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June 21st Puerto Vallarta News Brief & Upcoming Events

June 21, 2013

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - There's always so much going on in Puerto Vallarta and around Banderas Bay, it can be difficult to keep up with it all. So we've put together a brief overview of several of this week's headlines from local Spanish language newspapers, a few breaking Mexico news stories, and a couple of upcoming events you won't want to miss.

Vallarta Mexico's Top Medical Tourism Destination

Mexico is now among the world's top five countries for medical tourism, and Puerto Vallarta was the country's top medical tourism destination in 2012. Due to the high quality of medical and post-operative care offered in the city's many state-of-the-art hospitals, Vallarta surpassed Cancun and the Riviera Maya to take first place. Medical tourism is increasing sharply worldwide, and Puerto Vallarta is striving to become Latin America's #1 medical tourism destination in 2013. A new board was recently appointed to promote the city as a quality alternative for affordable medical care. The council consists of representatives from seven of the major hospitals and some of the area's leading employers. This kind of tourism typically involves a family trip, a stay in the hospital for a minimum of three days to receive necessary medical care, several nights in a prestigious hotel, and rest on the beach with family during convalescence, which often results in a stay of 10 days or more.

Tequila Market in China Drunk with Promise

Since China President Xi Jinping and Mexico's Enrique Peña Nieto broke a diplomatic and economic chill and agreed to boost trade, tequila producers have been gearing up to make the world's most populous country their second-biggest market, after the margarita-loving United States. The drink synonymous with Mexico already is available in more than 100 countries. But export of the alcoholic beverage to China has been limited by legal and sanitary restrictions. Chinese authorities changed their rules last week, deciding that the purest and best tequila, known as blue agave, has no detrimental health effects. That has opened the door for businesses in both countries to begin promoting and exploring ways to sell more tequila. With the purchasing power of 1.3 billion Chinese, tequila producers see a niche market, especially among the emerging upper class. Read the full story on

Puerto Vallarta Among Top 21 Retirement Havens

The recently released, and first-ever, Live and Invest Overseas 'Retire Overseas Index' rates, ranks, and details the world’s top 21 overseas retirement havens. These 21 spots represent the best our world has to offer - and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is on the list. According to the Live and Invest Overseas website, "as a lifestyle destination, there is no equal to PV in terms of development. Here on the Pacific Coast of Mexico you can live the quintessential California lifestyle you may have been dreaming about, but could never afford. Puerto Vallarta is a cosmopolitan resort town, small but rich with culture and romance, world-class shopping, and great activities at hand... all in a spectacular setting. Puerto Vallarta also boasts more than 10 beautiful beaches; fantastic weather year-round; affordable cost of living; easy access (it's just a two-hour flight to the US); 21st-century infrastructure (not only for roads and highways, but for Internet, telecommunications, etc., as well); top-notch medical care; an established and expanding English-speaking expatriate community; and a proven rental market for investment properties. The better you get to know the [Banderas Bay] region, the easier it is to understand why so many expats, from North America and beyond, are increasingly seeking out this part of Mexico for both part- and full-time escape."

Peña Nieto Continues to Seek Policy Reforms

While attending the G8 luncheon in the UK last week, President Enrique Peña Nieto stressed to the members of Chatham House that tax reform, which seeks to ensure the principle of "progressiveness" (those who earn more, pay more tax) will be pushed through the Pacto por México (Mexico Pact.) The tax reform seeks to propel Mexico's economy and growth at two speeds - one that boosts the country's progress and development, which the President wants to preserve, and another that eliminates lag and delay, which the plan intends to abate. When asked about other issues concerning the Mexico Pact, Peña Nieto pointed out that he is also working on policy reform that is aimed at making the government work more efficiently, strengthening Mexican citizens' and coalitions' influence in the electoral system, and political reform in the Federal District. He told the G8 leaders that though the Mexico Pact has been the target of criticism and complicated circumstances, he considers that to be part of democratic freedom in the country. He also pointed out that when he says "it is time for Mexico" it is because he intends to take advantage of the tools and funds at his disposal to detonate his country's potential, prioritizing political pluralism and ideological differences to drive the changes that he believes are required.

Upcoming Events in Puerto Vallarta and Around the Bay
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• Daiquiri Dick's Summer Sizzle: A Taste of Italy

• La Cruz Marina Hosts 'Summer Sailstice'

• ACT II Entertainment Auditions Open Call

• 'Cena con Causa' to Benefit Vallarta Firefighters

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