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Alas en Libertad Collecting Bottle Caps for Cancer

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August 21, 2013

Bottle cap collection centers, identified by a sign, have been set up in several points around the city, including Café Kublis on Avenida Francisco Villa, as well as supermarkets and convenience stores.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - The Alas en Libertad civil association invites everyone to participate in this year's bottle cap collection campaign. The plastic bottle caps will be sold to a recycler in order to generate funds to support poor people with cancer.

Ammsi Bautista, a spokesperson for the association, said this is the second year they have sponsored the campaign, which makes it possible to help people from various regions of the state, and even the country, who are treated at the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara, "which serves many people who no longer have the resources to cover transfer costs or medication expenses."

Bautista explained that the association's staff in Guadalajara is responsible for selecting people who need support. "Last year there were even some people in Puerto Vallarta that needed help. This support is equal and does not distinguish a person's origin or other characteristics, but simply the degree of need that one has."

The campaign promoter also explained that the support is mainly for adults since there are many campaigns to collect resources for children, but there are many adults who cannot gather the resources needed to travel to Guadalajara, spend the night in that city, or pay for food and transportation. For many, this lack of resources means they simply cannot afford to follow the prescribed treatment.

"We want people to not have to stop going to the hospital for lack of money, which can be put together to support sponsored stays for patients who are facing health difficulties and the derivative financial problems that result from the fact that they can no longer work."

Bottle cap collection centers, identified by a sign alluding to the campaign, have been set up in several well-known points around the city, including Café Kublis on Avenida Francisco Villa, as well as supermarkets and convenience stores in various colonias.

On Saturday, September 7th, Alas en Libertad will be hosting an event in downtown Puerto Vallarta from 12 noon to 10 pm. They are organizing a program that includes popular artists, musicians, singers, clowns, dance and variety shows, and some other surprises, with the intention that the people passing by can contribute bottle caps or resources to this cause.

"We'll be in the city center, on the boardwalk, we want to collect as many bottle caps as we can, but we also want to raise awareness of the importance of supporting the less fortunate who are suffering from this disease. We invite everyone to experience the testimonials of people who have benefited from this program, and the social solidarity produced through this initiative."

Translated and edited by Lorena Sonrisas for