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A Bag of Goodies at Vallarta's Old Town Farmers' Market

June 20, 2013

While you're weaving through the Old Town Famers' Market this Saturday, be sure to check out the masterful weaving skills of Emiliano Hernández Cruz, owner of Artesania de Oaxaca.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - Fill up your shopping bags with all sorts of "make it, bake it, grow it" goodies at the Old Town Farmers Market-Tianguis Cultural. From decadent sweets to handcrafted Pre-Hispanic musical instruments, we've got it all for a fantastic and fun-filled Saturday morning of shopping.

While you're weaving through the stands of goods and services, be sure to check out the masterful weaving skills of Emiliano Hernández Cruz, owner of Artesania de Oaxaca.

"I started crafting baskets as an eleven-year-old in Oaxaca," says Cruz who weaves whimsical baskets, bags and flowers. "We hand select natural palms and cut them according to the traditional methods used by my family for generations."

Once the palms are dried by the warmth of the sun, they are woven into colorful and handy products perfect for everyday errands or special occasions. Using the same artisan techniques Cruz also hand makes a line of bags and baskets woven from durable plastic strips. "Our customers appreciate the craftsmanship found in each of our woven bags and baskets," says Cruz. "We are proud that our Artesania de Oaxaca products promote the artistry and creativity of Mexican handicrafts around the world."

Your Artesania de Oaxaca basket is the perfect eco-friendly shopping staple for all of your Market purchases, including the delectable meat and deli products from Carnes del Mundo.

Owned by Kyle and Irma Quast, Carnes del Mundo is a family-run business located in Bucerías, just 25 km north of Puerto Vallarta.

"We started by making the foods we missed from home," says Kyle Quast. "It was a time when the people of Vallarta couldn't just dart into Sam's Club, Walmart or Costco for tasty meat products. I researched the local market and eventually made samples for the diners at my Marina based restaurant."

The meat and deli products were a such a hit, that the Quasts soon opened Carnes del Mundo. Today, they continue to smoke many of their selections while crafting their own sausages. With over 220 varieties, Carnes del Mundo offers the freshest, hard-to-find meats for a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Fill up your bags with these Carnes del Mundo favorites:

• Bacon - Guanaciale, pancetta, hickory smoked, hickory smoked pepper, Canadian pea meal and smoked Canadian

• BBQ - Brisket, chicken, pork ribs

• Deli Meats - Pastrami, roast beef, corned beef, hickory smoked ham, smoked turkey breast, deli sliced tongue

• Gourmet - Pate and ostrich pate

• Jerky - Black or red pepper, teriyaki, turkey, ostrich, regular

• Sausage - Brats, bangers, Italian, Polish, kielbasa, breakfast, Texas hot link, Spanish chorizo

Don't forget to pick up a variety of Carnes del Mundo's sauces: BBQ, ranch, honey mustard, satay, teriyaki, horseradish and chipotle marinade. To place direct orders and schedule a free delivery, visit the Quasts at the Market or at their Heroe de Nacozari #31 location in Bucerias. You can also visit Carnes del Mundo online.

Fill up your bag of goodies this Saturday at the Old Town Farmers' Market - Tianguis Cultural. Located along Basilio Badillo between Olas Altas and Ignacio Vallarta, the Old Town Farmers' Market is open from 9:30 am to 2 pm from the first Saturday in November to the last Saturday in July. For more information, visit, or 'Like' the Market on Facebook.

Click HERE to learn more about the Puerto Vallarta Old Town Farmers' Market.