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New Journal for Those Wanting an Escape Route

November 16, 2012

Given the many challenges that people now face as the world, and especially the United States, seem to be spinning out of control, contemplating an escape route may be more a possibility now than ever before.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Are you dreaming about escaping from your current routine? Maybe live somewhere warm and tropical with ocean breezes ruffling your hair? Somewhere you can live on as little as $1200 USD a month?

Local American author and creator of Learn Vallarta Walking Tours Sandra Cesca has put together a new journal,, for those considering relocating to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Based on her own escape, Sandra's journal is for women, baby boomers and would-be retirees. "From my business, Learn Vallarta, and my volunteer work in the Tourism Office, I have had many ask me how I did it... how did I get to Vallarta, what did it take, why did I do it, and now that I have been here almost 5 years, do I still like living here," says Sandra. "I want to share my experiences and knowledge, and those of others who have relocated here, with folks exploring the possibility of escaping to Vallarta!"

As a journal, it offers readers the opportunity to ask questions and have conversations with Sandra and others interested in escaping. It currently has articles, videos, details on her walking tours, a reservation form, and information on her book Walking Puerto Vallarta and beyond, and where to buy it. Soon there will be interviews with local people who have also landed here, resources, photos, and practical information.

"One aspect of the journal I am really excited about is the Women's Page," commented Sandra. "Women, especially older, single women such as myself, have very specific concerns and questions about relocating abroad alone. This page will address such topics as what neighborhoods are best to live in, how little can I live on, is it really safe despite what the media says, and what to do to keep myself busy. There are many small businesses and interest groups here run entirely by women. I hope to interview many of them so women can see that Puerto Vallarta is a great place to live if you are single and looking for a new adventure in your life!"

Due to its nearly perfect year round climate, Puerto Vallarta, by nature, promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for locals and visitors. Year after year, the city is named one of the best places in Mexico to retire - which speaks volumes about its safety and desirability. According to AARP, "Our choice in Mexico is the Puerto Vallarta region, located on the Pacific Coast in the state of Jalisco. Its combination of first-class amenities and charming, palm-fringed villages have made it an appealing retiree draw, as well as a popular tourist destination."

Sandra Cesca is the author of the book "Walking Puerto Vallarta and beyond" detailing her walking tours through her photography, and the owner of Learn Vallarta. To learn more about her work and experiences in Mexico, visit, or send an email to sandra.learn.vallarta(at)

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