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Vallarta Kids Learn 'The Magic of Science' at CUCosta

June 11, 2013

Though many of the kids went in with the idea that the program would be boring, by the end of the day their perception was changed by the experiments that allowed them to participate and learn in a fun way.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Last weekend, science once again called young and old to the Juan Luis Cifuentes Lemus auditorium at Centro Universitario de la Costa, where the University of Guadalajara, the Mexican Academy of Sciences, and the Petite France Cultural Events and Extension Coordination, presented a Saturday Science program.

Led by M. in C. Jose Juan Nieves Medrano of the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, who spoke on "The Magic of Science," the program is aimed at children and young adults, in an effort to get them involved in Science programs.

The scholar said that this type of conference should be simple and entertaining, and those who listened carefully and actively participated would learn how to apply Physics, Mathematics, Algebra, Chemistry, and other sciences to real-life problems, which will undoubtedly help in their school activities.

Though many of the youngsters went in with the idea that these types of programs are monotonous, by the end of the day their perception was changed by the homemade experiments that allowed them to participate and learn in a fun way.

In fact, the young people who participated in the experiments with Nieves Medrano, commented that it was an entertaining and fun conference since they learned that science is everywhere, even when its not perceived. At the end of the day they felt a little bit smarter and happier, and said that they would recommend these kind of talks to their fellow classmates.

Mora Olivares, a Mother who came with her family to listen to this conference had this to say, "I loved it because my kids learned a lot, and we also learned as parents. Above all, the seeds of curiosity and learning to practice new things were planted in them. These are the things that will take them into the future and make them better."

For the past thirty years, the Mexican Academy of Sciences has been offering a scientific outreach program that travels the country. Researchers recognized for their work present conferences, in simple language and open to all age groups, on the different subjects that are taught in the schools and educational institutions of our country.

On behalf of Centro Universitario de la Costa Rector Dr. Marco Antonio Cortés Guardado, CUC Outreach Coordinator Lic. Ana Elena Martín del Campo Carrillo gave due recognition to José Juan Nieves Medrano and the Autonomous University of Querétaro for their participation in this magnificent conference. In, turn Maestro Nieves said he appreciated the opportunity and hopes it will not be the last time, since the participation of those present encourages the continuation of these types of programs around the country.

Translated by Lorena Sonrisas for