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Vallarta Among Canadians' Favorite Winter Destinations

November 19, 2013

By studying flight statistics from last winter's bookings, found that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is one of the 14 most popular winter destinations for Canadians from November to March.

Toronto, Ontario - A study released last week by found that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is one of the most visited travel destinations for Canadians during the winter. The city ranked fourteenth on a list of Canadians' favorite winter destinations, which was released in an article titled The Top 14 Winter Destinations for Canadians.

It is one of the most accurate, detailed descriptions of Canadian air travel patterns ever revealed by a travel agency. By studying flight statistics from last winter's bookings, the agency found the 14 most popular winter destinations for Canadians from November through March.

Puerto Vallarta accounted for 0.86 per cent of all bookings made at the second largest online booking agency in Canada.

The article, which also includes a detailed description of each destination, said "One of the most popular activities in Puerto Vallarta is promenading on the Malecón, a 6,000 ft. pedestrian sea walk that is a cultural hub with artwork by local artisans, street performers, and award winning restaurants and bars."

Travel blogger Shaun Kuschel was quoted as saying, "The Jalisco-style food in Puerto Vallarta kept us eating every chance we got."

The article also recommended several local businesses, including the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort and Café des Artists.

The most popular destination was Fort Lauderdale, Florida, accounting for nearly 5% of all international bookings. Not surprisingly, Las Vegas and Orlando came in at No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, receiving a combined 8 per cent of all bookings to destinations outside of Canada. Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay followed. Surprisingly, chilly San Francisco ranked number 7 on the list.

Paris, London, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta were the only cities outside of the United States that made the list. For more details, visit is Canada's #2 travel website because it delivers the lowest airfares and Price Drop Protection, which credits a customer the difference when the price of an airfare goes down after the customer has already booked.'s award-winning website is staffed by 150+ travel specialists who help customers find the best travel deals 24/7. Formed in 2005, makes travel more convenient, reduces airfares, and saves customers money with its industry-first Price Drop Protection program, which is why millions of trips are booked through the website each year.