios, and Elena Munguia

Support in Event Preparation:
Dr. Hector Pimienta, Dunia Guiterrez, Angel Alberto Garcia de Haro, Mayra Franco, Chris Bouchard, Luis Gonzalez, Bernhart Güth, Yves Mathurin, Antonio Mora Huerta, and Marina Riviera Nayarit

The Participants
(many of the artisans are 1st name only as they were last minute entries...)

Restaurants: Café des Artistes, Cesar's, El Coleguita, Falconi Pizzas, La Palma, Masala, Sandzibar, Tortuga Beach, and YaYa's Café

Wine: Anfitrion, and Vinos & Wine Bodega

Businesses/Organizations: Bikini Anarchy, B Vallarta, Cattleya, ESun, Hikuri Galeria, Grupo Real Del Mar, Marakame, Modista/Sandra Galvan, PEACE, and Villa de Amor

Artisans/Craftsmen: Adriana Coss, Ana Sarmiento, Andira Santos, Carlos Morlett, Chantell, Consuela Zapeda, Fernando, Fiere Velas, Georgia, Greg Oxnard, Jane Bloem, Jimenez Cortez, Marielena Caldezila, Martin Antemate, Maximiliano, Medium Woya, MiguelAngel Koqulze, Mireya, Monica Dolker, Myria, Nuraya, Odi, Pat Light, Sandra Stern, Wendy, and Yvonne

Musicians: Duvalin, Eduardo Leon & Friends, Tatewari, Russell Cresto, and Philo Hayward

Net proceeds from this event will go to the operating fund of the Work For Food program in La Cruz. For more information, visit or email landon(at)

Log on to Facebook to see some great pictures of the July 21st 'Taste of La Cruz' event in the photo galleries found HERE and HERE.