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Vallarta Mayor Installs 1000 Fans in Local Schools

June 12, 2013

'We have implemented this program due to the weather conditions we have in our city, and we are happy to be able to provide such a tool to our students,' said Vallarta Mayor Ramón Guerrero Martinez.

Puerto Vallarta, Jaliso, Mexico - Mayor Ramón Guerrero Martinez will launch the 'Ventila tu Escuela' ('Ventilate Your School') municipal program on Wednesday with the massive delivery of a thousand fans to 130 elementary schools throughout the municipality. The program's goal is to improve the study conditions of school children in classrooms that currently do not have this type of equipment, and have to face the harsh heat every day.

"We have implemented this program due to the weather conditions we have in our city, and we are happy to be able to provide such a tool," the Mayor pointed out recently. "To fulfill the objective of this program, we will be coordinating our efforts with teachers, principals and parents at each site, so that the labor and installation run smoothly."

The president of the City's Education Commission, Guadalupe Anaya, and the Deputy Director of Education, Norma Joya, explained that the number of schools that this program will support is the result of an analysis performed during 'Fridays in Motion.' Some of the schools they visited either do not have this kind of equipment or their existing ventilation systems do not work.

This massive delivery of fans will begin on Wednesday at the Francisco González Bocanegra school in Colonia Arboledas, and in educational institutions like the Agustín Yáñez kindergarten in Colonia Ignacio L. Vallarta, and the 1º de Mayo, Justo Sierra and Emiliano Zapata pre-schools, which will each receive 8 fans.

According to Norma Joya, "Fans will also be delivered to schools such as José Vasconcelos in La Aurora, 21 de Marzo in Coapinole, Amado Nervo in Colonia Educación, and Francisco Villa in Guadalupe Victoria, among other campuses. A total of 482 fans will be delivered and installed - just at the elementary school level."

"Likewise, the technical high schools, like numbers 81 and 56, Federal No. 119, and Foránea 49, to name a few, will also be benefiting from this program, as well as the telesecundarias Leona Vicario, Diego Rivera, Amado Nervo, Vicente Guerrero, Pedro Bravo Ruiz, Adolfo Ruiz Cortines and José Vasconcelos." she said.

Joya also invited schools to register for this benefit, which allows children to study in comfort instead of the letting the heat affect their educational preparation.

"Our goal is to try and make the children as comfortable as they can possibly be," said the Mayor. "We will continue to work on this and other issues that have to do with education and the strengthening of the various schools in the municipality," he concluded.

Translated by Lorena Sonrisas for BanderasNews.